Don't Miss Pop-Up Paracon Midwest This July In Woodstock, Illinois

June 17, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Woodstock Opera House, Illinois
Saturday, July 8 the paranormal takes over the far west suburb of Chicago, Illinois at the historic and haunted Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock. Packed with Vendors, Speakers, and Panelists this Midwest paranormal conference will have on-stage experts in their field, sharing their research, knowledge, experiences, and evidence.

This event is hosted by Chris Fleming, spiritual medium and star of 'Spooked Scotland', 'Help! My House Is Haunted' and 'Psychic Kids' and Dave Schrader from 'The Holzer Files', 'Ghosts Of Devils Perch' and 'The Paranormal 60'.

The opera house stands overlooking Woodstock Square where the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray was filmed as well as Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The great actor Orson Wells, Citizen Kane, and War of the Worlds radio broadcast was a resident actor at The Woodstock Opera House. With all this cinematic history, we felt this was the perfect home for this paracon. There are also stories of a ghostly woman haunting the theater and hallways.

The event is a great opportunity to meet all the speakers and panelists while sharing conversations with fellow paranormal investigators, ghost groups, psychics, researchers, writers, and fans of the paranormal.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the Woodstock Opera House website in advance and are only $30 for adults, $15 for students with ID, and $10 for 17 and under. Please Pre-order to secure your seats for the lectures. Use code: popup for a special Mailchimp $5 discount on each ticket, with an order of 2 or more tickets. If we sell out, no tickets will be sold at the door. So block out Sat July 8, if you can make it, and get your tickets today.

Pop-up Paracon Schedule

Pop-Up Paracon Midwest

Doors open to the Public and vendor rooms open.

Author Amelia Cotter presents Haunted Chicago.

12 - 1 pm
Vendor room and lunch.

1 - 2:15pm
Illinois Director of MUFON Sam Maranto and Bill Kousoulas, Ph.D. present  UFOS in Chicago and The Mothman Sightings.

2:30 -3pm
Worlds Greatest Mind Reader Joe Diamond on stage.

3:30 - 4:30pm
Author and Physician Dr. Scott Kolbaba, M.D. presents his stories and research regarding his Amazon best-selling book, 'Physicians' Untold Stories: Miraculous Experiences Doctors Are Hesitant To Share With Their Patients, Or Anyone!'.

5 - 6pm
Chris Fleming presents Ghosts, Entities, and Evidence for Life After Death. Chris will share his personal experiences and evidence pertaining to ghosts, demons, and strange entities and proof of life after death.

6:15 - 7:30pm
Paranormal 6 Panel hosted by Dave Schrader. Dave will host a fun-filled evening with 6 paranormal guests, sharing their stories and taking questions from the audience.

Featured guests on the panel;   Shane Pittman, Nick Simons, Father Michael Maginot, Archbishop Kristina Rake,  Kara Phillip, & Alex Felix.

9pm - midnight
VIP Ghost Hunt with Chris Fleming (SOLD OUT) 

Pop-Up Paracon Speakers & Panelists

Haunted Chicago presented by Amelia Cotter from 11am - 12pm on Main Stage 2nd floor.

How haunted is Chicago and why is there such a fascination with Al Capone’s Ghost?

Join Amelia Cotter for an exploration of some of Chicago's most haunted places. Amelia will share her personal paranormal experiences from around the city of Chicago and beyond, and chat a bit about the history and mysteries of the beautiful town of Woodstock, Illinois.

UFOS in Chicago and The Mothman Sightings presented by Sam Maranto & Bill Kousoulas, Ph.D. from 1 - 2:15pm on Main Stage 2nd floor.

What remains after years of multiple in-depth analyses, and dedicated field investigative work on some of the most puzzling events ranging from multiple UFO mass sighting to winged Humanoids? Are we dealing with a genuine phenomenon…nonsense, maybe something more unusual than we could have ever imagined

America's Greatest Mind Reader, Joe Diamond on Main Stage 2nd floor from 2:30 - 3pm 

It doesn't matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, Joe Diamond “predicts” you will have a good time at this show! Joe Diamond will likely be interacting with you or someone you know at some point during this interactive experience, and picking up on your thoughts in real time AS you think of them! Thoughts that would be impossible to look up on social media before the show.

You can RELAX, Joe Diamond will know if there is something you don’t want to be revealed and promises that it will be kept confidential. No one is embarrassed during the show. In fact, YOU are the REAL star of the show! All you’ll witness will happen LIVE due to the skills and abilities created and perfected by Joe Diamond. You won’t see this ANYWHERE else!

Doctors and the Unexplained presented by Scott J. Kolbaba, MD from 3:30 - 4:30pm on Main Stage 2nd floor 

Doctors work in life-and-death situations every day. But what happens when they encounter something even they can’t explain scientifically? Dr. Scott Kolbaba interviewed practicing doctors who recount the most unusual moments of their careers and chronicled these accounts in the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Physicians’ Untold Stories, now internationally published. Meant to awe, instruct, and inspire, his talk will convince even the harshest skeptic that there are things beyond this physical world and that sometimes, all we need to do is believe.

Ghosts, Entities, and Evidence for Life After Death presented by Chris Fleming from 5 - 6pm on Main Stage 2nd floor

Living in the NW suburbs of Chicago his entire life, Chris Fleming has been experiencing paranormal phenomena for over 50 years. He will be speaking about his haunted childhood home in Hoffman Estates, IL, and the important, and often overlooked details he has learned about ghosts, entities, and consciousness in America and overseas. He will share the communication he had with his father after his death as well as some amazing evidence and personal encounters when he was investigating in England and Scotland.

Paranormal 6 Panel Discussion hosted by Dave Schrader from TV's 'The Holzer Files' on Main Stage 2nd floor from 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Ending the 2023 Pop-up Paracon will be an informative and fun time as Dave Schrader Radio Host, Paranormal Investigator, and TV Presenter will be hosting the Paranormal 6 Panel, which will feature guest panelists Shane Pittman known for Netflix’s hit series '28 Days Haunted', Roman Catholic priest Father Michael Maginot, Nick Simons self-proclaimed "Iowa's largest paranormal investigator", paranormal theologian Archbishop Kristina Rake, Alex Felix and Kara Phillip.

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