Mediumship Survey Reveals 76% Believe In Psychic Powers

January 09, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalPsychic Readings
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In a recent survey conducted with over 400 participants, intriguing insights emerged about public perceptions of mediumship and psychic abilities, with a striking 76% of respondents saying they believe in the existence of mediumship and psychic abilities.

Interestingly, 59% of participants think that everyone possesses some degree of psychic ability. This suggests a common belief that psychic phenomena might not be exclusive to a chosen few but could potentially be a universal human trait.

Personal engagement with psychic practices is also significant. 64% of respondents have attempted to develop their psychic abilities, indicating a proactive interest in exploring these skills. Additionally, 58% of participants feel that they possess psychic or mediumistic abilities, though a notable 25% are unsure, hinting at a common ambiguity surrounding personal psychic experiences.

In terms of practical application, 47% have used their psychic abilities for personal reasons, while a mere 2% have done so professionally. This disparity may highlight the private nature of such experiences or a reluctance to commercialize personal psychic abilities.

When it comes to seeking psychic readings, a majority (66%) have received a reading from a medium or psychic. The perceived accuracy of these readings varies: 22% found them very accurate, while a combined 46% rated them as accurate to more than accurate. However, 31% did not find them accurate at all. Satisfaction levels correlate closely with these perceptions of accuracy, with 24% very satisfied and another 31% not at all satisfied.

The authenticity of mediums is a contested area. While 44% of respondents felt the mediums were genuine, 20% suspected fraudulent practices, and 36% were not sure. This uncertainty could stem from the inherently subjective nature of psychic readings.

Regarding specific information provided during readings, 47% acknowledged receiving information they hadn't previously shared, but 43% felt the information could have been guessed or researched. This ambiguity plays into the ongoing debate about the authenticity of psychic readings.

An interesting aspect of the survey is the respondents' views on regulation. 60% believe there should be more regulations to prevent fraudulent practices in mediumship. This opinion, however, might reflect a lack of awareness about existing consumer protection laws in the UK rather than an absence of regulation.

For those who have received readings, the data provides more detailed insights. A combined 51% found the readings accurate to very accurate, while 20% did not find them accurate at all. Satisfaction levels were similarly spread, with 36% very satisfied but 20% not at all satisfied. About half (53%) felt the medium was genuine, yet 22% suspected fraud.

In conclusion, the survey reveals a complex landscape where belief in and experiences of psychic phenomena are prevalent, yet accompanied by skepticism and calls for more regulation. It illustrates a society increasingly engaged with paranormal experiences, while also critically assessing their authenticity and impact.

You can see the full results of our survey below, which was conducted in the autumn of 2023 attracting 440 individual respondents.

Mediumship & Psychic Experiences Survey

Do you believe in the existence of mediumship and psychic abilities?


  • Yes 76%

  • No 11%

  • Not sure 13%

Do you believe that everyone has psychic abilities to some degree?


  • Yes 59%

  • No 23%

  • Not sure 18%

Have you ever tried to develop your own psychic abilities?


  • Yes 64%

  • No 36%

Do you feel that you have psychic or mediumistic abilities?


  • Yes 58%

  • No 17%

  • Not sure 25%

Have you ever used your own psychic abilities for personal or professional purposes?


  • Yes, for personal use 47%

  • Yes, professionally 2%

  • No 51%

Have you ever received a reading from a medium or psychic?


  • Yes 66%

  • No 34%

How accurate do you think the medium or psychic was in their reading?


  • Very accurate 22%

  • More than accurate 12%

  • Accurate 17%

  • Partly accurate 17%

  • Not at all accurate 31%

How satisfied were you with the reading?


  • Very satisfied 24%

  • More than satisfied 7%

  • Satisfied 24%

  • Partly satisfied 15%

  • Not at all Satisfied 31%

Did you feel that the medium was genuine or did you suspect that they were using fraudulent practices?


  • Genuine 44%

  • Fraudulent 20%

  • Not sure 36%

Did the medium provide you with specific information that you had not previously shared?


  • Yes 47%

  • No 53%

Did the medium provide you with specific information that seemed to be true but could have been guessed or researched?


  • Yes 43%

  • No 57%

Do you think that there should be more regulations in place to prevent fraudulent practices by mediums?


  • Yes 60%

  • No 12%

  • Not sure 27%

Our mediumship and psychic experiences survey is still open and accepting responses. We may follow up this article if there are significant changes to the results in the future. This might naturally occur if the survey reaches a wider and more varied set of respondents.

You can help out by having your say here and sharing the survey with your friends and family, even if they're not actively interested in the paranormal, we'd love to hear about their thoughts and experiences.

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