How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil In 6 Steps

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The Devil - Satan
If you're brave enough to turn to a darker power in order to improve your life or get something you want, then these six comprehensive steps will guide you through the process of offering your soul to Satan or a lesser demon in exchange for diabolical favours like fame, fortune and power.

Some notable people who are said to have struck a deal with the Devil, include John Fian who confessed to having made a pact with the Devil, he was declared a notorious sorcerer and executed in 1591. Blues musician, Tommy Johnson, is said to have met Satan at a crossroads and signed over his soul in order to play the blues and gain mastery of the guitar.

You don't need any specific skills, psychic powers or experience in order to complete this pact with the Devil, but should you wish to try, you do so at your own risk. The information presented on this page is for reference only, if you are not comfortable with content of this nature, then this ritual isn't for you.

1. Decide Why You Are Selling Your Soul

If you're looking to make a pact with the devil, then you probably already know your motivation. The most common reasons are fame, fortune and power. In fact it has been claimed that many powerful and influential people have used black magic or diabolical pacts to get to where they are.

Often these three things come hand in hand, fame can bring you wealth and power. Fortune can buy you power fame and power gains you infamy. Other reasons for selling your soul might include getting revenge on someone who has hurt you, gaining eternal youth or immortality, or for matters of love. You may wish to find love, bring a former love back to you or have your unrequited love reciprocated.

Once you know what you want from the deal and you're sure that you can't obtain this anywhere else, you'll need to decide which demon is best placed to help you get what you want.

2. Choose Your Demon

When you think of the act of selling your soul, Satan probably springs to mind as the first choice of purchaser. However, pacts can also be made with lesser demons and some of these demons might suit your requirements better. Some are pleasant and respectful, while others may be unlikely to help or may even be hostile toward you. A certain demon is invoked depending on what the conjurer is going to ask.

When you invoke a demon may vary, as some demons should only be called at the right time, which could be a specific month, day of the week, or hour.

There are literally hundreds of demons that appear in religion, demonology, mythology, and folklore, so you'll need to first carefully research which demon you want to contact. A good place to start is 'The Encyclopaedia Of Demons & Demonology' by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. This book consists of a comprehensive list of hundreds of demons from ancient history to the present.

To get you started, here are just a few of the demons you might want to summon in order to make your pact:
Agares can help you better yourself through knowledge.
Andras can help you if you're looking for revenge.
Andromalius can help you retrieve stolen possessions.
Asmodeus is associated with carnal desire and lust.
Astaroth will answer your questions.
Belial can help you with your career or in gaining power.
Buné can get you anything you ask but he asks a higher price than other demons.
Haagenti can turn any metal into gold and water into wine.
Paimon can teach you how to make people your slaves.
Ronove can help you master the art and specific talents.
Sallos can bring you love.
Zepar can make women fall in love with men.

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3. Outline Your Deal

As with any contract, when making a pact with the Devil, you need to be sure of what you're giving away and at what price. It is important to have a specific purpose, know exactly why you are summoning a particular demon.

Of course, nothing comes for free. When you sell your soul, the demon is going to expect to be able to use you in some way. What is it you can offer the demon? It was once thought that the person who had made a pact also promised the demon to kill children or consecrate them to the Devil at the moment of birth.

You should carefully consider what it is you can offer in return. While the offering itself can vary based on the demon or the request you're making, it usually involves recruiting more souls for the demon in some way or working towards your chosen demon's goal.

Don't rush this step, take time to carefully prepare what your request is and what you can offer in return before summoning the appropriate demon. Not having a clear request in mind or not making a succinct request could make the demon feel like you are wasting their time and anger them. It might be a good idea to write down exactly what it is you want first to ensure that it is clear in your head.

4. Choose A Method Of Contact

Once you've decided which demon you want to summon, you'll next need to decide how you are going to make contact. This might sound daunting, but can be as simple as you want it to be. It could be as easy as eliminating distractions by sitting alone in a darkened room and asking the demon to come forward.

Another technique is to write your offer and perform a simple ritual in order to make the pact with your chosen demon. Or, for those more experienced in demonology, you could conduct a full invocation ritual which may allow you to physically see and hear the demon.

Before moving on to the next step, you'll need to choose between making a written pact or performing a ritual through séance.

5. Making Your Deal

Now the time has come to summon your demon, at this point you should know exactly what you want, how you are going to make contact and with which demon. It's best to perform any ritual of this type at night, as this greatly increases your chances of making contact.

It is also important to remember that demons are unpredictable by nature so you should avoid angering or antagonising them at all cost. Be sure to treat the demon with honesty and respect, and most importantly don't make demands or command the demon, you should only make requests.


Although a written pact seems much tamer than a full-blown ritual in which you summon a demon, making a written deal with a demon is just as real and dangerous and still involved attracting or calling forward demons. The only difference is that your intention and deal is in written form, which is offered up to the demon.

Traditionally pacts were either written in blood or signed in blood, however as long as your belief is strong and your intent is honest and clear, this isn't necessary, however writing in red ink is advised as this will help set the mood and make your offer clear to the demon.

A written pact most often takes the form of a contract. You should clearly write out what it is you want and what you are offering in exchange, as you decided in the previous steps. The ritual should always end with signing the contract and placing it in a safe location, ideally somewhere in your house.


To increase your chances of summoning a demon, it is important to set the mood, it's best to hold your séance in low light or by candle light, but not complete darkness. You can also set the mood by burning some incense but avoid burning sage as this is believed to drive evil energy away. Make sure you're comfortable, to make contact with a demon can take time and patience.

You'll need to make sure you're not distracted during the séance, so turn off the television and any music, put your phone on silent and shut pets and other distractions out of the room. You should then start calling the demon forward, either by using versus from the 'Satanic Bible', or any words that are meaningful to you. The power isn't so much in the specific words you are saying, but the belief behind them.

You could try phrases like:
In the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and greet me, come forward, show us you're here.
I invite the Forces of Darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me.
I invoke thee Lucifer from the East.
I invoke thee Beelzebub from the North.
I invoke thee Astaroth from the West.
I invoke thee Azazel from the South.
Come forward forces of darkness and greet me.

Once your demon makes its presence known, you should tell it exactly why you have summoned it. Run through your request, what you need from it and tell them what you are willing to do in exchange.

Ask the demon to confirm that you have a deal, this could be as simple as asking them to show you a sign that they have understood and accepted your offering, knocking once for no or twice for yes, or verbally accepting your offer.

6. Finalise Your Deal

All demonic entities are usually only able to give very subtle clues to the fact that they are present. They might use our energy to communicate through a Ouija board, knock over an object, tap on a hard surface, or make a sound in someone's ear. It's unusual to hear a loud noice, a clear voice, or see an object deliberately being moved for any sustained period of time.

So, we can assume that demons have to muster up a lot of energy in order to give us these signs. Therefore before the end of the session you should thank the demon for its efforts in coming forward.

If you do make contact with an entity which seems malevolent, mischievous or that seems to have taken a liking to you, then there is no harm in telling that demon it must not follow you after the session. When ending the séance, simply call out to the demon and say something like, "thank you for coming to me this evening. I am leaving now, you must return to where you came from."

Once the session has ended you should stay true to your word. Remember that you have made a deal with a demon and you have given the demon your soul as a guarantee. Failure to keep your end of the bargain could result in the demon using the power it has over you to punish you for your dishonesty.

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