'My Haunted HQ' Quiz

January 17, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Games
My Haunted Hotel
From 'My Haunted Hotel' to 'My Haunted Manor USA', test your knowledge of the latest news from 'My Haunted HQ' and the world's most documented, ongoing paranormal investigation.

1. In which historic hotel would you find 'My Haunted Hotel?'

2. In which state is the newly introduced 'My Haunted Manor USA' located?

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3. A new team led by Daryl Marston will oversee 'My Haunted Manor USA,' but which paranormal reality show is Daryl known for?

4. When did 'My Haunted Hotel' open its doors to guests?

5. In which room of 'My Haunted Hotel' would you find the infamous doll named Grace?

6. Which of these is NOT a member of the 'My Haunted Manor USA' team?

7. At which famously haunted American location is 'My Haunted Manor USA' housed?

8. Which of these items of furniture would you find in Room 6 of 'My Haunted Hotel?'

9. In which room of 'My Haunted Hotel' did a strange anomaly appear to move across the window?

10. Which paranormal team encountered one of their investigators' shirts being pulled on camera?

11. Which of these phenomenon has been frequently reported at 'My Haunted Manor USA?'

12. How many eye witness accounts have been documented on camera since the My Haunted project began?

13. What 17th century artefact was found in Room 4 at 'My Haunted Hotel' during a refurbishment of the building in 1924?

14. What is the most common sighting at 'My Haunted Hotel?'

15. What is the name of the newly formed umbrella channel that features all of the 'My Haunted' shows?


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