20 Years Ago I Went To See Bristol Psychic Christine Grant But How Many Of Her Predictions Came True?

By Steve Higgins
August 20, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings

This article is more than one year old.

Old Playing Cards
In 2002 a clairvoyant based in Bristol's Corn Exchange made some psychic predictions about my future. Christine Grant told me I would go to London, that a transatlantic phone call will please me and that a cottage will mean something. Now looking back two decades later, how many of the mediums predictions came true?

I remember thinking at the time that Christine was very good, she was friendly, and it was a fun experience. I'd gone to see her based on a recommendation from a friend who had received some eerily accurate predictions about his life.

20 years on, I don't remember much about the reading itself now, other than the fact that Christine was sat the other side of a desk and used a rather tatty and worn deck of cards - clearly they were sentimental and had a special meaning to her.

She didn't use tarot cards, just a standard pack of playing cards, which she asked me to shuffle first. Christine didn't actually "read" the cards as such, she just flipped through the deck as she made her predictions about me.

Christine works in a sort of quick fire way. There's no room to question or dig deeper into any of the roughly 100 statements that she threw at me. I remember as a client I was able to take a notepad to write down her predictions, or take an audio recorder. Of course, now you could just use your phone. I honestly can't remember which method I used to record the session, but at some point soon after her reading was immortalised digitally in a Word document.

Looking back at that list of predictions now, about 25% of the statements she made about my future were accurate, but I can honestly only attribute two of the statements to anything that's truly significant in my life. Christine told me "an opportunity for making money will come out of the blue but it won't be a nine till five job" and that "something that you do part time will be good for you."

This could be seen to relate to the paranormal and this website, which started out as a side project, but became a full time job in 2017.

The only other prediction made that seems a little relevant was "you will go to London." I did, I lived in London for ten of the 20 years that have passed since the reading.

Although Christine also said "you will move home," she didn't specifically say "you will move to London." She could have just as easily been talking about a day trip to London, something I've done several times in the other ten years since the reading, so in this context it's not really significant at all.

The medium's cards also told her that I'll live with someone, I did live in a house share in London, but again it's not that specific. I've shared houses with several friends over the years, as well as my girlfriend.

The other things that Christine got right are even more vague. They included things like "you will buy flowers for a lady," "you will make a lady feel like a princess," "you will make someone feel special," and "you will wine and dine someone." All of which I have done, I hope.

Although still technically correct, from this point on, Christine's hits get even more vague. They included:
Something will be expensive but you will get it.
Two people who have split up will get back together.
You will go to someone's farewell bash.
An old person will have problems with their joints.
You'll swell with pride over something.
You will go somewhere posh.
Someone will do a parachute jump.
Someone will give birth to a girl.
There will be a birthday surprise.
You will fall about laughing.
Your health will be good.
You will chaperone someone who comes in to the country.
You will hear that someone is having an abortion.
You will learn a language.
Someone will be on stage.

Christine said that the things she predicted would usually transpire within 12 to 18 months of the reading, but even after 20 years, 75% of her statements can't be related to my life.

Some of the incorrect statements were very specific, such as "a transatlantic phone call will please you." I don't think I've ever had a phone call with anyone in the US. Other very specific statements included "someone should be careful with a child minder who may bring trouble," "someone will suddenly develop asthma," and "at a wedding you should be careful as the food may have been left out and you will get food poisoning."

Christine also said, "there will be sudden endings in your life but it will make way for lovely new beginnings." I guess this is true, but that just describes life in general. I can't think of any specific or significant times in the last 20 years were a sudden ending has brought on lovely new things.

Another specific claim was "you will go to Andover." No offence to the people of Andover, but I've never been and honestly can't recall anyone I know ever visiting the town either.

Christine also made these very specific but wrong predictions:
Someone will have a small stroke but it will be okay.
Something will go through a court of law but it will be okay.
A lady must be careful about having a bag snatched.
You will be shocked to see that someone will take out an injunction.
Someone should be careful not to be hit in the head by a football.
Someone must be careful walking a dog, if they let it off the lead it will have a head fit and run across the road.
You will have a premonition about a birthday.
Someone should take care not to loose their car's log book.
You will take someone to casualty, it will be funny, you'll be giggling.

As well as these very specific statements, there were a lot of very vague ones, which just didn't relate to anything significant, perhaps because they are too vague and common, such as:
You should stick up for yourself self.
You will land on your feet.
You must try hard to go forward and you will.
You will make lovely new discoveries.
You will recover something.
You should watch what you sign.
You are going far.

Looking back on these predictions after such a long time helps you realise how vague these statements are. Looking back it's clear to see how generic they are and how they could apply to so many insignificant moments in my life over the last 20 years,.

Some of the statements might have felt more poignant in the weeks or months directly following the reading. For example, Christine said "a cottage will mean something." Well, that year I did go away for Christmas and stay in a cottage, so this might have felt like a hit, but looking back over 20 years you realise just how many times a cottage 'means something'. At just about any point in my life you could say the same thing and it would relate to something around that time.

It's easy to discredit a psychic, but that's not the intention of this article. I actually visited Christine twice and both times were memorable experiences that I don't regret. Being a skeptic means I'm unlikely to attribute any of her insights to a genuine psychic gift, but it doesn't mean I don't have the same enjoyment of waiting to see which bits she got right, which she didn't and what came true.

After more than 30 years, Christine is still giving readings to the people of Bristol based out of St Nicholas Market in the old Corn Exchange building.

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