With Night Vision & Thermal Imaging This Is The Perfect Phone For Ghost Hunting

May 18, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhost Hunting

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DOOGEE S98 Night Vision Phone
The DOOGEE S98 Pro is not your typical Android smartphone. Originally promoted as a phone for rough outdoor use, it has unexpectedly carved a niche for itself as a handy tool for paranormal researchers, offering a host of features ideal for ghost hunting.

The phone boasts two distinct features that set it apart from mainstream counterparts. A built-in infrared night vision camera and an integrated thermal imaging sensor make the DOOGEE S98 Pro the perfect device for taking photos or videos while exploring allegedly haunted locations at night.

Unlike other smartphones with low-light camera capabilities, the DOOGEE S98 Pro's night vision camera goes a step further. It houses not one, but two infrared illuminators, allowing it to capture images and video in complete darkness using its 20-megapixel camera. The sharp, full-HD footage is delivered in a characteristic black and white, which will be familiar to users of night vision cameras.

Alongside the night vision capabilities, the DOOGEE S98 Pro's regular 48-megapixel camera provides an optional wide-angle mode, enhancing the standard imaging capabilities of the phone. This versatility further extends to the professional-grade thermal imaging sensor, a feature useful for detecting cold spots and unusual temperature fluctuations, often associated with paranormal activity.

What further elevates the DOOGEE S98 Pro is its robustness, a testament to its original outdoor-focused design. The device is chunky, heavy, and undeniably solid. The phone, with a screen protector included, can be confidently tossed into your equipment bag without concern for its safety.

Having tested the DOOGEE S98 Pro on numerous field trips, including Chester's My Haunted Hotel and the historic Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-Under-Edge, its proved itself as a reliable device. The phone's battery life seem reasonably good. After capturing around 35 minutes of footage, the battery still retained 70% of its capacity from a full charge.

The DOOGEE S98 Pro, though slightly lacking in the premium feel of high-end Android or iPhones, still comfortably serves as a primary phone. However, its true value lies in its addition to your ghost hunting gear as a trusty secondary device.

That said, the device is not without its downsides. The thermal imaging camera does have a lower frame rate than the main and night vision camera, and lacks image stabilisation, which can occasionally result in shaky footage. Another disappointment is that you can't access the IR or thermal cameras via apps like Facebook or YouTube, which means you can't stream live video using these features.
DOOGEE S98 Pro Thermal Imager Phone

The DOOGEE S98 Pro is an upgrade to its less expensive predecessor, the DOOGEE S98. The major distinguishing factors of the Pro model, besides a higher price point, is the additional of a second infrared illuminator and the thermal imaging camera. The more cost-effective DOOGEE S98 still offers the night vision feature but lacks the thermal imaging functionality.

Both models are available on Amazon Prime, with the convenience of next-day delivery. The DOOGEE S98 comes with a price tag of around ยฃ200, while the Pro model will set you back at least ยฃ440.

While the DOOGEE S98 Pro may not be the best smartphone on the market, especially if you're after a phone with a great camera for regular day time use, its unique combination of features and robust design makes it a great addition to any paranormal investigator's toolkit.

Get the basic DOOGEE S98 from Amazon with night vision, or the newer DOOGEE S98 Pro with night vision and thermal imaging.

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