Graiseley Old Hall: Paranormal Investigation At The House That Cries

October 04, 2022 8:00 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Paranormal Detectives in October 2022.

We visit Graiseley Old Hall and conduct another Fear Experiment. Isolated alone from each other in the haunted house that cries. Project Entity and two very brave volunteers join us for this fear experiment.

Graiseley Old Hall is also known as The House That Cries, and numerous paranormal investigations and documentaries have been filmed here. Situated in Wolverhampton, this haunted building is our home for this evening, where we conduct a Fear Experiment and investigate the tales of the paranormal by being isolated away from each other.

Will any members of the group experience any paranormal activity in this scary haunted building?

About The Paranormal Detectives

The Paranormal Detectives are a duo of paranormal investigators that visit haunted locations in an attempt to catch evidence of the paranormal on camera. Everything you see on this channel is real. No evidence is tampered with. Nothing is faked.

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