Searching For Skinwalkers, Ghosts & Cryptids At Deadman's Hollow

November 10, 2022 2:10 AM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in November 2022.

In Pennsylvania sits a place with so much haunted history, that it earned the name "Deadman's Hollow". Tonight, we will be explore this wilderness area after dark to see if the legends of Ghost, Skinwalkers, and Cryptids are true.

McKeesport, Pennsylvania sits just outside of Pittsburgh and has a rich history. A small river valley running to the city earned the name Deadman's Hollow by outlaws for its dangerous reputation. Those who were brave enough to venture into the hollow faced the dangers of going missing, being murdered, being hanged, or being changed forever. This infamous reputation became well known to any many who ventured onto this land. But, the history goes far beyond just outlaws. Native Americans once called this land sacred, and the it's believed the spirits of the Native people still protect it to this day. A strange and unusual local legend tells of a spirit or creature that will drag people into the river if they get lost in the Hollow overnight. For many who have explored this place, the truth is stranger than fiction. One night a young man was hiking through Deadman's Hollow just after dark. He saw a mist appear in the path in front of him, and right before his eyes this spectral figure morphed into the shape of man that he described to look like a Native American. The young man took his experience and refuses to come back to Deadman's Hollow. The question still remains... Is Deadman's Hollow haunted? Does something lurk in these woods?

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The slick and entertaining YouTube series follows Ryan Zacherl, David Gear, Steve Hummel and Jason McKinney on their quest to seek out paranormal activity at reportedly haunted locations across America. Over a decade ago they set out on a quest to capture paranormal activity in the world's most haunted places. What sets them apart is their passion for documentary filmmaking. Their videos allow you to travel with them to some of the most terrifying locations and experience the thrill of ghost hunting.

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