Pontefract's 30 East Drive Welcomes Haunted Scouse Team For A Halloween Special

October 30, 2023 4:00 PM ‐ YouTubeParanormalHalloween
Haunted Scotland At 30 East Drive

Chris Cummings and Adam Billing, a paranormal team from Liverpool and The Wirral, are bringing followers the Haunted Scouse Halloween Special, which this year was recorded at the infamous 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

After last years Halloween Special from the iconic Ancient Ram Inn, Chris said they were keen to test themselves once more and see how much truth was in the hauntings at seemingly ordinary house dubbed "the Black Monk house." The special will premiere on the Haunted Scouse YouTube channel at 8pm on Halloween night.

"We've all seen the 'Most Haunted' special from 30 East Drive and we were intrigued to try to debunk or replicate some of their evidence. One thing we are now able to do more is visit the places the top UK teams have been to. This means
we get the chance to test ourselves and see how scary these places really are."

Filmed in May of this year, the guys set out to use as many cameras as they could in an attempt to cover as much of the house as possible.

"Transparency is everything to us in our investigations. If we capture something with a potential to be paranormal, we know the viewers, like we would be, are asking 'what about the other angle?'."

With this in mind, they had a camera running all night long at the foot of the stairs to cover the hall and stairs as well as one on the landing running all night too, some of the most active parts of the house. The living room was also covered for the duration.

Haunted Scouse had a plan: treat the house like it was their own for their visit. Act 'naturally' rather than investigate 100% of the time.

"This was a family home," said Chris. "So, with that in mind, we made ourselves comfortable. We ordered a takeaway and enjoyed that with a cuppa before any investigating took place. It was important to try to become part of the building for the night."

"We had read up on some of the history and watched plenty of videos beforehand with a mindset of seeing what would be replicated for us, if anything."

The living room was most active during the early evening time. The team's ghost hunting equipment was spiking and several strange knocks could be heard from the walls.

"The first thing we did upon arrival was knock on all the walls. This might sound a bit bonkers but this is a semi-detached house so it does have another house adjoining. We wanted to know the density of the sound when knocking or tapping in the walls so we could compare to any noises we experienced."

This logical approach is something Haunted Scouse plan to follow up on as they are keen to have the back-up of answers should their evidence be called out as questionable or, worse still, faked.

"Every year our fanbase grows bigger and the audience expects a Halloween Special to really get their teeth into. We feel we have delivered that yet again with 30 East Drive. There's not a team out there on YouTube who film like we do in full night vision all the time. Especially with multiple cameras."

Chris concluded, "Some of the evidence we did capture is amazing and we look forward to everyone watching along on
our YouTube channel and discussing on the night and afterwards." The duo plan to return to 30 East Drive in 2024 and see what other answers they can find.

You can watch the Haunted Scouse Halloween Special at 30 East Drive from 8pm on Chris and Adam's YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe now and get notified when the first episode begins.

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