Watch The Key Moments From The UAP Hearing

July 27, 2023 5:00 PM ‐ UFOs
Key Moments From The UAP Hearing
A landmark hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), also known as UFOs, took place recently, sparking a wave of discussions on the subject. The hearing was an essential step towards addressing the frequent, yet grossly underreported sightings of UAPs by military personnel and commercial pilots.

The key moments from this hearing are available to watch in the video below, featuring testimonies from three individuals with significant insights into the UAP phenomena: Ryan Graves, a former US Navy pilot; David Grush, a Pentagon UFO whistleblower; and David Fravor, a former US Navy Commander.

Their powerful testimonies illuminate the ongoing challenges faced by individuals reporting these experiences, the stigma associated with UAP encounters, and the implications these phenomena could have on our national security.

These three speakers draw from their personal encounters with UAPs, reflecting on the frequency and commonplace nature of these incidents, as well as the societal and governmental responses they have experienced.

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Ryan Graves, Former US Navy Pilot

Ryan shares his concerns on the understatement of UAP encounters and the stigma attached to the UAP reporting system. He narrates a chilling encounter of a UAP while in a training mission off the coast of Virginia Beach, where the object was split by two F-18 Super Hornets. Graves strongly emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue for national security and scientific inquiry.

Key Quote: "If UAP are foreign drones, it is an urgent national security problem. If it is something else, it is an issue for science."

David Grush, Pentagon UFO Whistleblower

Grush, a brave whistleblower, confirms the existence of a secretive UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program, which he was denied access to. Despite the retaliation he suffered for disclosing this information, he remains hopeful for an increase in transparency.

Key Quote: "I've suffered retaliation for my decision, but I am hopeful that my actions will ultimately lead to a positive outcome of increased transparency."

David Fravor, Former US Navy Commander

Fravor recalls a detailed encounter with a 'Tic Tac' object off the coast of San Diego. This object moved erratically, demonstrated extraordinary speed and acceleration, and exhibited no visible signs of conventional propulsion. His experience further emphasizes the unconventional characteristics of these UAPs.

Key Quote: "The Tic Tac rapidly accelerated in front of us and disappeared... That thing is at your cap point roughly 60 miles away in less than a minute."
This UAP hearing, which brought together experienced military personnel to discuss their firsthand encounters, underscores the urgent need for a transparent, fact-based dialogue on UAPs. It is clear from these testimonies that there is much more to learn about these phenomena and their potential implications for our national security and understanding of our universe.

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