Mary Celeste Mystery Quiz

September 12, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Games
Mary Celeste as Amazon in 1861
Test your knowledge of one of the most perplexing mysteries in maritime history. The Mary Celeste was mysteriously abandoned on an ill-fated voyage that still puzzles experts and enthusiasts alike. Found abandoned in the Atlantic after more than a week adrift and with no sign of the crew, the Mary Celeste remains a source of endless speculation. Over the years, countless theories have attempted to explain the crew's disappearance โ€” ranging from natural disasters to supernatural explanations โ€” but definitive answers are still elusive.

1. What year did the Mary Celeste set sail on its ill-fated journey?

2. Where was the Mary Celeste originally headed?

3. How many crew including the captain were on board when the ship set sail?

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4. Who was the captain of the Mary Celeste at the time it was abandoned?

5. Where was the Mary Celeste found?

6. Which ship discovered the abandoned Mary Celeste?

7. What was the main cargo of the Mary Celeste on its ill-fated voyage?

8. How much of the cargo was missing when the Mary Celeste was found?

9. Did they find the ship's logbook?

10. What was the condition of the ship when found?

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11. What was missing from the ship besides the crew?

12. Where was the Mary Celeste built?

13. What was the condition of the Mary Celeste's galley when it was discovered?

14. In what month was the Mary Celeste found abandoned?

15. How many lifeboats did the Mary Celeste have?

16. Who was the first mate of the Mary Celeste?

17. What natural occurrence has NOT been proposed as a possible reason for the Mary Celeste's abandonment?

18. Which of these was NOT one of the theories proposed about the fate of the Mary Celeste?

19. What happened to the ship after it was discovered?

20. One popular theory suggests that the crew was abducted by extraterrestrial beings.


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