House Hunters Turn Ghost Hunters For New Channel 4 Paranormal Show

April 01, 2020 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision

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Location, Location, Location
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If you've been crying out for a new British ghost hunting show, then your prayers will be answered, as a familiar television pair take on a creepier type of location than they're used to.

From house hunting to ghost hunting, 'Haunted Location, Location, Location' will see Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer visit some of the UK's most haunted homes to determine how the reported paranormal activity might affect the property's valuation and re-sell potential.

Things might not be as simple for Kirstie in the new Channel 4 show as it might first seem. Having previously had a close encounter from beyond the grave, Kirstie is a believer in things that go bump in the night. However her 'Location, Location, Location' co-host, Phil, is a little more skeptical.

Kirstie said, "I've been touched by a ghost. I was sitting on a bed and something touched me on the shoulder." She says that since this encounter she's been able to sense if a home is haunted.

'Haunted Location, Location, Location' starts on Channel 4 on April 1 and will see the two property experts hunt for ghosts in some of the most sinister haunted properties the British Isles has to offer, including the infamous "black monk" house - 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

As well as 39 De Grey Street in Hull, the Skegness Hell House, and the Gedling "house of cricket," which featured in the recent series of 'Help! My House Is Haunted'.
39 De Grey Street, Hull

Kirstie and Phil are no strangers to reality TV, they've hosted 'Location, Location, Location' together since it first aired in May 2000. Having now notched up over one hundred episodes and usually visiting three locations per show, the house hunters are pretty used to stepping inside of houses around the UK.

The new ten-part-series will follow the pair as they attempt to validate the claims of ghostly goings on. In each three hour episode Kirstie and Phil will try to establish whether the paranormal activity is likely to give the homes' new owners sleepless nights.

Factual Commissioning Editor, Casper Salem, said "it's incredibly exciting to see two of Channel 4's most-loved presenters stepping out of their comfort zone to take on a new, much spookier challenge."

The pair will help viewers who fear that their house might be haunted, and help them workout the best way to deal with the haunting so as not to affect the property's valuation. House being allegedly haunted can put people off buying them. This is also true of houses which are located near graveyards.

If you're worried that a house you're thinking of buying is haunted, the best thing to do is ask. It's a legal requirement that the seller answers any enquiries raised, whether it be a murder or the reputation that it is haunted, especially if the information is known locally.

So, although it may be a little unusual to ask if your dream home is haunted before you buy it, it's the best chance you have of knowing in advance - unless you can convince Kirstie and Phil to take a look for you.

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