Most Haunted Series 19 Quiz

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HMP Shrewsbury Prison C-Wing
Yvette Fielding returned with the Most Haunted team for a 19th series of the long-running ghost hunting show, starting at Crewe Lyceum Theatre where the team were on the hunt of a mischievous ghost who likes to hide props.

The team also caught paranormal activity on camera at Whittington Castle, which is known for its links to local mythology. And EVP expert Eamonn Vann-Harris captured several spooky voices in his recording, including those made at Halsham House.

The series ended with an epic three-part series finale filmed at HMP Shrewsbury Prison, a huge disused prison which is said to be very haunted. The team experienced lots of odd activity here and even violent poltergeist activity. Following all these scares, the team returned to the prison of an "As-Live" special for Halloween.

With all this action and ghostly goings on, how much can you remember about the series? Test your knowledge with these 20 tricky questions...

1. The Lady in White who haunts Crewe's Lyceum Theatre is said to be the ghost of who?

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2. What is the name of the playful ghost who is said to hide props backstage at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre?

3. Fred Batt tried to convince Darren Hutchinson that what type of mythical creature lived in the area surrounding Whittington Castle?

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4. Who did Yvette Fielding call "a very bad man" at Whittington Castle?

5. What object was caught on camera falling from the top of the stairs at Halsham House?

6. EVP expert Eamonn Vann-Harris captured a spirit voice on his laptop at Halsham House which seemed to reveal its name, what was it?

Fred Batt Scrying At Mansion House

7. What method of paranormal communication involving a mirror did Fred Batt try out at Mansion House?

8. Which member of the team braved the creepy Mansion House cellar on their own?

9. In which part of Walton Hall is Lady Daresbury, who now haunts the property, said to have died?

10. The spirits of Walton Hall tapped along in time with Yvette Fielding as she sung which nursery rhyme?

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Most Haunted At Oak House

11. What phrase did the spirits of Oak House spell out using tapping sounds?

12. After several books were seen to fall on a locked off camera in Middleton Hall's library, which object moved next?

13. What object was thrown at the team in HMP Shrewsbury Prison's A-Wing?

14. Which member of the Most Haunted team collapsed in the A-Wing of HMP Shrewsbury Prison?

15. A trigger object moved across the floor of the execution room at HMP Shrewsbury Prison, what was it?

16. Yvette was able to get the name of a former inmate of HMP Shrewsbury Prison via an EVP recording, what name was given by the spirit?

17. What gave Yvette Fielding her biggest scare in HMP Shrewsbury's C-Wing?

18. When the team returned to Shrewsbury Prison for a Halloween special, what object was repeatedly thrown in the kitchen?

19. Which member of the team became trapped alone in a prison cell during the Halloween "As-Live" special?

20. What did Yvette claim to have seen next to the pool table on A-Wing of HMP Shrewsbury?


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