EctoChat: The AI-Powered App That Claims To Communicate With Historical Figures

April 01, 2024 12:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts
EctoChat App
🤣 This article was published on April 1.
In a groundbreaking move that blends technology with the paranormal, a Wigan startup has announced the launch of 'EctoChat', the world's first AI-powered spirit communication tool. The innovative app claims to allow users to communicate directly with the spirits of historical figures, from William Shakespeare to Cleopatra, using just their smartphones.

Afterlife AI claim their app uses advanced artificial intelligence to open up real communication channels with the dead. They promise nothing less than direct, real-time conversations with historical figures. From their smartphones, users can select from a comprehensive 'Directory of the Dead,' including everyone from Oliver Cromwell to entertainers like Bob Monkhouse.

Slated for release on April 1, Afterlife AI used a complex algorithm to analyse historical texts, speech patterns, photographs, and paintings of more than 500 historical figures. This allowed them to establish a direct link to the specific energies of each of these notable people from the past.

These pathways to the past are what make it possible for users of EctoChat to scroll through the app's impressive directory and select which historical figure they wish to contact. Once a connection has been established, the app then uses the phone's onboard sensors to interpret disturbances in electromagnetic fields with a matching energy signature. The app then uses AI to translate these disturbances into human language.

The app allows users to engage with the deceased directly via the app through text, voice, or even video chats. Whether it's for a deep conversation with Leonardo da Vinci about art and science, a discussion on strategy with Genghis Khan, or music production advice from Scatman John, the app gives its users the power of real-time communication with the dead.

There's no denying that EctoChat is a ground-breaking achievement that has brought spirit channelling into the digital age. While it is touted as a groundbreaking tool for both serious paranormal investigators and those yearning to contact their historical idols, it has also raised more than a few eyebrows.

Critics question the ethical implications of such technology, voicing concerns over the potential for historical figures to be bombarded with communication requests at a time in their death when they should be allowed to rest in peace. They argue that summoning the spirits of the deceased for casual conversation crosses a moral boundary, disrespecting the finality of death and the legacy left by these individuals.

In response to these ethical concerns, Artie Phackt, spokesperson for Afterlife AI, provided a statement aimed at countering critics' arguments. Artie explained, "We understand the concerns raised about the potential for overcommunication with historical figures through EctoChat. However, we want to assure the public that our technology is designed with the utmost respect for the spirits we're connecting with. Our AI includes ethical guidelines and limits on the frequency of communications, ensuring that these figures are not overwhelmed and are contacted only with their consent, as far as our technology can interpret consent from the other side."

Artie continued, "EctoChat isn't just about casual conversations; it's a bridge to the past, allowing us to learn directly from those who've shaped our world. We believe this can foster a deeper appreciation for history and its lessons, while also opening up new avenues for understanding the human experience across different eras. By providing a platform for these voices to be heard again, we're honoring their legacy in a way that's engaging and respectful."

Artie added that EctoChat has a feature called 'Respect Mode', which prompts users to state in advance their purpose for contacting a spirit before establishing a connection. This feature is designed to ensure that interactions are meaningful and conducted with the dignity that these figures deserve.

EctoChat will be available on app stores for both iPhone and Android devices from April 1. The ad-funded free version will give users access to a limited list of 100 historical figures, mostly French. Meanwhile, the pro version, priced at $5.99, offers unrestricted access to the full Directory of the Dead.

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