Steve Higgins Challenges Beliefs In Demonic Entities In His New Demonology Book

June 30, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ BooksDemonology
Steve Higgins - The Rational Demonologist's Handbook
Paranormal writer and founder of, Steve Higgins, announces the release of his latest book, 'The Rational Demonologist's Handbook'. The book explores the possibility of the existence of demons and their interactions with humans, providing readers with an understanding of some of the commonly held beliefs about demons within the paranormal community. By challenging myths and offering a fresh perspective on the topic, Steve aims to equip readers with the knowledge to make their own informed decisions on the existence and nature of these malevolent entities.

'The Rational Demonologist's Handbook' delves into various aspects of demonic activity, such as possession, attachment, identification, protection, summoning, and exorcism. Demons are often depicted as malevolent entities with supernatural powers, capable of haunting, possessing, and attaching themselves to people, places, or objects. Differentiating between a demonic presence and a human spirit, however, can be challenging, as both exhibit similar behaviours.

Steve' book addresses these challenges by dissecting the differences between temporary spirit walk-ins, demonic possessions, and attachments. Confirming a demonic presence is often difficult, but certain signs can help identify whether a haunting or possession is demonic. The book also offers guidance on protection against demons, including methods like smudging, using protective items, and following safety guidelines during investigations.

The author highlights the importance of responsible practice and precautions when summoning demons for paranormal investigations. Additionally, the book discusses exorcisms, rituals meant to free people, places, or objects from negative or demonic influences. While exorcisms have traditionally been performed by religious figures, Steve suggests that anyone with strong faith and conviction can perform them, following the guidelines provided in the book.

By presenting a multi-faith perspective on demons and debunking some of the myths surrounding them, 'The Rational Demonologist's Handbook' offers readers a unique insight into the beliefs and experiences of those involved in paranormal investigations. This comprehensive guide is perfect for those seeking to better understand demonic activity and its various aspects, as well as the beliefs held by ghost hunters who subscribe to the idea of demonic entities.

Towards the end of the book, Steve reflects on the importance of respecting and supporting people who report experiencing demonic hauntings, recognising that they often go through a difficult and traumatic time. While the existence of demons remains a subject of debate, the experiences of those who claim to have encountered them should not be dismissed outright, as the impact on their lives is real and profound.

Steve advocates for approaching paranormal research with curiosity, an open mind, and empathy for those affected by it. He invites readers to continue their exploration of demonology while remembering to respect and empathise with those impacted by such experiences.

'The Rational Demonologist's Handbook' is now available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats. Don't miss out on this fascinating exploration of the world of demonology, as Steve challenges myths and provides an in-depth understanding of the beliefs held by paranormal investigators about demons.

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