"My Dreams Were Haunted By A Victorian Couple Dressed In Black"

June 01, 2022 10:53 PM

This article is more than two years old.

Victorian Ghosts In Dreams
We recently received a story via email that we just had to share with you. It's a true experience from someone had when they were a young boy which made him feel like he was being haunted in his dreams by a tall, creepy Victorian man and woman wearing black clothing.

His true story is below...
This happened when I was very young, in fact so young that I don't remember much else of my life at that point but these reoccurring dreams and a haunting event have stuck with me forever.

It took place in the first ever house I lived. We moved out of this house before my fourth birthday, so I must have only been three. I think I still remember it because it was so vivid and terrifying. It started out as a series of dreams, but ended with a bizarre waking incident, that is now almost impossible to remember and but at the same time impossible to forget.

I remember the dreams. They were terrifying. In the dream I was in my childhood bed, I had a bright yellow duvet set and matching wallpaper. I remember a man and a woman coming into my room. They were both tall, wore black clothing and the man carried a cane. I remember that it was reminiscent of Victorian clothing, but at three years old I don't think I'd have really known what Victorian clothing looked like.

The couple picked me up out of bed. One of them took my feet, the other took my arms. They'd then carry me over to a child's cot, which was clearly too small for me, but they measured me up and tried to fit me into it, but they couldn't.

That's all I remember of the dream, but it wasn't a once off. I remember having this dream often. It felt like this Victorian couple were coming back night after night with the expectation that I would get smaller and eventually fit into the cot.

I can't recall how long these dreams went on, but I remember feeling relieved when they ended. It was how they ended though that was the most bizarre part of this experience.

I remember I was messing around in my bedroom, just spinning around as kids do. I vividly remember spinning in the doorway to my room and as I spun, suddenly it was like every one of the dreams flashed before my eyes. I stopped and stood still not quite knowing what had hit me.

Now, I'm sure I was awake when this happened. Looking back now it's such a distant memory that it's hard to distinguish it from a dream, but I have the memory of reflecting on it as a waking event, if that makes sense. I also remember trying to recreate that experience by spinning in my doorway again, but I never could.

After this weird experience, I never had these reoccurring dreams again, but I've never forgotten then.

The dreams felt so real and like they had intelligence behind them, that I've searched the internet a few times over the years to see if anyone else has ever had similar experience. That's why I'm sharing my story just to see if anyone else who's had similar dreams will find it and come forward.
If you have experienced something similar, let us know via our contact page and we'll pass on the message and perhaps put you in touch with each other.

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