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By Marshall Barnes
November 14, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ScienceTime TravelLong Reads

This article is more than five years old and was last updated in December 2019.

Time Travel Car Wormhole
This month, November 2018, will be Hugh Everett's 79th birthday. It will also be the first time in history where his famous Relative State Interpretation of quantum mechanics, otherwise known as the many-worlds interpretation, can be said to have been solidly proved to be fact, through repeated physical experiments showing specifically that decoherence from a probability cloud has occurred with one solution, out of a potential hand full, leaving the others to exist in their own separate, parallel worlds.

The most recent experiment showed how the kinds of anomalous laser hits (hits without cause) can appear out of a range of around 5 or 6 possibilities. Because these hits happen in between a set of hits that do have an observable cause (laser pulses being fired and captured on video) it's clear that these hits are the end result of the prior universe decohering due to the retrocausal set-up that is a requirement for this research. Retrocausality is when a particle, etc, has its past action altered but instead of the implied paradox happening, a new parallel universe results due to the nature of the Participatory Universe that oversees all, a theory of the late great physicist, John Archibald Wheeler.

Frame by frame analysis and proof of authenticity is made possible by recording the events using Apple's MacBook Pro program, Photo Booth.
Using Todd Rundgren's Song, Parallel Lines To Prove Hugh Everett III's Parallel Worlds

PHOTO: Top and middle photos show experimental set-up with faint, anomalous results in each. The last photo is a close-up, showing both multiple hits inside the target device, starting with a laser impact on the optical stand - which is normal, along with the scroll bar below as it appears during analysis with the Photo Booth program. The second column shows another still of normal activity at top, followed by close-ups of anomalous, single hits within the target device. Note, there is no other laser activity in those stills other than those single hits, which are obviously without cause.

The ramifications this has for time travel are stupendous as it clears the way, once and for all, of all the nonsensical ramblings you hear about paradoxes and the like, since parallel universes have often been seen as the solution to time travel paradoxes since physicist David Deutsch posited that back in the '80s. These experiments, however, prove emphatically that any action that would change the past produces a new parallel universe copy, whether it be of the present with a different and discontinuous past, or of a past time period, altogether.

Simultaneously, these experiments prove the fallacy of the idea that Ronald Mallett, of the University of Connecticut, well known for his claims of building a time machine, is any kind of time travel scientist. Having spent nearly the last 20 years publicly declaring he wanted to build a time machine to see his dead father again, but discovered his method, based on Einstein's General Theory of Relativity would be unable to send anything back further than the moment the machine was turned on, Mallett stated emphatically during the documentary, 'The World's First Time Machine', that as far as he was concerned the paradoxes that people talk about, whether there's parallel universes or not or if the universe is determined, will have to wait until the first time machine is built. It'll have to be proven experimentally.

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Sounds like a pretty informed opinion, right? The problem is anyone truly working on time travel concepts, at that time, would've kept track with the literature and known about the November 1995 article on German astrophysicist, Rainer Plaga's proposed experiment to detect parallel universes using a laser and ions in a magnetic trap. The article, published in New Scientist, the same magazine that broke Mallett's story some 6 years later, was written by respected physicist/author John Gribbin. The idea was even published in the journal, Foundations of Physics, two years later. No mention of a time machine being required. No one tried the experiment, however, as far as anyone knows, until I began the similar experiments in retrocausality that spawned the same type of results - discontinuous actions without cause. Mallett could've investigated this himself back then and ended up with a legitimate breakthrough (he has none to date) and ended up on track to build a time machine that would actually work (his current design would be a complete failure under any circumstances).

Even Neil Turok, from Canada's Perimeter Institute told the BBC back in July, that he thinks that quantum mechanics is the answer to time travel and although it may seem impossible to go back in time, so far, 'One should never say never, because some clever person will come along and tell you how to break the rule.'

Since I'm the one focusing on time travel solutions coming from quantum mechanics and not Ronald Mallett, it would appear obvious who the clever person would seem to be...

The danger in proceeding with applying the obvious methodology, derived from the implications the results of these experiments suggest, is simple as it is profound - one mistake puts you into a new, parallel universe copy with potentially no way out. That's the usual assumption made by those with incomplete knowledge of temporal mechanics and advanced time travel theory - that once you arrive in a parallel universe, you're stuck there. That's true, only if you arrive there technologically unprepared. In other words, it's a technical problem - not a function of time travel itself. The problem is that to be prepared to execute a return, you have to understand how to arrive and thus take the risks you're trying to avoid to begin with. The interim solution can only be found through the process of isolation and containment.

Isolation and containment had always been the primary concern for those of us working in the experimental field of reality engineering - a phrase that harkens back to the days of the late '90s when the term was starting to get serious traction. It's no longer in use that way, so I'll use the new term, "reality translation", meaning of course to translate from one reality into another.

Isolation is a way to isolate the experimental area from everything else. It is in fact the reason we don't normally see quantum effects on a macroscopic level - the process is contaminated by things in the environment which the experiment can't be isolated from.

Containment is making sure none of the elements or effects from the isolated area are able to affect the exterior area of the isolated experimental site. Containment keeps things from coming out and isolation keeps them from going in. And as much as I would love to spill my guts to you about how all of this will come together, I can't. Why? Because this isn't some high school science project - this is advanced concept science which has National Security implications if I went around like some geek and blabbed about how it would work, only thinking about trying to impress people. I'd have to be completely oblivious to the fact that that would mean that 100% of our nation's enemies could then steal it, not to mention terrorist organizations and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out how to weaponize it once they learned how to use it, although weaponization isn't exactly obvious. But I've been able to work freely in this area of research because I've already been tested and passed. I won't reveal anything dangerous and the powers that be already know that, although I like to remind them of that fact, every once and a while. After all, I 'm smarter than the people running the AFRL who blatantly released the 2004 Air Force Teleportation Physics Study with no restrictions, worldwide. That means anyone, with 25 million to blow on research that would render our National Defense inoperative, is doing it now - in secret. I'm not a security threat - OUR FREAKING GOVERNMENT IS!

Am I overreacting? No. Take the case of Mohammad Mansouryar, a young, brilliant Iranian physicist who wanted to migrate to the West but the powers that be couldn't ever swing for whatever reason. If he were given $25M by Iran, he could probably get the job done. After all, his paper, On Macrscopic Traversable Spacewarp In Practice predicts the same conditions that my Verdrehung Fan produces on a small scale and what I predicted it would probably do if the power was scaled up to the proper level - cause the space inside of the ring of micro wormholes (page 19) that it holds open, to collapse into one large traversable wormhole - in my case, kept stable by the fact that its the Verdrehung Fan itself that's keeping it going mechanically.
Verdrehung Fan

Mansouryar is pro-West so he's not likely to pursue such a project on his own, however…Well, if you can't use your imagination as to what adverse arrangements could be made, then you're outta luck. I'm not giving anyone any ideas. The bottom line is this is a current situation that wouldn't exist if I had been in charge of the Air Force Study project, because I never would've have made the report public in the first place. PERIOD.

At any rate, all of the experiments needed to prove the Everett Relative State interpretation have been conducted - any more will just be for scientists who want to witness the phenomena for themselves in more imaginative ways. While you're reading this, the plans to begin preliminary testing for the next phase have commenced, meaning that ideas on the step by step process to test active aspects that would lead to an actual time travel event.

At the time of this writing the design for a quantum translation machine has already been made. Will this first ever version work? I have no idea but at least there is a path forward. You ask your typical theoretical physicist about it and they just give you with that deer caught in the headlights look. But I might add, if it does, that's it. There's literally nothing else to do except prepare to leave - after all, that's what all this work is for - to leave for the past and start over there, just I as have been writing in my blog Preparation Diary for a Time Travel Scientist.

Now for those of you who remain skeptical, consider this fact - what you're reading was written by the guy who proved parallel universes are real - a feat that many, including Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek and Tulane Professor Frank Tipler had both wanted to do and have yet to do, a feat that Canadian physicist Mir Faizal thought impossible, The guy that caught more mistakes that Stephen Hawking had made than anyone else in the world and the only one to challenge Hawking's position on the Higgs Boson once he went public with it. And on on and on and on.

Information scientist, Richard Hamming, once said "If you don't work on important problems, it's not likely that you'll do important work."

Put another way, "You go big or go home". I haven't been home for years.

I'm expecting to see significant breakthroughs along this path even before the end of this year but in particular next year, as I begin to make progress reaching out to elements in Silicon Valley connected to the effort to find a way to break out of what they think is the simulated universe we're all in. I can easily disprove that notion, and already have - in my breakthrough paper, A Participatory Universe Does Not Equal A Simulated One and Why We live In The Former, and offer them a most compelling alternative, as I do in my upcoming new article for - What Do You Get 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Who'll Be Stuck Here Because The Simulated Universe Doesn't Exist? Time Travel To The '70s!. After all, why fund some quixotic search for an escape from a computer world that isn't real when you can go back in time and create the personal computer revolution before anyone else?

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