Brand New Episode Of 'The Haunted Files' This June On PARAFlixx paranormal+ In A Haunted Mansion

June 14, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television
The Haunted Files
Photo: © PARAFlixx
'The Haunted Files', one of the newest paranormal series on streaming online, will premiere a special episode on PARAFlixx paranormal+ beginning Friday, June 16.

Starring paranormal investigators Michael Delcoro, Eric Vanderlaan, and Franny Garcia, the episode features two paranormal research teams, War Party Paranormal and Supernatural Eye, as they travel to Norristown Pennsylvania to investigate The Extremely Haunted Selma Mansion in the first season of the series. The mansion was built in 1794 and has a remarkable historical past, linking it to the colonies which established America.

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming episode that features to team's investigation of Selma Mansion below...

Each episode of 'The Haunted Files' features the War Party Paranormal team, Mike, Eric, and Franny, as they investigate and implement the latest technologies and scientific experiments to capture evidence of the unseen and further research of inter dimensional existence.

The Delco Experiment, created by Mike Delcoro himself, combines the Estes Method and Ganzfed Experiment, as an assessment used by parapsychologists to test for extrasensory perception and telepathy, a way to reach beyond the five senses and communicate with the non-physical.

Below is Patti Negri of PARAFlixx trying out the Delco Experiment for herself at the 2022 paranormal event, Paraexperience, with Eric from the show.

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The Haunted Files
Photo: © PARAFlixx

'The Haunted Files' star Michael Delcoro said, "we flew all the way from Florida to check out the spookiness at the mansion. We had heard all kinds of claims about this property and it did not disappoint.", 

During the investigation of the Selma Mansion, two back-to-back electronic voice phenomenon are documented. The first from a child who says "mommy" and the second from another child voice who says "daddy." This leaves the team with a pit in their stomach as they realize the communication is with the spirit of a young girl that spent her last days in this home.

The adventures so far in this kickoff season include the team’s investigation at the 1996 crash site of ValuJet Airlines Flight 592, which went down ten minutes after takeoff in the Everglades killing all 110 passengers on board.

Season one episodes are now streaming on PARAFlixx paranormal+. 'The Haunted Files' is produced by White Noise Media for The Paranormal Channel and PARAFlixx paranormal+. For more information, visit the PARAFlixx paranormal+ website at

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