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This article is more than three years old and was last updated in May 2022.

Most Haunted At Wentworth Woodhouse, Yvette Fielding
With almost 300 episodes to choose from of the long-running British ghost hunting show, it can be hard to know where to start if you're coming to 'Most Haunted' as a new viewer or if you just want to re-watch the best bits.

So, we've put together a list of the ten episodes that include some of the most memorable moments that Yvette Fielding and the team have captured on camera over the years.

Wentworth Woodhouse Stables, Rotherham (Series 20)

Most Haunted Ghost Wentworth Woodhouse

In a 2017 episode Yvette Fielding and her team caught a figure on camera. After the incident, Yvette said, "to date, this has to be the most groundbreaking footage we have ever captured."

In the episode the team investigated the huge stable buildings on the grounds of the grand Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham. In its day, the very impressive stable block would have been a hive of activity, but today the buildings are abandoned.

While investigating a room on the first floor, investigator Karl Beattie caught a figure walking in the darkness on camera. Karl picked up his camera and he and fellow investigator Stuart Torevell ran along the corridor in pursuit, only to find there was no one there.

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Fort Paull, Kingston-upon-Hull - Part 1 (Series 17)

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

In a 2015 episode the team captured some compelling evidence. Although the evidence is much less dramatic than other examples on this list, it was captured in a more scientific manner by the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt.

During the first of a two-part investigation of a fort that dates back to 1542, Glen was investigating an old military restaurant train carriage where the ghost of a woman wearing Victorian clothing has been seen. He was armed with an infrared thermometer, which he used to take a temperature reading of the train's window.

Glen watched in amazement as the temperature of the window dropped in a fairly short space of time from 8°C to just 0°C. At one point it dropped one whole degree in just 30 seconds, something the team considered to be a significant change.

The episode ends with Yvette and Karl holding one last vigil in part of the museum, which was dressed up to look like a military dental surgery, but the investigation was cut short when Yvette let out an almighty and prolonged scream, and ran from the building with a worried Karl following.

Outside Yvette was in tears, Karl asked her what was the matter and she sobbed, "something just whispered in my ear." It seems that in the panic Yvette had hurt her leg and arm, she said, "I felt something touch my head and then I heard something whisper in my ear."

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge (Series 5)

Stuart Torevell Ancient Ram Inn - Most Haunted

While the team were investigating the ghostly goings on at the Ancient Ram Inn, a former pub in Wotton-under-Edge with the reputation as the most haunted in the UK, Stuart had his biggest scare to date.

Towards the end of the episode, which aired in 2004, Stuart fell to the floor and screamed for help saying "I can't move." The team around him Karl, Jon Dibley, and Derek Acorah, tried to comfort him, but Stuart cried "don't rub my chest." Derek said "I felt him being walloped the second time, he was hit fully in the chest and ribs."

Stuart said afterwards "I'd been punched in the chest, I'd been winded. And as I went down, I got punched again then. So, I got winded twice. I was like a young kid in a playground getting picked on and beaten up. When I went down I felt like I was being kick constantly in the stomach."

As a result of this incident, which was described as one of their most violent encounters to date, Stuart lost his hair due to alopecia brought on by the scare. Another reason why this episode is so important in the show's history, it's one of the last ones to feature Stuart with a full head of hair.

The Bate Hall, Macclesfield - Part 2 (Series 23)

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

In the conclusion of Yvette's two-part investigation of Macclesfield's most haunted pub, the team capture what has to be some of the show's best evidence of all time.

Yvette was with crew members Gregg Smith and Stuart and a very apprehensive Fred Batt, the show's resident demonologist. Stuart suddenly said that he'd seen the door at the bottom of the stairs had opened, as Gregg moved his camera down he caught it closing again.

They then heard footsteps around them that abruptly stopped and were followed by a moan. A shadow was then caught on camera moving near the door at the bottom of the stairs. The movement was unmistakable and looked as clear as a human walking past a light source, but there wasn't any member of the crew in that part of the building at the time. Stuart even ran down to check if there was anyone there, only to find the area empty.

Haden Hill House, West Midlands - Part 1 (Series 21)

Ghost Plays Piano On Most Haunted

On the outskirts of Birmingham, the team embark on an investigation of a Tudor manor house. Towards the end of the first episode in a two-part investigation Karl was alone in the kitchen. Just as he started to walk around the large room, he heard what sounded like a piano. He dashed through to an adjoining room with his camera where there was a piano, but wasn't quick enough, the piano was still and silent.

However, the team had placed locked off cameras around the house, and it just so happens that there was a camera pointed directly at the piano, probably because of Karl's previous experience with a piano play itself in the previous series. The enhanced and enlarged footage shows the piano alone in the room, in the dark. You can clearly see the keys of the piano moving in time with the sounds.

Middleton Hall, Warwickshire (Series 19)

Most Haunted At Middleton Hall

In 2016 the team conducted an all night investigation at a 13th century property which is said to be haunted by a grey lady and ghostly singing.

Throughout the investigation, the team had four static cameras in locked off locations throughout Middleton Hall. One of those cameras was in the library, and before the lights were even turned off ahead of the investigation, something odd was caught on camera. The intriguing footage appeared to show a chair moving on its own and then immediately after several books on a shelf to the right fell over.

The incident foreshadowed an active investigation which started with Yvette seeing something strange. She screamed, "I saw somebody. I swear to God I saw somebody. I saw them walking across here. I saw it with my own eyes." Stuart asked, "me and Gregg were in front of you, would it have been our shadows?" Referring to camera man, Gregg. "No!" Yvette exclaimed. She then asked out to the spirits, "did I just see you? Tap twice if I saw you?" Immediately there were two taps.

Standon Hall, Staffordshire - Part 1 (Series 20)

Standon Hall Wheelchair Moves On Its Own

The teams three-part investigation of a huge grade II listed building in Staffordshire proved to be one of their most active yet. All three parts are worth a watch, but it was in the second episode that viewers were wowed by the building.

As the team were preparing to investigate the abandoned outbuildings on the estate, Karl was roaming the corridors with a camera getting footage ahead of the investigation. While alone in the building a wheelchair rolled out in front of Karl and was caught on camera. Karl instantly ran along the corridor and checked all the adjoining rooms to ensure the building was in fact empty. Unable to find a cause for the moving wheelchair, Karl said "this place is scaring me to death."

After the wheelchair incident things just got weirder, as Karl panned his camera across an empty room it was clear to see a cupboard was open, as the cupboard door went out of the shot it could be heard slamming, the camera was instantly moved back and the door was closed. The slamming happened so quickly that no one could have been near it as Karl's camera was back on the door a split second after the bang. This was just the start of what the building had to offer.

Oakwell Hall, Batley (Series 17)

Yvette Fielding Scrying - Most Haunted, Oakwell House

On a cold, snowy night in West Yorkshire the team captured what Yvette described as some of the show's best footage of all time, "this event stand's alone as one of the best pieces of evidence captured to date."

Throughout the investigation, the team had locked off cameras in several parts of the house. One in the Painted Chamber, the study, the upper balcony and the main bedroom.

At the end of the episode we see a replay of the footage where a spinning wheel in the Painted Chamber starts spinning on its own. Another camera in the main bedroom caught a cardboard cutout of a Victorian child moving. What makes the footage even more interesting is that both bits of activity happened at exactly the same time.

Knottingley Town Hall, Knottingley (Series 17)

Fred Batt Voodoo Doll Experiment

While at Knottingley Town Hall in Yorkshire in 2015, the team's resident demonologist, Fred Batt showed off his witchcraft skills with a voodoo experiment.

Most of the team, including Yvette were in the building's boardroom where they were conducting a Ouija board session. Meanwhile Fred was down in the cellar with Karl, where unbeknown to the rest of the team, he was going to perform a voodoo ritual using an eerie doll with Stuart's face on it.

Fred stuck a pin in the doll's right arm and at the exact same moment, two floors above, Stuart reacted by pulling his arm away from the planchette. The others asked what was wrong, rubbing his arm he said, "I've just had a sharp sensation."

Moments later, Fred put a pin in the left arm of the doll and once again Stuart reacted, "it's happening on that arm as well." Yvette then twigged, "is this what Fred is doing? Is he doing a voodoo doll?"

Fred then stuck a pin in the doll's leg, which Stuart felt instantly. Fred then moved on to the other leg, before covering the eyes of the doll with a finger and Stuart said, "I can't see, all my vision's impaired. I honestly can't see. I can't see a thing." A few seconds later, his vision came back and he said, "this is the most surreal moment, I've ever had in my whole life."

Fred ended the experiment by walking off with the doll to secretly chant and remove the curse.

Newton House, Llandeilo - Part 2 (Series 16)

Most Haunted At Newton House

In 2014 the team were joined by Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine as they investigated a property which dates back to 1660 and is said to be full of paranormal activity of every kind.

Towards the end of the episode, Yvette suggested putting a locked off camera in the military room with the wheelchair in shot. 23 minutes into the recording there is a metallic squeaking sound as the wheelchair appears to move of its own accord. The chair once again moves on its own at the 46 minute mark.

Yvette said the team were astounded by what they captured on the static camera and questioned whether this could be the most compelling evidence they'd ever caught.


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