How To Curse Someone Using Black Magic & A Lemon

February 20, 2020 8:30 PM
If you want to perform the ultimate hex on someone then in this video I'll show you how using a lemon and some rusty nail. You'll need to set up your brewing station, as first we're going to brew a cursing oil with few simply ingredients.

You'll need to place a source of heat under the cauldron, the add some oil as your base. You can use vegetable oil, olive oil, or anything similar works fine. Pour half cup of oil into your cauldron.

You'll then need one petal of the flower of black, such as a dried black mallow flower. Next for an extra kick, add a pinch of dried deadly nightshade.

You'll then need a fistful of thorns to add to your concoction. You'll need at least five. Be very carefully when handling these as they can be very sharp.

The next ingredient you'll need is this, some black pepper corns. It's best to grind them first using a pepper mill, add a dozen grinds of black pepper into the cauldron.

You'll then need a generous pinch of ground ginger. You can use fresh ginger if you want, but be sure to cut it finely.

Then give the mixture a stir and leave it to enthuse over the flame for 10 minutes.

Once the cauldron has cooled you'll need to bottle some for use during the cursing ritual. You can also store it in a cool, dark place for future use.

Now we have our cursing oil ready, we'll need a few more items to perform the ritual. Including a black candle, a lemon, and and a photo of the person who you want to curse

First light the candle while focussing on your intended target. Then using a sharp knife cut a deep slit in the lemon. Take the photo of your target and while concentrating on your goal, fold the photo up and stuff it into the lemon.

You'll then need as many rusty nails as you can find. Stab them all into the lemon. With each nail you push through the skin focus on your anger your harbour for your target and what you want to happen to them.

Once the lemon is suitably pierced, place it in a black bowl and pour your cursing oil over the lemon until it is half covered. Then all you need to do is leave the the lemon rot as the curse takes effect.

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