Paranormal Investigators Deal With Myra Hindley's Cursed Ashes

September 04, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain - Myra Hindley

YouTubers Lee Steer and Linzi Sheeran sparked controversy last week when they announced that they were going to be conducting a paranormal investigation that relates to the notorious child killer, Myra Hindley.

The press initially jumped on their 'Myra Hindley Revealed' project, criticising them for dealing with such a high-profile, recent and disturbing case of murders, but the duo insisted that their investigation would be tasteful and in no way related to any of the victims of the case.

Despite the backlash they received and a petition that was signed by over 1,700 people, Lee and Linzi went ahead with their live broadcast - that was labelled "vile" by the press - on Lee and Linzi's Facebook page 'Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain' on Tuesday evening.

The duo were streaming live from a neutral location that had no connection with the moors or the murderers that Hindley was a part of. They were joined by their usual psychic investigator, Kenny Saw, and Jemma Leicester who contacted the team for their help.

Jemma has previously worked the controversial ghost hunting team, Worsley Paranormal Group, and her husband Dave is the nephew of John Kilbride, the second of Brady and Hindley’s five victims.

Speaking with Lee, Linzi and Kenny she told viewers of the live stream that she is connected by marriage to the Kilbride family, the family of one of Hindley and her accomplice Ian Brady's victims.

A very nervous Jemma went on to tell the story of how she tried to perform a Wiccan binding ritual on the infamous serial killer to stop her haunting others. Jemma claims that after Hindley's death her ashes were scatted over a bush in a public area and Jemma went to collect them by shaking the leaves into a jar. She's says "it's a tiny amount I collected," but claims that this handful of ashes are really those of the killer.

She then placed them in a jar and attempted the ritual on the ashes. A binding is a form of witchcraft that is said to prevent someone from doing something. In Jemma's case she wanted to stop Hindley haunting others. She said, "I thought if I bind her, she couldn't haunt anyone, she'd be stuck in purgatory."

Jemma then buried the jar back in the same location, but she believes she may have got something wrong and feels that something evil has now attached itself to her son, who regularly goes walking through the area where she buried that ashes. Jemma now feels her and her family are being haunted by the evil spirit of Hindley, however Kenny isn't so sure.
Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain - Myra Hindley

The moors murderers buried four of their victims in graves on Saddleworth Moor, Greater Manchester, between 1963 and 1965. Their victims included 12-year-old John Kilbride, a family member of Jemma's.

After Jemma got in touch with Lee and Linzi, they agreed to help her with her haunting. The team went back to the location with Jemma where she dug the ashes back up and moved them to a safe place. Lee said that after taking on the case, he and Linzi had fallen victim to negative occurrences and Lee even experienced nightmares relating to the ashes.

The duo had been criticised for their event, some papers even incorrectly stating that they were planning to hold a séance on the moors to try to find the one remaining victim the Moors Murderers who has never been found. However, the reality was that Lee and Linzi had originally planned to perform another binding ritual and deal with whatever this evil entity.

However, after looking further into the case, Kenny felt that it was unwise to get involved. He said, "I actually don't think It's Myra Hindley, I actually think it's what was in control of her." Linzi asked, "do you mean some sort of demon attachment? Do you think that's what made her so evil and do what she did?" Kenny confirmed, "yeah, in my opinion."

Kenny said, "it's gone from dealing with a spirit to dealing with a demonic presence. I can't touch those ashes."

During the live stream, Lee said that were were not planning to try to make contact with spirit of Myra and that they only want to give Jemma the chance to tell her story and point her in the direction of the help she needs. He said, "we're not going to stop working on this until Jemma gets the help she needs."

As Lee and Linzi promised, the broadcast didn't include a séance or any attempt to contact Hindley or any of her victims. The team told viewers that after the broadcast the ashes will be returned to their safe location until they can find Jemma the proper help. Kenny said, "they need to be disposed of and they need to be destroyed correctly."

We asked our audience what they though of Ghosts of Britain's investigation and posed the question "is it wrong to hunt the ghost of a serial killer?" A massive 61% backed Lee and Linzi's work with 39% saying it's fine if the investigation is conducted tastefully and 22% saying that any ghost is fair game. However, 39% said that hunting the ghosts of serial killers is in poor taste.

However, the event didn't go completely without controversy as the Worsley Paranormal Group, who Jemma has previously worked with, have been criticised for their extensive investigations into the moors murderers, including their use of the paranormal methods to try to solve the mystery of where Brady and Hindley buried one of their victims, Keith Bennett - which of course caused upset to the victim's family members.

If you missed the live stream, you can watch it in full below...

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