Ghosts And The Afterlife

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Nobody can scientifically prove that there is an afterlife and nobody really knows what happens after we die. Those who believe in life after death and ghosts say that a person’s soul or spirit leaves the body when they die and goes through a transformation into heaven or the spirit world. Although it’s something that cannot be proven, there is much evidence and details given from people having near death experiences to suggest that there is indeed an afterlife.

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What is Life After Death?

Some religions including Buddhism believe the soul of a person is reincarnated, transforming and reincarnating as another being after we die. Some people believe that death transforms us into a new life and a new beginning for the person who has passed.

Alongside this, there is a notion that most of us will have had past lives, although most of us will not remember. But is death final or should we consider that we enter a spiritual realm? Clairvoyant mediums have the ability to connect to those who have passed over, recounting memories, giving descriptions of the person’s appearance and being able to pass on messages to their living relatives or friends.

Many find that psychic readings with a medium can be an enlightening and spiritual experience, giving them peace of mind that their loved one has not gone forever, only from the physical body. Some people may doubt the ability of a medium to really connect with spirit, but often the person having the reading will learn things about their loved one which they never knew, often having to check details with other people afterward.

Near Death Experiences


The University of Southampton carried out research and a study taking 4 years to complete. They focused on 15 hospitals worldwide, including Austria, the USA, and the UK, carrying out studies on more than 2000 patients who had at some point experienced cardiac arrests.

The study revealed that around 40% of the patients experienced an unusual ‘awareness’ during the moment before their hearts were revived and they had been certified as clinically dead. Using the results that came from this study, scientists still can’t prove if consciousness after this event continues or whether it diminishes after death.

There were also reports of patients claiming that they had an out of body experience and watched the doctors resuscitating them from elsewhere in the room.

Ghosts, Spirits, And The Afterlife


A spirit or ghost is the energy of someone who has passed away and can sometimes be seen by the living. Those who have seen ghosts describe them as a shadow, a clear shaped figure or a pale and almost transparent version of the person.

Spirits and ghosts can be friends or family members who have passed on, but they can also appear in places where they were living during their physical life, perhaps because they do not want to leave and are clinging on to memories from their past. Some people find that spirits follow them from house to house, staying with them – suggesting that the spirit is more likely to be someone closely linked to them.

A spirit is not necessarily seen by people but can be felt as more of an energy or presence and they are believed to choose to be around us, especially during times when they want to be of a comfort and support.

Have you ever felt like you’re not alone? Or felt a sudden change in temperature in the room? Maybe you have even smelled a familiar perfume or tobacco aroma? If so, maybe your loved ones are with you in spirit.

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