Using An Oscilloscope For Paranormal Investigations

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Oscilloscopes Paranormal
An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that displays a real-time visual representation (the waveform) of an electrical signal. The graphical representation shows the electrical signal in a similar way to that of an audio waveform, with the X-axes representing time and the Y-axes showing the signal's voltage. This allows you to see the amplitude, frequency and wavelength of the wave.

Oscilloscopes are mainly used for analysing and debugging circuits, but they also have a use in the paranormal field. Using an oscilloscope for communicating with spirits is similar to using an EMF meter. The hope is that any spirits present can some how manipulate the electrical signal being displayed, or generate its own in order to communicate. A modern oscilloscope will show you the waveform on an FFT digital screen. The scope usually has a ground clip, which clips to the negative terminal of a circuit and a probe, which clips to or is pushed onto the positive terminal.

In the paranormal field, investigators often connect allegedly haunted items up to an oscilloscope. This can be done in one of two ways:

1. The ground clip is connected to a grounded contact, like a radiator, water pipe or similar. The probe is clipped on to the item itself. This is then measuring the voltage potential between the object and ground. You should make sure the item is not on a grounded surface.

2. Both clips are place on opposite side of the item in the hopes that an electrical current might flow across the object. When using this method, if the object is conductive you should see a resistance reading on the device. If it is non-conductive, there will still be some waveform activity, but minimal.

You can also use an oscilloscope with an artificial signal generator. This is the equivalent of using white noise in an EVP experiment. It gives the spirits the raw waves that they can then hopefully manipulate in some way. You can even ground the oscilloscope and connect the probe to any object in the vicinity of your investigation.

Which ever method you are using, you should then call out to any spirits that might be present and encourage them to communicate with you. You may find that they are able to change the amplitude or frequency of the waveform, or change the object's resistivity.

If a spirit does become responsive then you may be able to ask it to change the shape of the waveform, increase or decrease its frequency, or completely drop the amplitude and "flat line" the scope.

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