Derek Acorah Fans Are Dying To Know What The TV Medium's New Fragrance For Men Smells Like

April 01, 2018 12:00 AM ‐ ParanormalMost Haunted

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Derek Acorah, the nation's favourite television medium, is the next in a long line of celebrities to release his own fragrance.

Called Simply Derek, the celebrity psychic's new eau de parfum promises to be "adventurous, spirited and strong minded," and its available in stores today, but because I write about the paranormal, I've been lucky enough to have been sent a sample bottle of the scent in advance.

You can't have failed to have missed the buzz and excitement around the launch of the new fragrance, it seems like every bus stop and billboard has had a posted for Simply Derek for the last few months. So it's no surprise that fans of the spiritual medium can't wait to find out what his special scent is like.

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Simply Derek By Derek Acorah Billboard Advert

The official description of Simply Derek reads as follows, "Adventurous, spirited, strong minded. An addictive, woody, amber fragrance with a touch of hypnotic incense, with notes of black pepper and sage. You can smell the fire inside you at night and feel warm and protected when you need it."

I'm obviously not a beauty blogger and I wouldn't normally review an aftershave, but as Derek Acorah is someone I write about, I thought I'd accept the sample bottle and give it a sniff, perhaps even a wear.

I was a little skeptical to start with because Derek is about the same age as my dad, and who wants to smell like their dad? But, Derek does look like the sort of man who would smell very nice.

The package arrived and it was pretty well presented, a nice 'simple' bottle with the product name on it and a stylised version of Derek's autograph, plus a little branded bag for carrying your bottle around with you... should you want to.

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Simply Derek By Derek Acorah Bottle

When it comes to fragrances, I'm a bit of a high-end brand man, my scent is Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio which comes in at a clear £20 more expensive than Simply Derek. But despite the price difference, Acorah's fragrance actually smelt pretty good and is the kind of scent I'd wear.

There's a familiar natural and woody warmth to the scent, which is probably due to the inclusion of black pepper, incense and sage, which cleverly ties in with the world of the paranormal. Black pepper is sometimes used for protection, incense is commonly used to focus the mind during séance, while sage is burnt in a practice called "smudging," which is said to drive away evil spirits.

There is a bit of an alcoholic twang to the fragrance when you first sniff it, but after wearing it for a few minutes that passes leaving the spicy and sweet scent of the fragrance. It smelt a little bit weak to start with, but seem to come alive the longer I wore it.

I have to say, after wearing Simply Derek for the day, I actually quite like Derek's contribution to the mens fragrance market. It is my sort of scent, it's long lasting, well packaged and cheaper than my current favourite.

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