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July Calendar
Historically speaking, numerology has played a pivotal role in many people's lives. If you are an avid believer in tarot numerology, then you are at the right place. Look at the insights of the upcoming month and find just which facet of your life you need to be more focused on. After all, in the hustle of life, we often fall into negligence. These numerological readings, however, will relieve you of the tension.

The Upcoming Month

Our in-depth numerology forecast for July 2022 has been compiled by the astrology experts from Top Psychics. Find out what the numbers hold for you in the next 30 days below.

According to numerology, July 2022 will be a 4 Universal month  (7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 13, and 1 + 3 = 4). Following the fun energy of the last month's 3, it is now time to get organised as the number 4 brings structure and discipline to the collective mood. 4 is all about keeping a local and methodological attitude in all that you do. This implies work and career will be taking the front seat in your life, yet if you want, you could apply it to home or family life. As a matter of fact, everyone will likely thrive if they set up a few routines early on in the month. So dive up the tasks at hand so that you will be able to get a lot more done. 

How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number?

To calculate your personal month number, you will need to add your personal year number to the current month number (that is the month number for July, which is always 7 – not the universal month number that we just described!). Then simply reduce it to a single digit and dive down as we explore your personal number and month. 

Steps To Follow
First, reduce the day and month of your birth to a single digit. SO, suppose you were born on November 22; your calculation will be like this: 2+2+11= 15 for 22 & November (11). Then, break this 15 into 1+5= 6

Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2022, it will be 2+2+0+2= 6 

Then add these numbers together for a single digit!

For our example, it be 6+6 = 12

Now break this final number down to two separate digits; this will give you 1+2, which is 3 

So, for a person born on November 22, the personal year number is 3. 

What is my numerological number?
Now all you need to do is add your personal year number with the current month, which for July is 7. Reduce it to a single digit, and viola! You have your personal month number.
Number 1 Numerology

Number 1

Lucky dates: 27, 28, 29 June, 1, 3 July
Lucky colour: Red/Orange

This month all facets of your life are up for a fresh beginning. It is the month you take a bold step towards a novel direction. Of course, this does not imply that you now need to go through a 360-degree change in life, but all you need to do is be honest with yourself about the things you have been avoiding and pushing out of your conscience. This month live your life strongly, so this is your chance to be brave. Do not hesitate to take those baby steps. You need to make that important call. If there is a life-altering email that you have been holding back on, then this is the time to send it. If you need to update that resume, then go ahead and apply for that dream job. After all, dreams don't happen independently, and nobody will believe in you until you do it yourself. Just focus on levelling up your confidence and proving your worth to yourself. 

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Number 2 Numerology
Photo: © Muaz AJ

Number 2

Lucky dates: 27, June 28, July 3
Lucky colour: White

Ruled by the moon, this month will be lucky for you! Do not, however, by any means reveal your future plans to anyone. This month, those single will meet their life partners and can expect to have a wedding proposal soon. The influence of your number this month would, however, imply that you must be feeling more sensitive than ever, numerology of 2 has been revealed as a psych number. It tends to encourage deep and strong connections to the inner voice, intuition, and other people present within your life. Contrary to the independence that you have felt in the past month, this month, you will be craving people around you. Relationships will be taking your focus, so deepen the ones that you have and don't shy away from forging new ones. 

You will feel much better if you have someone around with whom you can talk, share and unburden yourself. You could also feel inclined to take that role on for someone you love. So, whether it is your relationship partner of almost 40 years or the stranger present at the bus stop, make an effort to slow down at the moment and pick up a meaningful conversation. 

Number 3 Numerology

Number 3

Lucky dates: 27, 29, 30 June, 1, 2 July
Lucky colour: Yellow

Ruled by Jupiter, this month will be fairly average for those who hold a numerology of 3. This month try to focus more on your career and ambitions. Take steps that will enhance your knowledge. This month will take you to the pinnacle of the fun-o metre since the vibrations associated with your numerological 3 will be ripping in all fortes. The number 3 typically brings around a fresh wave of lighthearted fun, so it might be difficult for you to maintain a straight face this month. During July, you might feel a need to take centre stage more often. Don't shy away, and let your light shine through. You will feel more at ease in speaking up your mind as well. Just focus on finding ways your creative side will roll and have fun. You may have always wanted to take up salsa dancing or fashion designing; if yes, then just let that inner beast out! There are a plethora of online classes available. jUts choose one that fits your needs and set aside any excuses that have shackled you to the ground. The energy associated with the numerology of 3 will help you get a leg up in whatever you choose. Just make sure that your calendar is not too crammed with parties and social events; after all, spending time regaining your energy is a vital roo. You have a level up of natural harm this month, so mix and mingle all you can. 

Number 4 Numerology

Number 4

Lucky dates: June 29, 1, 2 July
Lucky colour: Grey

Ruled by Uranus, this month will prove to be lucky for you. It is the time for new beginnings in your personal and business life. After the fun and games of last month, it is high time you root down and get back to work. Your personal energies are in-line with your goals, and this is the ideal time to instil a bit of structure in your routine. Decide on what your game plan is for this month. Do you want to achieve something specific or need more time to brainstorm your priorities? In numerology, the number 4 loves to get organised, so take the time this month and prepare for all that is to come. You need to be pragmatic about your life and opt for real, tangible steps. Do the work instead of just sitting around and talking. For some people, numerology 4 can also align strongly with money and wealth. SO, if you are going to take a bite of the cake this month, be strategic in how much you leave behind. July 2022 seems to be the optimistic month for those with the number 4, so work slowly and steadily, and you will win this race, eventually. Just remember, the devil is in the details, and you need to be focused and vigilant at all times. 

Number 5 Numerology
Photo: © ANIRUDH

Number 5

Lucky dates: 27, 28, 30 June, 1, 3 July
Lucky colour: Green

Ruled by Mercury, July will be a good month for you. You will be making new friends this month or planning a trip with some. Just remember to keep your gaze up, and your perspectives widen. After all, the horizons can widen anytime, and opportunities open up every day! Don't forget to squeeze a little downtime into your hefty schedule and stretch your wings, though! The numerology 5 brings about a frequency of exploration and adventure. It will not take much time for you to be restless this month, so keep yourself focused. It is imperative that you find new ways to have fresh experiences. Finding an edge of your comfort zone is just the beginning of a new start. The numerology of 5 brings about opportunities as well. You are halfway through the year's cycle, and it is an ideal time for any course correction as you look forward to the future. After the hard work you have been putting in the last month, what do you want to carry forward? And what is it that you want to leave behind? While the number 5 energy is spontaneous and freedom related, it is wise to think carefully about the cracks in your life. It is high time that you patch and stitch those cracks up and start planning execution for your plans. This month will be ideal for your physical health, so give your mind, heart, and soul the rejuvenation it has been craving.

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Number 6 Numerology

Number 6

Lucky dates: 27, June 30
Lucky colour: White and Light Blue

Ruled by Venus, this month will be average in nature for you. The numerology of 6 brings about an increase in responsibilities this month. These will involve friends, family, and caring duties. Your energy is likely to expand this month, but there's nothing to feel daunted by! The number 6 often tends to carry compassion and loving vibration, so being the supporting figure for others will often feel natural to you. However, just be careful not to over-give and, in turn, neglect your own self. If a person with the number 4 is around you, you might feel like evasive responsibility has been placed on your shoulders. You need to remember that there are times when love is overflowing and demands too much from you. These are the times when you need to draw the boundary. So, try and focus on doing just that! 

Number 7 Numerology

Number 7

Lucky dates: 28, June 29, July 1
Lucky colour: Smoky Brown/ Grey Green

Ruled by Neptune, this month will be average for you. There is a probability that you will face some unusual health issues, so be sure to take proper rest and eat healthy food. The golden words for those with numerology 7 are solitude, serenity, and space. You will likely see these things a lot in your life this month. Number 7's energy is often introverted, so if you are in the middle of a lot of the hustle and bustle, then you may feel that you have been plodding up a never-ending hill. Set yourself free from expectations and responsibilities. Don't force yourself every time someone asks you to socialise! This month is ideal for some soul-search, so offer yourself the gift of taking some time out. 

Number 8 Numerology

Number 8

Lucky dates: 29, June 30, July 2
Lucky colour: Black/ Dark Blue

This month will be bringing you a burst of self-empowerment and realisation. There is a strong vibration that you will be carrying with you this month, so just use it wisely. As the number of flow and balance goes on, you will be called to understand the power that you hold and rethink how you will express yourself in this world. In the month of 8, for the majority of people, there is a focus on work and career. This month try and channel your power honestly and wisely; then, only you'll be able to expect favourable financial rewards as they begin to roll in. The majority of numerologists tend to associate this number with money, and this month there will be a major chunk of financial improvement for you. 

Number 9 Numerology

Number 9

Lucky dates: 27, 28, 29, 30 June, 1, 2 July
Lucky colour: Red

This month will be important for closure and change. Whenever 9 appears in the cycle, it demonstrates the end of a cycle and the time to say goodbye. For the majority of individuals, this number often is associated with natural endings of the sort. Though for some, this may come off as a surprise. You might be asked to release something from your grip that you are not yet ready to let go of. Most of all, learn to ask for forgiveness and grace in life. July will likely bring you a sort of healing energy, so it is imperative for you that you offer yourself kindness and compassion in tricky situations. 

To Conclude

Tarot numerology often provides people with an opportunity to dive in deeper. The predictions for the month make it an ideally suitable avenue to help you in realizing what you have been missing in life and what you need to focus on more. Numerology focuses on every aspect of one's life. After all, our life is nothing but a colossal picture made up of tiny bits and pieces of what we call facets. These join up together to make sense of what we have lived through. We hope these predictions will help in making the right choices this month. Until next time, Au Revoir.

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