The 'Ghosts' Are Back On The Beeb This October

September 22, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television
Ghosts Series 5
Photo: © BBC
October is gearing up to be an exciting month for fans of British supernatural comedy. 'Ghosts', the critically acclaimed sitcom about the spectral inhabitants of Button House, is making its highly anticipated return to BBC One and iPlayer. The first episode will air on Friday, 6 October at 8.30pm, and if the series is anything like its predecessors, it's set to be a blend of ghostly mischief and heartfelt moments.

In the upcoming series, financial stress looms over the owners of Button House, Alison and Mike. They're grappling with the loss of their B&B business, an especially daunting issue given their uniquely spirited housemates. In the first episode, Mike reaches out to Alison for a frank discussion about their precarious financial situation.

However, it seems Alison has her mind on other matters—specifically, plotting revenge on the Ghosts for their April Fool's Day antics. She enlists the help of Humphrey, one of the more playful spirits, to carry out her scheme. But will the ghosts be easy marks, or will they turn the tables on Alison?

As if their lives weren't complicated enough, Mike receives an unexpected knock on the door. A representative from their insurance company has come for an unannounced inspection concerning the recent gatehouse fire. The situation is tense—can Mike convince her that their establishment is just exceptionally unlucky, or will they lose their insurance coverage altogether?

For those unfamiliar with the series, 'Ghosts' is the brainchild of the original stars of 'Horrible Histories', and the creators and stars of 'Yonderland' and 'Bill'. The ensemble cast features writers and creators Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond. Additionally, the talented Lolly Adefope and Katy Wix round out the main cast.

The last time we caught a glimpse of the ghostly Button House crew was during the 2023 Red Nose Day charity special, which featured none other than pop icon Kylie Minogue. In that episode, it's revealed that Kylie, like Alison, can see the myriad of spirits that roam Button House. This set the stage for an interesting dynamic, as Alison and Mike—played by Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe—attempted to organise a music festival on the property, much to the chagrin of their ethereal roommates.

It’s bittersweet to know that this will be the fifth and final series of 'Ghosts'. Nevertheless, if the show's past success is anything to go by, we can expect a series that skilfully combines comedic elements with character-driven storylines. Whether you’re a fan of ghost stories or simply enjoy a good laugh, this is one series you won't want to miss.

So, mark your calendars for 6 October and prepare yourself for a supernatural treat. This time, the hauntingly humorous residents of Button House are back with a bang—and they’ve got a score to settle.

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