Colerne Airbase Secret Signals For Rudloe Manor

August 08, 2019 10:43 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Secret Vault in August 2019.

This airfield has a unit detatchment for 1001 signals and has some quite impressive dishes and golfballs and this seems to be the uplink site for SKYNET and other UK Spy satellites.

Connected we assume by hard wire underground trunking from CCC (Corsham Computer Centre) and CDCN (Comand of the Defence Communications Network) and the GOSCC (Global Operations Security Command Centre) along with other little shadow units secreted at RAF Rudloe Manor site2.

We just find it interesting that Corsham was always the prime location for communications and all data and voice went through here, and it was also the place which had a role in the investigations of UFOs under the Provost and Security Service. It seems like the ideal place to keep your finger on the pulse if you are in charge of all encrypted comms. for the UK Military.

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