'The Ghost Finders' Make Their Way To Louisiana In An All New Christmas Special

December 30, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Halloween
The Ghost Finders
'The Ghost Finders' welcome guests psychic medium Patti Negri and Heidi Kemper in an unforgettable two-part special for PARAFlixx paranormal+. Part one, entitled 'Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center,' is available to watch now on the dedicated paranormal streaming platform, with part two set to release worldwide next year.

In the show, dubbed a "PARAFlixXmas special" by the streamer, Patti, known for her appearances on 'Ghost Adventures', and Heidi join the team as they travel to Louisiana for their latest paranormal adventure. Join Daniel Klaes, Rob Thompson, Megan Deputy, Steve Dills, and Brittney Isley as they investigate the Hilton Baton Rouge in their most shocking episode yet.

Resting along the Mississippi River, about a ninety-minute drive from New Orleans in the historic district of downtown Baton Rouge, is the location of the former historic Heidelberg Hotel. Built in 1927 alongside the Mississippi River and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the hotel once served as a makeshift Capitol building during a dispute between then Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long and Lieutenant Governor Paul Cyr.

A newly elected senator, Long, refused to relinquish his duties as governor, prompting Cyr to set up operations in the hotel. The legendary former Louisiana governor and also U.S. Senator, known as "The Kingfish," was assassinated walking across the street in 1935 by the son of his political opponent. Despite its storied history, the Heidelberg Hotel lay dormant for 25 years until 2006, when a massive $70 million restoration rechristened it the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center as it is today.

Over the years, numerous staff have reported all manner of seemingly paranormal events. From partial-bodied apparitions of Huey Long himself on the fifth and tenth floors to a tall, dark floating figure peering in at guests by their bedsides, 'The Ghost Finders' travel to Baton Rouge to find out who or what remains at this century-old hotel.

Upon arrival at the location, Patti Negri and Megan Deputy conduct an initial tour with General Manager Tim Kuhlman, immediately identifying hot spots in the building. According to Kuhlman, "all I could hear about when I came into this empty hotel were the stories of paranormal activity and the history of this property." As the general manager, Kuhlman helped restore the hotel after it had been empty during mandatory shelter-in-place from COVID. Right away, the tour leads them to the tenth floor, and the rest is history.

'The Ghost Finders' special, 'Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center,' is now available and streaming worldwide on on PARAFlixx paranormal+. For more information, visit paraflixx.com.

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