How To Make Sense Of The Voices From Spirit Boxes

By Bruce Halliday
June 06, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Ghost HuntingParanormalLong Reads

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Amongst the flashes of white noise and static, your spirit box emits fleeting bursts of radio transmissions and possibly even communication from the spirit world. Ghost Box researcher Bruce Halliday explains how to identify these voices, distinguish them from other sounds and understand them.

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Ghost Box communication expert Bruce Halliday shares his tips on how to understand an interpret the sounds coming a Spirit Box when using it to communicate with spirits.
When listening to some ghost box audio files it is apparent that the communicator in the editing process used noise reduction filters and or other types of audio editing filters on the audio files.

A ghost box is a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound by sweeping the chosen band at a fast enough rate so that the dial does not stop on any one station. The theory is that an entity will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences to facilitate realtime, live spirit communication between the researcher and a non-physical entity, presumably the spirits of disembodied human beings.

In ghost box communication the use of audio filters is a big no no! Audio filters in an editing program will distort the sound of the original audio content and thereby change the pronunciation and sound of any communication contained in the audio, especially "noise reduction" filters. These filters do just what the name implies they remove aspects of the audio in an attempt to "clean up" the sound. The detrimental fact is that they not only remove static or white noise but also aspects of sound that make up speech and will subsequently change the sound of any communication contained in the audio.

The only acceptable editing techniques for a ghost box recording should be "clipping" which is removing unused fragments of sound from an audio file so that you can better recognize the communication with out the blips of extra radio fragments. Also "volume level" you can raise or lower the playback volume of the audio to help the listener hear it more comfortably.

And finally "playback speed" you can adjust the speed of the playback so that the listener can better follow and understand what the communication is saying, there are frequent incidents in every session where the communicating entity must deliver communication that is extremely fast when listened to in the recording, this is the result of the entity having to form the communication in a very short window of availability to grab the fragments it needs to form the communication at that point in time. To answer one short question about that, you may ask

"Why doesn't the spirit wait for a more suitable time to form and send the communication?"

There are many instances where the answer to a question or a statement must be made at a particular moment in order to be relevant to the question or subject and be recognized at being associated with the question or subject so the entity if set on rendering the communication will have to make due with what is available at that time and therefore may send the communication with a rapid result. Realizing this we allow for the correction of playback speed in order to understand the communication better.

Through trial and error and head to head combat with skeptics over the years I developed these three accepted forms of editing for ghost box communication recordings, these three techniques can be used without polluting or compromising the integrity of the original audio and therefore any ghost box file can be presented along with it's raw unedited counterpart when and if the validity of a recorded file comes into question.

Stray Radio Signal Vs Actual Ghost Box Communication

A ghost box operates by receiving a radio broadcast on either the AM or FM band in turn it sweeps the radio dial from beginning to end and back again continuously and fast enough so that it breaks down the words, phrases and sentences of speech in the radio signal into small unintelligible bits of sound, these bits of sound it is theorized are used by communicating entities to lets say "glue" together words, phrases and sentences of communication capable of answering our questions and sending messages that we can hear live in real time as they are delivered.

In a perfect scenario a box would go through a whole session without picking up any amount of stray radio broadcast, but we all know that these boxes are far from perfect! The way to recognize "stray radio signal" is to be aware of whole words, sentences and or phrases that escape the box sweep and are not broken down by it, these Stray radio signals will be recognisable by being distinctly familiar as normal physical human speech.

Physical human speech has a very distinctive sound it is uniformed and tonally the same in its make up. It utilizes set tones and patterns of harmonic sound. What I meant by "uniformed and tonally the same" is that when we hear words come from the box that are spoken in exact fluid tone and are uniformed in their delivery as you would hear normal spoken physical speech you can pretty much mark it down as stray broadcast.

When we hear communication as an almost lets say patch work of syllables that form the words from different fragments of sound, they can differ in volume, speed and even be made up of male and female voices within one word or phrase, this is what allows us to determine basically what is communication and what is radio signal.

A ghost box will only utilise whatever signal it receives and sweep the dial at a certain rate whether it be random or linear.
The signal being constantly in flux do to changing conditions will allow for certain broadcast signals to serge in strength say for instance 1160 on the AM dial gets a sudden burst of extra energy allowing the signal to increase in strength by 50% this will in turn deliver the stronger signal to the receiver of the box and may carry over the previous and the following stations on the band. For example you will get the single signal over 1150 1160 1170 at the same time instead of just 1160 alone.

This will sometimes give you the same signal over three stations as apposed to one, hence creating a lingering signal for triple the amount of time it normally would have been and this will cause the box to spit out a word or two of stray broadcast.

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Profanity In A Ghost Box Session

No one really enjoys hearing profanity, it is vulgar and disrespectful. However, receiving curse words in a ghost box session is not a bad thing.

When we receive profanity as communication during a ghost box session it validates that we are in fact receiving communication and not picking up stray radio broadcast that escaped the ghost box sweep. The main reason for this is that it is highly unlikely if not definite that we will not be hearing a phrase such as "f**k you" over public radio which is what a ghost box receives in order to function.

Every ghost box communicator that I know has at one time or another received some sort of profanity and a great many the "F" word. I myself have received the "F" word many, many times.

Do Not Listen For Single Letters Or Random Numbers

A mistake some brand new individuals who are taking their first steps into ghost box communication make is to listen for or attribute individual vowels and numbers as being valid communication because they were heard clearly.

The way ghost box communication works is the box sweeps the AM or FM radio band from beginning to end repeatedly with out stopping and does it fast enough so that it breaks down the solid broadcast into small fragments of sound, we call this a "sweep" the theory is that a communicating entity will use the fragments and bits of sound produced by this sweep to form words of communication thus allowing us to hear it live as it is produced by the boxes speakers.

The raw sweep will contain constant singular sounds of vowels and consonants these are not recognized as being communication as they are part of the make up of the raw sweep. Numbers can be considered legitimate communication as they will sometimes signify dates, ages, quantities etc. but are usually only recognized when relevant to a statement or in direct answer to a question such as "can you tell me how old you were when you died?" with the possible response being for example "1895" you may also get an age say "42" for example. Another instance could be "how many spirits are here with me?" and the response may be "two" all legitimate valid communication in direct response to the questions asked.

The main thing we strive for in ghost box communication is to be able to hear as much solid and relevant communication as possible consisting of full words, phrases or even sentences. Messages or responses that we recognize to be communication are full responses to questions and or the subject matter being proposed in the particular session. Communication can also come in the form of a message that is independent of the topic and or question but is recognized as being communication by it's being highly unlikely of being heard over the public broadcasts, notice I did not say impossible to be heard on public broadcast but highly unlikely, for example the message we receive quite often is "help me." This can and does come at any time during a session and is heard by most communicators very often. Another would be "I'm dead" these if I heard them would be to me undeniable communication, simply because they are direct statements or requests made apparently to the communicator doing the session and not likely to fit into the common banter heard on a radio station.

What we do not catch live during the session we will discover in the review of the recording, of course no one should ever do a session with out recording it, even with the review of the recording not all communication will be recognized or understood.

What you as a brand new communicator should concentrate on is doing short simple sessions once you receive your ghost box, stick to simple questions that require only simple "yes" or "no" answers and possibly names, this will afford you the best opportunity to hear the communication live and to develop an "ear" for hearing communication that will lead you to hearing and understanding more intricate communication as you gain experience.

So to sum up what I'm trying to say, only pay attention to full words not single letters and when numbers are heard validate their relevance to the question or topic at hand.

Chasing Ghosts

There is a practice that many if not all ghost box communicators do when reviewing and editing a ghost box session recording, I call it "chasing ghosts".

This practice is when a communicator literally dissects and digs into the otherwise inaudible parts of the session recording in an attempt to uncover what they believe to be communication that is not otherwise apparent upon listening to the recording. The "ghost" communication is either distorted by other sound fragments, buried in static noise, stepped on by the communicator speaking over it or simply garbled sound that can be misinterpreted for communication.

These "ghost" communications may or may not be valid communication but whether they are or not the quality is so poor that no matter what amount of editing is done the said communication will be of such poor quality that there is a very, very slim chance that anyone that listens to it will hear what is initially described by the communicator.

Also when "chasing ghosts" the reviewing communicator will get an initial impression of what they believe they are hearing and then begin the editing process, this will have the communicator listen to the chosen file of communication numerous times with an already preconceived idea of what they believe they initially heard therefore reinforcing the belief that the file actually contains that described communication, the communicator will then label the file with the description of what they hear as communication secure in that they believe this is what it contains.

Later upon listening to the file the communicator will often not hear what they initially thought it to be and sometimes not hear any communication at all. This being the case after the communicator has already posted the file for public review, now if the communicator that captured, edited and described the communication in the file can no longer discern it, then how can anyone else be expected to?

This happens constantly in ghost box communication I would say that these "ghost" files make up the higher majority of audio evidence that is publicly posted today by all communicators, There are varying degrees of quality of these files, some fall into the quality level of being able to be heard after the file description is read, some have to be listened to numerous times in order to be heard by some as described, then there are the files that no matter what the circumstance the listener will walk away scratching their head saying "what did that say?"

The best way to combat "chasing ghosts" is to only select and develop files that contain communication that is readily apparent in review of the session recording, relevant to the question asked or topic of the session and if the communication consists of more than a single word the combined words be coherent and compatible to each other. This will produce a file of high quality that will present a strong validation for being ghost box communication and will be hard to dispute as being radio signal, gibberish or pareidolia. The technology we posses today in the way of ghost boxes allows for the reception of a good percentage of quality, loud and clear communication.

I have spoken to many communicators that state they discover some of their most important communication from "chasing ghosts" and if it were not for the attempt the important communication they believe was found in the recording would have been lost to them forever. This is not a valid argument for pareidolia files that are derived from this type of editing attempt are never reliable either in their quality or content and can not re relied upon to give the communicator confidence in the message they believe they hear. I am not trying to say keep only the class A++++ communication and don’t bother listening to the rest. Always asses any and all suspected communication but do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of chasing those ghosts.
What I am trying to stress is that when you decide upon a communication file for public and peer review, post only the files that can be heard and understood by anyone from the average person to the experienced ghost box communicator.

Spirt Box Interference

When there is an occurrence of noise interference during a ghost box session or on the recording that was produced from the session there are a few reasons that this may occur.

In my experience what may be causing this problem to occur is a very high EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) energy emission that is interfering with the ghost boxes reception possibly a computer monitor, household appliances or any electrical device that may be running and giving off high EMF.
You will not be able to tell what it is unless you sweep the area with an EMF meter, if you have one I would suggest doing that and then doing your session in a place where the EMF emissions are the lowest and you receive the best reception signal possible, you may have to sacrifice a bit of reception or vise versa a bit of noise for one to accommodate the other and give you the best situation.
The other possible cause may be your batteries, sometimes with low batteries it will hinder the boxes ability to receive the best and strongest signal it is also true of a recorder or any device that runs on batteries, the lower the power the poorer the performance and with the recorder that may mean the production of the whine or hiss in your recording.
It could also be that you are picking up a frequency from any number of sources, cell phone, walkie talkie, ham radio even a GPS signal can possibly run on a frequency that is either picked up by the radio or disrupted by it. Try walking around until you receive the strongest and clearest signal possible.
If you are hearing this "Whine" live while you are doing the session it is a reception, battery or EMF problem messing with the radio reception. If you only get it in the recording then it is a problem with the recorder, it could also be that the recorder has a mechanical problem and needs to be repaired or changed for another recorder. Given some thought and patience most of these type of problems can be easily fixed.

Difference Between Earthbound & Astral Communication

I have found in my experience and through many sessions over the years that there are noticeable distinctions between communication we receive from astral entities and that coming from spirits that are earthbound. I have formulated the theory that in order for us to receive any communication at all there must be a mutual exchange of energy, our physical energy and spirit energy from the communicating spirit.

I believe that and have written papers on how the ghost box produces an open portal or "doorway" between our two worlds which allows for this exchange and melding of energies, in this way it is possible for the communicating astral spirit to be able to manipulate the energy that is available here in the physical using the connection and it's own spirit energy from the other side. This allows the spirit on the other side to manipulate the sound fragments that are produced here by the ghost box that consist of energy derived here in the physical, this is made possible by the mutual connection of energy transferring spirit energy into physical energy via that connection. This type of formulation of communication produced in this manner has a distinct make up and has a recognisable sound.

The second type of communication being that of an earthbound entity whether it be in visitation, earthbound or grounded. The spirit that is in attendance here in the physical for what ever reason and is either attracted to the open box session or the session is being performed in a location where the spirit is present, the spirit is in direct proximity to the ghost box in session and is therefore capable of manipulating the ambient energy that is surrounding the box and consisting of only physical energy to form communication. The premise is akin to traditional EVP theory in which a spirit manipulates surrounding energy to form communication and place it onto a recording device only in this case the spirit is using that earthly energy to manipulate the ghost box sweep.

This direct use of existing physical energy allows the entity to form stronger and more distinguishable communication that is audibly different from the astral communication from the other side. I believe this is due to the two different types of energy being used, one might say "the communication is formed with the same sound fragments no matter how they are manipulated" This is true but I believe that the addition of spirit energy to the physical energy and the hybrid energy it creates has a direct affect on the structure of the audio frequency and therefore alters the sound and tone of the received audible communication from the box. The differences between the two types of communication may be subtle and therefore usually requires an experienced ear to dicern the difference.

Why Does Communication Become Better?

I get the question constantly, "Bruce, why do you get such great clear communication?" Here is why I believe my quality of communication has developed into the caliber of quality that it has.

1. Research & Practice
I have been researching and practicing Live Spirit/ ghost box communication since basically its creation. I started out when there was only the Frank’s box in existence And there were only 2 or 3 people in the world that owned one, there where none to be had since Frank Sumption would only bestow a box on someone he deemed worthy, so I was stuck doing manual sweep sessions with an old boom box radio and getting cramps in my fingers from turning the radio dial by hand.

Finally I received a Frank’s box, matter of fact I now have two. The reason I mention this is to give you an idea of how long I have been a ghost box communicator. This time of course gives me a great amount of experience and accumulated knowledge in this field which is a contributing factor I believe. Many years of communicating with my techs and friends on the other side has born the fruit of great communication.

2. Trust & Friendship
I believe trust and friendship, as with any other long time association, grows and strengthens over time. Over the course of years of communicating and speaking with my spirit counterparts on almost a daily basis I have managed to gain their trust and develop a strong and growing relationship based on that trust and mutual respect. I have received communication messages from my spirit friends that I have dealt with since day one that actually tell me 
"Hey Bruce I love ya"

3. Energies Become Intertwined
I believe that my communication has evolved to the point it has due to a theory I have formulated from the reception of messages and through study and experimentation.

My theory is that when we use a ghost box and open a line of direct live communication between our world and the spirit world, in order to exchange that communication there must be a merging or melding of energies both physical from us and spiritual from our friends. Over time this energy becomes intertwined and grows ever stronger with each communication session. I have also been told by my spirit friends that the stronger the positive energy becomes the better, stronger and clearer the communication will be.

All these conditions come together and work as a whole to deliver the best quality communication. Hopefully with the combined energy of all communicators there will be a day when we will see full and uninterrupted conversational communication between our friends beyond the veil and ourselves.

Why Does Communication Sometimes Drop Off?

For those of you that are wondering why at times we lose the consistent quantity and quality of communication that we have achieved and suddenly have the communication we are used to for lack of a better word "die" - pun intended - here is my theory based on the many "dry spells" I have experienced over the years.

We all at some time or another get a lull in communication, I can not pinpoint the reason but I have received some answers in communication when asking about it, from what I can piece together the energy fields we build with the other side and the technicians we communicate with fluctuate at times and like a battery these fluctuations will drain our energy connection and affect the transfer of communication. The communication is not solely dependant upon the ghost box and an adequate radio signal, its success is also based upon the the equal transference of mutual energy between ourselves and the entities we communicate with. If there is a sort of disturbance in the harmony of this exchange I believe this to be the reason for the decline in communication and not because our friends on the other side are bored with a certain communicator or are upset with an individual for what ever reason. I find that if there is a disgruntled entity they will usually voice their problem until they are satisfied that we understand it.

Don't be overly concerned these "dry spells" usually last only a short time, the trick is to continue your sessions in spite of the lack of communication and to approach each session with the most positive attitude and emotions that you can muster, in Live spirit/ghost box communication having a positive karma is essential to successful communication as well as being a deterrent to any negative entities or energy that may wish to sabotage your communication. I find that this faster than anything will turn the situation around.

Why Do We Sometimes Hear Ghost Box Communication Differently Over Time?

This phenomenon occurs when the communication is delivered and heard in real time and captured by the recorder, upon review of the session the particular communication that we remember hearing and are now looking for in the session recording sometimes will sound completely different than what we believe we heard during the actual session or not find it at all, also we can isolate a question and it's relevant communication and save it as an individual audio file, we listen to it confirm what we hear and save it. When we return at a later date and listen to the same exact file we hear something completely different or even nothing at all.This is a some what common occurrence in ghost box communication. I am one of the originators of ghost box communication and I have no solid explanation for this occurrence just conjecture. I believe this occurrence will remain a mystery until such time as our friends on the other side see fit to explain it or we have an opportunity to discover the causes through research ourselves.

I have pondered this question for many years as have other researchers, a few theories have been bandied about such as maybe an entity manipulated the recording after we saved it, maybe it was not communication to begin with but audio pareidolia, maybe we are telepathically changing or removing the original communication, maybe the file was corrupted or degraded by the computer. All just ideas some of these explanations are more far out than others but hey that's part of the game right.

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Bruce Halliday is a paranormal investigator best known for his pioneering work with the Ghost Box. With a passion for gaining a greater understanding of realtime spirit communication, Bruce dedicates much of his research to methods of instrumental transcommunication, including electronic voice phenomenon.

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