PARAFlixx Reveals Its Out Of This World Programming Schedule For Halloween

September 25, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Halloween
PARAFlixx paranormal Halloflixx 2023
PARAFlixx paranormal+, a dedicated streaming service for all things eerie and unexplained, is offering viewers an enticing lineup of paranormal content this October. This roll-out is part of its third annual HALLOFlixx programming event, slated to kick off on October 1, 2023.

Canadian paranormal investigator Steve Vernon of 'Maritime Haunting' aims to uncover the truth behind those things that go "bump in the night." Vernon has spent a lifetime gathering haunting tales and intends to share these nerve-wracking narratives in his new docuseries. The show debuts on October 7th, available for streaming at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) exclusively on PARAFlixx paranormal+.

The streaming service is keen to carry the momentum from their jam-packed 'Supernatural September,' which featured the likes of Aaron G. Thompson and Nick Simons in 'Our Paranormal Journey.' This October, PARAFlixx promises to up the ante with their HALLOFlixx event. It's a month-long celebration dedicated to the world of the paranormal and all things traditionally considered 'spooky.'

One of the most anticipated releases is the documentary 'Spectre or Spectacle: A History of the Paranormal.' This feature will include insights from paranormal celebrities such as Yvette Fielding, Katrina Weidman, Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris, and Alexandra Holzer. Another key offering is 'My Ghost Hunting Movie,' directed by Steve Higgins, which will be available for streaming on October 6 at 9 PM EST.

Beyond documentaries and docuseries, the service has planned a variety of special episodes and premieres, from ‘Dead October Paranormal’ to ‘Expedition Entity.’ There's even an intriguing episode called “The Ghost Town” in the ‘We Want to Believe’ series that seems poised to send shivers down viewers' spines. For the full list of offerings, including trailers and release dates, you can visit PARAFlixx's official site.

Alongside the new releases, PARAFlixx will feature some classic horror movies and exclusive talk shows, such as 'Howl,' 'Night of the Living Dead,' 'Disembodied Voices,' and 'After Dark with EVP.' The platform's original series 'Truth or Legends in Your Hometown' will also continue to air new episodes, wrapping up its first season.

HALLOFlixx October 2023 Programming Schedule

'Spectre or Spectacle: A History of the Paranormal' (Documentary)  
October 1, 9 PM EST • Trailer

'My Ghost Hunting Movie' (Documentary)  
October 6, 9 PM EST • Trailer

'Maritime Haunting' (Docuseries, Featuring Steve Vernon)  
October 7, 9 PM EST • Trailer

'Dead October Paranormal' (Special Episode: 'Can You Touch The Stars Tonight')
October 14, 9 PM EST

'We Want to Believe' ('The Ranch')
October 17, 9 PM EST

'We Want to Believe' ('The Haunted Theatre')
October 24, 9 PM EST

'Expedition Entity' (Special Episode: 'Freeport Masonic Temple Part 1')
October 27, 9 PM EST

'Expedition Entity' (Special Episode: 'Freeport Masonic Temple Part 2')
October 28, 9 PM EST

'GSI Ghost Sight Investigators' (Season 5 Premiere)
October 29, 9 PM EST

'Ghost'S' ('Lockdown' Series Premiere)  
October 30, 8 PM EST • Trailer

'Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events' (Series Premiere: 'SOLO In The Shadows')
October 30, 9 PM EST

'We Want to Believe' ('The Ghost Town')
October 31, 8 PM EST

'The Haunted Files' ('Lake of Death')  
October 31, 9 PM EST • Trailer

'Hometown Haunts' ('The Landing')
Surprise Release Date

Tune in to celebrate the spooky season this October on the world's number one paranormal streaming platform with #HALLOFlixx beginning October 1, exclusively on PARAFlixx paranormal+.

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