Phone Calls From The Dead: When A Ghost Calls Your Phone

January 08, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
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"Phone calls from the dead" are said to involve individuals receiving phone calls from the numbers of deceased loved ones, sometimes hearing familiar voices or unexplained static on the line, but is it possible that a spirit could make a phone call to the living?

The phenomenon is closely linked to that of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). EVP refers to the supposed recording of voices from beyond the grave, captured on electronic devices. In fact, one of the early pioneers in EVP research, Sarah Estep, once recorded a telephone call from a fellow researcher, Konstantin Raudive, who had died 20 years previously. It's said that Raudive made similar calls to two other researchers in the field.

Some of the most famous cases of this type were documented by parapsychologists D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless in their 1979 book, 'Phone Calls From The Dead.' In their research, they compiled numerous accounts of individuals who received calls from deceased persons, often shortly after their passing.

The concept of ghosts or spirits interacting with technology is often referred to as Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC). ITC is an umbrella term for any method of spirit-based communication that takes place via any electronic device. This includes televisions, radios, computers, and, of course, telephones.

Quite how a non-corporeal entity could affect the circuits within these devices to convey messages is something paranormal researchers are yet to answer, but the most obvious idea is that spirits can manipulate or utilise the electromagnetic fields to induce a current or signal within the device.

For example, the idea of a spirit affecting Sarah Estep's old-fashioned landline telephone in 1994 doesn't require much of a leap. In traditional landline phones, the ringer was a physical bell, so it's not hard to imagine that a spirit might be able to induce a current to make the phone ring.

Traditional telephones work by converting the sound of a voice into an electrical signal that travels through wires and then back into sound at the other end. If we entertain the hypothesis that spirits can interact with electronic equipment, it's not a huge leap to imagine them manipulating these electrical signals. Once the handset is picked up, the spirit might modulate the current to create recognisable voices or sounds through the handset.

Skeptics argue that these ghostly calls can often be explained by more mundane causes, such as technical malfunctions, cross-connections, or the power of suggestion. The human brain is adept at finding patterns and meanings, especially in random or ambiguous stimuli, a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia.

While the concept of ghosts interacting with older, simpler technology might seem more plausible to some, the idea of spirits being able to navigate the complexities of modern digital telephony is a significant leap. When it comes to mobile phones, a call is not just a continuous stream of current but a digital signal that is encoded, transmitted wirelessly, received, and then decoded. The process involves complex protocols and handshaking - the exchange of signals to establish a connection before any communication can occur. This handshaking is necessary to initiate a call and involves authentication through mobile networks.

The idea of a ghost initiating this kind of digital communication is much more challenging to imagine. It would imply that the entity not only influences physical hardware but also interacts with advanced digital communication protocols and understands the complexity of encoding an encrypted digital signal.

Even making a modern smartphone ring is a challenge that's worlds apart from a simple bell on the end of a wire. The 'ring' of a phone call is a digital audio file played by the device's software. Manipulating this would require altering or interacting with complex software.

One commonly cited case is that of Charles E. Peck, who tragically died in a train crash in California in 2008. In the hours following the crash, his family received numerous calls from his mobile phone. However, when answered, there was only static. When they called back, it went straight to voicemail. The calls ceased only when the authorities found his body, and it was determined that he had died on impact.

In popular culture, the concept of ghostly phone calls has been a recurrent theme in horror and supernatural films, adding to the intrigue and mystery of the topic. Movies and television shows often dramatise these occurrences, tapping into the deep-seated human fascination with life after death and communication with the beyond.

These stories, whether rooted in personal experiences or popular culture, continue to be the subject of interpretation and debate, allowing researchers to draw their own conclusions. When examining such claims, it's crucial to consider the role of grief and the human psyche. The loss of a loved one can trigger intense emotional responses, and the mind can interpret ambiguous sounds or events as meaningful connections to the deceased.

The Paranormal Phone Experiment

Want to try your hand at ghostly communication with a modern twist? 'The Paranormal Phone Experiment' might be just what you're looking for. This experiment is a contemporary take on the traditional methods of spirit communication, blending the principles of EVP with modern technology.

1. Setup: During a paranormal investigation, use two mobile phones. Place one on speakerphone mode in an isolated part of the location.

2. Separation: The investigators then move to another room with the second phone.

3. Communication: From this separate room, call out to any spirits present, asking questions and listening for responses through the phone left in the isolated area.

4. Variation: Optionally, one investigator can stay with the first phone, speaking directly to the spirits, while others listen from the second phone in a different room.

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