Quiz: Could You Survive If You Got Snowed In?

December 08, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ ChristmasGames
Snowed In
With snow forecast to hit most part of the UK in the run up to Christmas, you might be wondering if you could survive if you got snowed in. The quiz is designed to determine whether you have the basic provision and to test if you have to necessary survival skills.

Before the big blizzard hits, make sure you answer these ten snow-based question and find out if you'd passed the snow survival test.

1. Which part of the body loses cheat the fastest?

2. It's important to stay hydrated, but should how much should you drink before sleeping?

3. In the event of a power cut, what do you have to survive for days in the darkness?

4. How many days food supplies do you have in the house?

5. If water supplies freezes up, should you eat snow for water?

6. Should you drink your own wee if you're really thirsty?

7. If the power and gas are cut off, could you keep warm by rubbing some sticks together to start a fire?

8. After several days, cabin fever may set in, what do you have to keep your mind active?

9. If it came to it, would you be prepared to loot your neighbours house, even if it meant you might need to "deal with him?"

10. If you run out of food, which family members would you eat first?


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