7 Types Of Alleged Alien Spacecrafts

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Types Of UFOs
Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been a subject of intrigue and speculation for decades. Various types of UFOs have been reported, each with unique characteristics. Here's a straightforward guide to the different types of UFOs commonly reported.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters UFO

Foo Fighters are a type of UFO that gained prominence during World War II. These mysterious glowing orbs were often reported by allied pilots in Europe and the Pacific. Pilots described them as small, bright lights that would follow their aircraft, performing extraordinary manoeuvres that defied the capabilities of known technology at the time. Despite their frequent sightings, foo fighters never displayed hostile behaviour and their origin remains unexplained.


Cigar Shaped UFO

If you ever picked up a UFO book in the 90s, then you will have seen there elongated, cylindrical objects that resemble the shape of a cigar. These UFOs are often described as large and metallic, lacking any visible wings or propulsion systems. Sightings typically report these craft as silently hovering or moving slowly through the sky, sometimes with bright lights along their sides. Their smooth, seamless surface and uniform shape give them a distinct, otherworldly appearance.


Flying Saucer UFO

Disc or saucer shaped UFOs are the classic image most people associate with unidentified flying objects. These craft are typically circular or oval in shape, resembling a flat disc or saucer. Witnesses often report a domed top and bottom, with the edges sometimes featuring bright lights, rotating sections, or even windows. These UFOs are known for their ability to hover silently, as well as their rapid acceleration and sharp, precise movements. Disc-shaped UFOs gained widespread recognition after the famous 1947 sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold, and they continue to be a common type of UFO reported in sightings worldwide.


Triangle Shaped Alien Craft

Triangle shaped craft are often reported as having three distinct lights at each corner, and sometimes a larger light in the centre. These UFOs are typically described as black or dark in colour and are known for their silent, steady flight. Witnesses often report seeing them at low altitudes, moving slowly or hovering without any visible means of propulsion. The first major wave of triangular UFO sightings occurred in the 1980s and 1990s.


Alien Sphere

Spheres or orbs are small, spherical UFOs often described as glowing or emitting a bright light. These objects are usually seen floating or moving smoothly through the air, and their colours can vary, including white, blue, red, and green. Unlike larger UFOs, orbs are typically reported in clusters or groups, sometimes engaging in rapid and erratic movements that defy conventional physics. They are often witnessed in rural areas, near water, or during storms. Some theories suggest that orbs could be a form of natural phenomenon like ball lightning, while others consider them to be probes or drones of extraterrestrial origin.


Boomerang Shaped UFO

Boomerang Shaped UFOs are typically described as large, V-shaped craft resembling a boomerang. These UFOs are often reported to have a series of lights along the leading edge, with some witnesses describing them as having a dark or metallic surface. The craft is usually seen gliding silently through the sky, sometimes at low altitudes. Boomerang shaped UFOs are known for their smooth, steady flight and are often sighted in rural areas or during clear nights.

Tic Tacs

UFO Over Chile

Tic Tacs are named for their resemblance to the oval, cylindrical shape of a Tic Tac sweet. These UFOs have gained significant attention following recent Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) releases by the US government and reports from military pilots. They are typically described as smooth and featureless, with no visible wings, windows, or propulsion systems, and often appear dark or black in military camera footage. Witnesses describe them moving at incredible speeds, making sharp manoeuvres, and sometimes hovering in place.

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