The Vibrational Waves That Could Give Rise To Paranormal Energy

September 27, 2021 3:00 PM

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Energy In The Body
This article is intentionally scientifically inaccurate. It was written as part of an experiment to see how willing our readers were to accept pseudoscientific nonsense. You can read about the results of this experiment here.
The pursuit of investigating the paranormal is nothing new, but in recent years there seems to be more teams and individuals than ever looking for proof of the ghosts. While the goal of their research is clear, obtaining convincing evidence is now more challenging than ever.

By its very nature paranormal phenomenon falls outside of the normal realms of science, and with more scrutiny than ever from skeptics online a lot of evidence falls short of proving the existence of ghosts. Perhaps more research into the field of vibrational waves will enable paranormal researchers to understand the energies and frequencies at play where ghosts and hauntings are concerned.

To find out more about how vibrational waves relate to paranormal encounters, we spoke to Roz Graham. Not only does Roz hunt ghosts in her spare time, but she's also a PhD student researching quantum physics at the University of Leicester giving her a unique and informed perspective on the paranormal.

Roz told us that it's not just ghost hunters that are open to the possibility of paranormal frequencies, psychics, mediums and spiritualists are also in tune to a wider band of energy than science focuses on. She said, "one of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, taught us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another." This is known as the conservation of energy and it seems to be an accurate model for describing how energy in the universe behaves.

Paranormal investigators tell us that energy comes in many different forms, Roz thinks that this can range from low frequency vibrations through to higher-level frequencies that are outside and beyond the human sphere of comprehension. The physics student explains, "the phase and amplitude of this energy can vary depending upon whether it's naturally occurring, like the energy in the body, or manmade like radio transmissions and infrasound."

While some psychics, mediums and sensitives might be in tune with higher vibrational frequencies, in general this excitable and active band of energy is deemed inaccessible by mainstream science and culture. However, the more open minded amongst us, a group that predominantly includes paranormal investigators and spiritualists, explore the possibility that these higher vibrational frequencies give rise to consciousness and may even be the force that allows for the continued existence of an intelligent energy that persists after death.

Roz raises the question, "could these frequencies pass through space and time allowing us to connect with energies from different places, different times and even different realities?" If this were the case then it may be that these glimpses of another time and space could ricochet across space-time illuminating a psychic, producing a vision for someone who's sensitive, or causing the paranormal activity recorded by investigators at haunted locations.

The odd quantum duality of energy means that it has the properties of a particle and a wave, sometimes it travels with these two conflicting properties simultaneously. Could this suggest that energy of certain frequencies might be non-linear in nature? It also invites the question of whether this almost mystical and ghostly scientific understanding of energy could mean that higher frequencies are able to not only pass through space and ordinary matter such as solid objects, but also through time.

Roz says, "all life is energy and everything that is alive resonates at a different frequency, from plants, to sea life, animals, and of course even humans and higher spiritual beings. If we tune ourselves to match the frequency of the energy we want to communicate with then we cannot fail to draw in and connect with those frequencies."

These messages that nature sends through space, time and realities are able to fundamentally affect the makeup of the human brain, which itself is just a type of electronic detection and signalling system, albeit an organic one. Roz explains, "it's no coincidence that we're able to feel an increase in static energy around our bodies if there are shifts or anomalies in the ambient electromagnetic field around us." This phenomenon is replicated by a K-II meter, a popular ghost hunting gadget that springs to life when an electromagnetic shift occurs.

In many ways the brain is like a telephone or an old-fashioned valve radio receiver, one which is susceptible to interference and static. The PhD student tells us that this idea of the brain being an organic transceiver is supported by newly discovered areas of quantum mechanics, such as quantum entanglement and superposition. Roz thinks that theoretical branches of physics may play an important role in making this seemingly-magical processes a reality by "giving rise to consciousness in the brain and perhaps even providing the fundamental mechanism for what some would call the soul."

If true, this would mean that consciousness isn't created within the brain, but that the unique resonation of the synaptic energy in our brains pulls in consciousness of a matching frequency, giving us our sense of self - effectively making us alive. It would also mean that each of our unique frequency signatures originate outside our bodies, and may ultimately leave our bodies again after our physical bodies die.

It may sound nonsensical to some who cling on to defined and widely-taught physics that tells us unequivocally that energy created within a closed system cannot simply break free of that system and continue to exist as a non-distinct cloud or fog of awareness. But Roz says to those more willing to open their minds up to paranormal concepts and the idea of natural vibrations, "it becomes very clear that even the world's foremost names in science don't have all the answers."

There's no such branch of mainstream science that can account for the inconsistencies encountered when collecting potential evidence of a non-linear universe with a perhaps infinite number of base realities, so we can only speculate how mathematics and science might eventually be able to understand and describe these systems.

The social and political implications of opening such a controversial and generally non-accepted field of science is huge. Just validating the topic as a relevant and important area of study could have a huge impact on government policies, education, religion, and of course how the general public think about life after death.

Humanity is likely to overlook the true nature of the naturally-occurring energies around us until the day when researchers are finally able to construct apparatus sensitive enough to determine the frequency range of the energies at play when spirit interaction occurs and at haunted locations around the world.

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