How To Include Your Dog In All of Your Halloween Fun

By Lance Cody-Valdez
October 03, 2022 12:00 PM ‐ Halloween

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Halloween Dogs
As the air cools and the leaves begin to fall, adults and children everywhere are getting themselves ready for Halloween. So, why not get your dog ready too and let your furry pal in on some of your Halloween fun? Aside from adorable costumes and resulting social media photos, you can help your dog love this wicked time of year as much as you do by following these steps.

Keep Your Buddy Safe When Trick Or Treating

Halloween Dogs

If your dog is okay with people and loves going on walks, why not include him/her in your Halloween celebrations? You can dress your dog up to go along with the family theme, but just be sure to take steps to keep them safe while walking at night. Make sure your pup has a reflective collar, harness, or leash, or use reflective tape to upgrade their current one. You may also want to pick up some blinking lights to clip onto their collars, and pick up some bands for yourself as well. If you plan on being out for a while, make sure you bring some water, and don't forget some bags to pick up waste, so be sure to pick up after your pooch.

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Make Some Dog-Safe Treats for Them to Enjoy

Halloween Dogs

Even if you take your dog trick or treating, you're not likely to find a lot of treats that are safe for your pup to eat. All the chocolate, sugar, and candy in typical Halloween goods can be toxic to your pet, and The Kennel Club notes that some sugar-free treats can even be deadly. So, be prepared to keep your dog safe by whipping up some yummy treats at home. There's plenty of recipes for yummy treats online.

You can use the canned pumpkin to make some delicious dog-friendly pumpkin snacks and let your BFF get in on all the pumpkin spice madness. In addition to being tasty, pumpkin is also a healthy treat for your dog and can even help resolve basic tummy issues if your pup does get into some human treats.

Find The Perfect Costume For Your Dog

Halloween Dogs

Nothing is more adorable than a dog in a cute costume. With more and more people embracing their furry companions as family, there are a ton of pet costumes on the market. From turning your tiny dog into a terrifying spider to dressing them as their arch nemesis, the UPS driver, you should be able to find a costume to fit your dog's personality and size. However, be sure your pup is comfortable wearing a costume before you commit to them wearing it all night. When introduced correctly, costumes and clothing can actually help your dog stay calm according to Dogster. Start by letting your dog sniff the clothing and then slowly work to put it on and see how your pup reacts.

Help Nervous Dogs Stay Calm

Halloween Dogs

Costumes, parties, and trick or treating can be fun for many dogs. For other dogs, Halloween can feel more like a trick than treats. Dogs who have anxiety, are upset by strangers, or who are put off by loud noises may be a bit nervous when October 31 rolls around. If you will be home and handing out candy, make sure you put your dog in a room with the door closed and put on some soothing dog music to drown out any scary noises. This is all part of making your home a stress-free place, a year-round strategy that includes getting rid of negative energy throughout your living area.  

When your Halloween plans take you out of the house, make sure your dog is secure inside, and think about leaving some music or a TV on to keep outside noise from causing fright. Don't forget to turn the porch light off too. You may also want to consider arranging some doggie daycare if you plan on being gone all night. 

Black cats and ghouls shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to Halloween. Your pup can join in the fun too if you take measures to keep your dog safe, secure, and calm during your spooky Halloween celebrations. Just remember, don't bring him along for you. Let him join in the festivities if he will truly enjoy the experience. Otherwise, plan ahead and let your big, bad wolf pay a visit to grandma for the night.

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