Karl Beattie's Top 10 Most Violent Most Haunted Moments

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This article is more than five years old and was last updated in May 2022.

Karl Beattie At 30 East Drive, Pontefract
When it comes to paranormal activity on Most Haunted, it seems that the show's executive producer, Karl Beattie is often at the receiving end, often with Stuart Torevell.

Karl's wife and the host of Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding recently said her overall scariest moments are those where "those you love get hurt," and there's been a few of them. Yvette said, "even going back as far as Edinburgh Vaults being scratched and burned at East Drive, those for me were turning points where I was in tears both times after those locations, and praying and I couldn't sleep and then it really freaked me out at home."

Below are ten of the most violent incidents that have occurred to to Karl during the 16 year history of the show, which have had him shouting his catchphrase, "for crying out loud!"

10. Near Miss At The Fleece Inn

Glass Throw At The Fleece Inn, Elland

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After hearing movement all around him in the kitchen, like the rattling crockery, and pots and pans rattling, suddenly a glass flew past Karl, narrowly missing his head. "WOW, there's no where that could have come from," said a stunned Karl.

The glass appears to have come from Karl's right-hand side, above head height. Yvette explains, "with everyone else accounted for, this is a great piece of evidence." Although Karl wasn't as excited, "I'm actually not too happy with that, because that was thrown with some force".

9. Cutlery Thrown At Croxteth Hall

Karl Bleeding Most Haunted

During the 2017 Halloween special at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool, Karl was upstairs with the rest of the team when cutlery started to getting thrown around.

It all started with a clatter as a knife was thrown along the corridor, landing on the wooden floor. This was followed by two more knives, at this point Karl came to the conclusion, "we are basically under attack, I mean that in every sense of the word".

Moments later, Karl shouted "ow!" as another knife hit him on the back of the head. He was clearly not happy, "I'm sick of having knives thrown at me," it was only minutes later when again a knife hit Karl. This time he described it like the knife took a swipe at him, it caught his hand and even drew blood.

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8. Collapsing At 30 East Drive

Karl Beattie Collapses At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

During the second part of Most Haunted's investigation of the infamous 30 East Drive in Pontefract. Karl was in one of the other bedrooms with Eamonn Van-Harris, camera man Gregg Smith, and sound man Darren Hutchinson. It was Darren who reported feeling drained, dizzy, and tightness in his chest.

And then there was a thud as one of the team collapsed, but to everyone's surprise, it wasn't Darren. Yvette came running in to the room to check on her husband, just as he snapped out of it and came around. Karl was clearly disorientated. Seconds later he seemed to fall into unconsciousness again. Yvette panicked and shouted that he wasn't breathing.

Gregg asked another member of the team to take hold of his camera as he knew CPR and wanted to check on Karl. After a quick check it became clear that Karl was in fact breathing.

To add to their panic, Stuart tried to switch the lights on, "I just tried to switch the light on in here, it's not working," as Gregg shouted "can someone get me a towel or a tissue." Then returning his focus to his downed team mater said, "Karl, it's Gregg can you hear me."

Eventually Karl came round and the Most Haunted team could continue their investigation.

7. Bed Moving At Croxteth Hall

Croxteth Hall Bed Moves Most Haunted

The standout moment of last year's Halloween special at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool happened while Karl was alone in a bedroom on the upper floors and a heavy metal bed slowly slid across the wooden floor, seemingly with no one touching it.

Karl said, "woah! I'm sure that bed just moved, I'm sure it did." He investigated the bed, and moved the camera around it showing that there's no one behind it or underneath it.

Karl then left the bedroom and went out into the corridor and moments later heard a crash come from inside the room. Talking to himself on camera, Karl said, "there was a noise from that room again, I really don't even wanna go in it".

But reluctantly Karl did re-enter the room and was confronted by this mess, "what the?!? That wasn't like that when I left it". The room had been violently trashed.

Karl later described the odd happening, "it was most bizarre thing ever, it's blown everything else out of the water," he added, "to be honest, for the first time ever I don't want it to be paranormal. And the reason I don't want it to be paranormal is because both you guys you went to move that bed and you know how heavy it is. If something can move that bed so precisely, that bothers me because then you think, what can it do to a person?"

6. Collapsing At HMP Shrewsbury

HMP Shrewsbury Prison

The team were already experiencing plenty of violent activity at the eerie discussed prison, they'd experienced a heavy crowbar being thrown from the upper balconies of A-wing and Karl had already stumbled forward after reporting a sensation like being kicked in the leg by an unseen force.

Moments later Karl got kicked in the leg again, as the team heard what sounded like a cup or something plastic being thrown. Some of the team including Karl ran off to investigate. Then suddenly Stuart shouted, "where's Karl gone?" Before finding him led face down on the floor. "Yvette, Karl's down!" he shouted.

Karl seemed like he had been unconscious and was a little disorientated as he came around. At first he said he could remember what happened and later said it had been like walking on a swaying ship.

5. Burnt At 30 East Drive

Most Haunted Arms Burned At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Another incident at 30 East Drive, this time involving Karl and Stuart. Yvette and the rest of the team were filming downstairs when they heard a scream upstairs.

It turns out that the source of the scream was Stuart who dropped his camera and cried in pain after feeling something on his arm. But it wasn't just Stuart in pain, Karl was also in agony too.

When Yvette and the gang joined them, they turned the lights on in the bedroom to find that both of them had identical marks on their arms which looked like rope burns. After calming down, Stuart said, "it's actually hot, it's burning."

Yvette said that over time the marks worsened and we were shown photos of some quite gruesome looking burn marks on Karl and Stuart's forearms.

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4. Hit By A Glass At The Moat House

Karl Beattie - Most Haunted, The Moat House Tamworth

The Moat House in Tamworth provided a thrilling end to series 22 of Most Haunted. The pub, which has previously been a family home and an asylum had already proven to be active. The team experienced several plates being thrown around the building's upper floors.

At one point in the episode Karl was in the house's distinctive embattled tower, with some of the other team members, trying to make contact with the little girl who was said to have died in a fire there. As they climbed the narrow stairs there was a crash which turned out to be a smashed wine glass, despite the fact there were none kept in this area of the building.

After conducting their investigation, they were leaving the room when Karl was suddenly hit on the head by a wine glass.

Gregg who was in the tower with Karl said, "I felt what was like a breeze or a draught come up the stairs, and then something went over the top of my head..." but his sentence was cut short when something else spontaneously smashed, this time it was a plate, which had broken on the top of the stairs.

3. Pulled Up The Stairs At East Drive

Karl Beattie Pulled Up Stairs Most Haunted Pontefract

Most of the team were downstairs when they heard a commotion and Karl screaming, they found him upstairs in one of the bedrooms where he said "something just pulled me up those stairs."

Karl told the rest of the team how he was standing on the stairs, "something pulled me up the stairs and I couldn't get away from it."

Although Karl didn't have a camera man with him at the time, the stairs did have a locked off static camera on them and the show's director Arch Dyson was able to play back a clip from the camera which showed exactly what Karl has described. He was near the top of the stairs, looking down, presumably talking to another member of the team. Then without warning he is pulled backwards up the stairs.

As Karl recovered from his shock, he said "my neck's hurting." Now out on the landing they switch the camera to day vision and shine a torch on Karl's neck to find it is glowing red, as if he's been strangled.

Arch is then heard from the broadcast truck again, he asks for Karl to be removed from the house, "can we get Karl out of the house please, clear the door let him get out."

2. Knife Thrown At Standon Hall

Karl Beattie Hit By Knife

While investigating at the Staffordshire's terrifying Standon Hall, Karl experienced one of his most violent attacks to date, which could have been much worse.

Karl exploring the ground floor of the house with demonologist Fred Batt and Gregg, they heard an almighty crash coming from the kitchen and ran in to investigate. They found the source of the sound was a kitchen knife lying on the floor which hadn't been there earlier.

Later in the investigation, while stood in the doorway to the kitchen at the other side of the room, Karl was hit in the head with a knife, which lands at his feet. Karl understandably seems shocked as the handle of the sharp kitchen implement struck his head having seemingly been thrown across the room at him, "something's hit me in the head, has it cut me?"

1. Set Alight At Codnor Castle Cottage

Karl Beattie At Codnor Castle Cottage

Codnor Castle Cottage had already proved to be a terrifying location, earlier in the night a cursed doll had burst into to flames in the attic, but Yvette was forced to bring the investigation to a close when Karl suffered the same fate.

Most of the team were still in the attic, the site of the doll incident, but Karl and Stuart were in the adjoining cottage when suddenly the room lit up and flickered, and Karl and Stuart started panicking. It transpired that the flash of light was coming from Karl who had been spontaneously set a light.

Although the incident wasn't caught on camera, it was clear to see what had happened. As Stuart spun around with the camera, Karl was taking his jacket off and stamping it out.

Stuart jumped on the radio and called the others over to the cottage, the first thing they noticed was the smell of smoke. Karl then showed Yvette the singed hair on his arm as he left the cottage.

Stuart filled Yvette in on what had happened, "we walked in here, and then the room just lit up and I turned round and Karl is literally on fire. And we quickly just got the coat off him. The coat was on fire, I think it was his sleeve."

This was too much for Yvette, she said "right everybody out now, I'm calling it. That's it, end of." The team's exit from the cottage marked the end of a very dramatic investigation.
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