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  • When A Home Is Haunted: Terrifying Houses With Real Paranormal Activity

    December 17, 2023

    What would you do if you bought a home, moved in, and made the shocking discovery that it's haunted? These terrifying houses are believed to be infested with paranormal activity, and have had owners tormented by ghosts, spirits, and other entities. These are real paranormal investigations with real haunting evidence. When a home is haunted, there is only one thing to do in these terrifying houses... we spend the night.

  • Giant Shadow Lurks In This Terrifying Haunted Hospital: Ghosts Of Old South Pittsburg Hospital

    December 08, 2023

    The Old South Pittsburg Hospital has been famous for decades, because of the paranormal activity and hauntings that hide inside. This hospital was built in South Pittsburg, Tennessee to serve 3 counties, but quickly became overcrowded. Today, the spirits of doctors, patients, and nurses are said to wander the halls of Old South Pittsburg Hospital, and a 7ft tall shadow is said to appear when people least expect it. Tonight, we will be searching for ghosts, spirits, and all things paranormal inside the old South Pittsburg Hospital!

  • The Most Haunted Hospital We've Stepped Into: Searching For Answers

    December 01, 2023

    On February 24, 2023 we visited the most haunted hospital we've ever stepped into. The Haunted Harriman Hospital... While we were there we captured paranormal evidence that we still can not explain. For 8 months this evidence has altered our thinking and understanding of the paranormal under the assumption it originated from one source. After 8 months of wondering, we HAD to return. This is our search for answers, as we step BACK inside the Harriman Hospital. To not only find out what caused our most mind blowing paranormal evidence, but to capture more proof that the spirits of patients, doctors, and nurses still roam the halls of America's most haunted hospital. We've been waiting for this... This is our return to the Harriman Hospital!

  • The Haunted Jail That Terrified Prisoners: Paranormal Activity At The Scott County Jail

    November 24, 2023

    This haunted Jail in Huntsville, Tennessee is so terrifying that even that even the prisoners, guards, and sheriffs were afraid of the paranormal activity inside. With a history soaked in tragedy, this jail has a reputation so scary that many people believe it is one of the most haunted places in Tennessee. But, it isn't just the ghosts of inmates and criminals that roam these halls, it's said to be haunted a Sheriff who was the victim of Tennessee's most mysterious unsolved crime. What will happen when we venture inside the haunted Scott County Jail? Will the ghosts who have been seen here reach out, and will we capture real paranormal activity on camera? This is the HAUNTED Jail that Terrified Prisoners.

  • Demons, Ghosts, And Poltergeist Activity: America's Most Haunted

    November 18, 2023

    Throughout the world, people have reported strange and terrifying experiences with what they believe to be demons, ghosts, and poltergeist activity. Over the 13 years we've been filming our paranormal investigations and uploading them to YouTube, we have encountered locations with first hand accounts of paranormal activity that defies reason. These are a few of those cases!

  • Kentucky’s Most Haunted Jail: Terrifying Paranormal Activity Lurks In Morgan County

    November 10, 2023

    In West Liberty, Kentucky sits a jail that has terrified paranormal investigators. Trapped in the stone walls are said to be the spirits and energy of prisoners who were once locked behind the steel bars and doors. Today, they manifest in the form of shadows, phantom voices, disembodied sounds, and many other forms of paranormal activity. Join us, as we venture inside this haunted jail to see if the claims of ghosts and spirits are real!

  • The Nightmare Of Graestone: New York's Most Haunted Bed & Breakfast

    November 04, 2023

    Graestone Manor is said to be the most HAUNTED Bed & Breakfast in the state of New York. With a history so tragic, spanning back centuries, the land this house sits on is said to be filled with paranormal activity. Inside the house, the ghosts of former residents roam the halls along with many other much more terrifying things. What will happen when we spend the night inside this scary and haunted house? This is The Nightmare of Graestone!

  • No Escape From The Devil's Prison: Our Return To The Haunted Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

    October 18, 2023

    Tucked between the mountains of Tennessee is America's scariest prison. Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary has a legacy of evil, and was the end of the line for many of Tennessee's convicts. Now, this prison is filled with paranormal activity, stories of ghosts, demons, and terrifying entities. It's been 1 year since we first ventured inside these walls. Now, we are going back! We were invited by @haunted-horizons to join them for this incredible investigation to see what may lurk inside the dark halls of Brushy Mountain. Get ready, because this place is SCARY!

  • America's Most Haunted Houses: When A Home Becomes Terrifying

    October 12, 2023

    The legend of the Haunted House has been around for centuries. Today, some houses are so infamously haunted that Hollywood turns them into movies made for nightmares! Whether a family has moved into a home already filled with spirits, or the conjure them; these haunted homes become unlivable and life becomes terrifying. The ghost stories are so shocking, the family is deemed crazy and no one believes them. So are these houses truly haunted? Is an evil or demonic force to blame? Maybe it's just a ghost? You'll have to watch to find out!

  • Haunted Mansion Of Secrets: Paranormal Activity In Woodlawn Estates

    October 06, 2023

    Woodlawn Estates is an abandoned, haunted mansion that sits alone in a field near Maysville, Kentucky. The home was built with love by a father for his daughter, but had a future of tragedy and secrets. The now haunted mansion would become a brothel for barge workers traveling the Ohio River, and at that time was so mysterious not many people know what truly happened inside these walls. Later, it would become Woodlawn Estates. A nursing home filled with tragedy and sadness. The house is said to be the home to a number of spirits who's existence lives on in ghostly form. The paranormal activity seen and heard here has terrified quite a few people, some of whom are the bravest of paranormal investigators. Tonight, we venture inside this haunted mansion to see just what lurks in it's darkest halls.

  • The Most Haunted House In Kentucky: Ghosts Of Murray Station Homestead

    September 29, 2023

    Stories of ghosts and hauntings at the Murray Station Homestead have been told for decades. Hidden in the trees in rural Kentucky this house looks to be pulled straight from a horror movie. It was first built in 1790 by the Murray family under the agreement that it would never be sold to anyone outside the family. More was added in the 1850s to complete the home as it not only housed the family but also sold goods to travelers passing the house on the county road. So why is it haunted? Bones found under the floor, a cemetery disturbed in front of the house, it was the a haven for the family for over 200 years, and the house has been sold to a new family unrelated to the Murrays. The new owners Brian and Becky have noticed intense and terrifying paranormal activity that has scared visitors from the house. Now Marshall and Jada of Blue Collar Paranormal have set out to document what truly haunts the Murray Station Homestead. Shadow figures, ghostly apparitions, doors slamming, poltergeist activity, footsteps, voices, and many other strange paranormal phenomena has been documented. Tonight, we will venture inside the Murray Station Homestead and make a shocking discovery that may just explain why this house is so haunted.

  • The Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Paranormal Activity In The World's Scariest Hospital

    September 21, 2023

    Waverly Hills Sanatorium is considered to be one of the most HAUNTED buildings in the world. Tonight, we'll go inside in search of paranormal activity, to see if Waverly truly is one of the most terrifying places on earth. What waits for us inside? Ghosts, phantoms, shadows, and many other forms of hauntings have been seen here. No matter what happens, we're in for a chilling night.

  • The Most Terrifying And Haunted Places In Australia: Paranormal Activity Down Under

    September 12, 2023

    The Most Terrifying Haunted Places in Australia: Paranormal Activity Down Under.

  • The Ghosts Of Eloise Asylum: America's Most Haunted Psychiatric Hospital

    September 07, 2023

    Eloise Psychiatric Hospital was the LARGEST Asylum in the United States of America. Now it sits empty, devoid of patients, but filled with paranormal activity. So many people believe that the spirits of thousands still roam these halls, and the pain, tragedy, and torment are soaked into these walls. If there is anywhere America that would be considered to be HAUNTED, it would definitely be Eloise Asylum. Join us as we venture inside this horrific asylum with @haunted-horizons to see if Eloise Psychiatric Hospital is truly haunted!

  • Paranormal Activity In Haunted American Jail

    September 01, 2023

    It's said the tormented souls of prisoners are trapped inside the cells of the Blackford County Jail. Strange and unusual paranormal activity has been experienced by many in what some believe to be the most haunted jail in America. But it's not just the prisoners who's ghosts and spirits are said to wander the halls of this jail. The Sheriff who was in charge of the jail lived on site for many years, and some never left. The mysteries of this place have intrigued many and the things seen here go far beyond your normal ghost stories. Tonight we will venture inside the Blackford County Jail to see what waits for us on this paranormal investigation!

  • Unbelievably Real Paranormal Activity Captured On Camera: Best Abandonment

    August 25, 2023

    For 11 years we've been leaving cameras, audio recorders, and paranormal equipment in empty haunted buildings to see what paranormal activity we can capture when these locations are completely empty. In that time we've captured unbelievably REAL Paranormal Activity that we still can't explain to this day. In this video we will count down our TOP 10 best pieces of paranormal evidence captured during our abandonment session. Stick around, because we saved the best for last! We've done Abandonment Sessions in about 120 haunted buildings, accumulating nearly 800 hours of footage of empty haunted locations. So, turn off the lights, and lets spend the night looking back on some haunting and chilling paranormal moments caught on camera.

  • The Haunted Road Trip We'll Never Forget

    August 18, 2023

    We embark on a haunted roadtrip to conduct a paranormal investigation with our friends from @haunted-horizons at the Greene County Alms House. Along the way we encounter a spirit who lets us know, we're not alone in this place! From phantom footsteps, to spirit voices, to bizarre paranormal activity this will surely be a roadtrip we'll never forget... And we have quite a few laughs along the way!

  • Tormented By Spirits: The Haunted Museum That Terrifies

    August 11, 2023

    In Huntington, Indiana, there is a museum that is so haunted, one paranormal investigator swore to NEVER return. He is so terrified of this place he refuses to even step foot inside. This museum is HAUNTED. The question is, what spirits are here? And why are they tormenting Noah Bruce. The @SpiritStalkers invited us to be the first group (other than them) on YouTube to investigate the place that started their paranormal journey. A place that has shocking paranormal evidence waiting inside. Tonight, joined by Jake Bruce, we'll investigate this haunted history museum to find out why Noah is tormented by spirits!

  • Origins Of Evil: The Haunted Jim Jones Church

    August 03, 2023

    In 1978, a cult called "The People's Temple" resided in Guyana under a delusional leader named Jim Jones. With over 1,000 members on sight at Jonestown the American government started to investigate reports of inhumane conditions in the settlement. A congressman was met with hostility and was assassinated by members of "The People's Temple" under the orders of Jim Jones himself. Fearing the consequences of these actions, Jones activated a plan that he had set up and practiced for years. Called, 'White Night" almost every member drank from a tub of cyanide laced Flavor-Aid. As a result, 918 people lost or gave up their lives at Jonestown (304 were children 17 and under). Under the leadership of a madman, "The People's Temple" went down in history as one of the most shocking tragedies in the history of the United States of America. But what made the madman, Jim Jones, who he became? Where did his story begin? To find that answer, we travel to small town Indiana. To the town that raised Jim Jones. In that town is a small church where Jones attended from age 3 to age 16. Where he learned the scriptures, learned about God, and possibly where his path to Jonestown first began. No one knew until recently, but this church has some shocking paranormal activity. Apparitions have been captured, shadow figures have been seen, footsteps have been heard, and many other supernatural phenomena has been captured. This place is said to be haunted not only by it's connection to America's most evil cult leader, but also by the ghosts of those who attended and ran this church. Many of them aren't open to visitors. What waits for us inside the haunted Jim Jones church? Within, a place that can be considered the origin of an evil man, does the demon in human form, Jim Jones, still linger in happier times? This haunting adventure is sure to be interesting!

  • A Missing Woman's Spirit Speaks: A Cold Case Haunting

    July 28, 2023

    "In September 2006, Kristen Lee Anderson moved from her home in Wheeling, West Virginia hoping to leave behind an abusive marriage. She moved into a friend's apartment in Martins Ferry, Ohio. On October 1, 2006, at 1:00 a.m., her estranged husband, James, came to the apartment. A surveillance video tape revealed James carrying Kristen's body out of the apartment and throwing her into the trunk of his car. James allegedly bragged to friend that he had murdered his wife and her body would never be found. James then committed suicide." - SOURCE:

  • The Scariest Haunted Hotel In America?: Ghosts Of The Mineral Springs Hotel

    July 21, 2023

    For decades, the Mineral Springs Hotel has been spoken about in whispers as one of the scariest haunted hotels in America. The paranormal tales go well beyond the normal stories of ghostly guests who never checked out. This place has seen evil deeds, rituals, and séances that have invited a number of spirits and entities into the walls of this once great health spa and resort. It's said, the spirit of a woman with a tragic story haunts the area once occupied by hotel rooms, but deep underneath in the dungeon-like basement are a number of others. Others that bring the "super" to the word supernatural. What hauntings await us as we fulfill our decade long mission to investigate the paranormal inside the Mineral Springs Hotel? Whether it ghosts, demons, or something entirely different; we will surly be in for a shocking night!

  • The Tormented Spirits Of Pine Lawn Manor: America's Most Haunted Nursing Home

    July 14, 2023

    Since opening to paranormal investigators last year, Pine Lawn Manor has quickly become known as America's most haunted nursing home. This place has gained a reputation so terrifying that some paranormal investigators leave with the most shocking and scary stories. Tonight, we will go to Sumner, Illinois to see if the terrifying tales are true. To see if we can leave with our own paranormal activity caught on camera. At the end of the night, we will be shocked by what our cameras capture. What truly haunts Pine Lawn Manor? Ghosts, Poltergeist, Demon, or something else. Tonight we find out for ourselves.

  • The Haunted House Of Lost Souls: Ghosts Of The Octagon House

    June 28, 2023

    In Circleville, Ohio sits one of the most unique haunted houses in America. The Gregg-Crites Octagon House stood undisturbed for nearly 150 years, but in 2004 the house was relocated to save it from demolition. Since it's relocation, strange and unusual paranormal activity has plagued the house. Could this be the ghosts of former residents, native people who's burials were disturbed, or something demonic? Tonight, we will stay inside the Octagon House to see what truly haunts this house.

  • The Haunting Nightmare Of Cresson: America's Most Haunted Sanatorium

    June 02, 2023

    Cresson Sanatorium and Prison is said to be one of the MOST HAUNTED places in the world. The dark history of this mountains past is said to haunt the land and trap the souls and ghosts of those who passed here. The ghosts of patients, inmates, and staff are said to roam this terrifying complex... waiting for their next meal. It's said something dark or possibly demonic may even lurk in the chapel. This. is going to be a night we'll never forget. We were invited here by @AmysCrypt to see what paranormal activity waits for us inside one of the scariest places on earth.

  • Seeking The Spirit Of A Real Life Monster: Paranormal Activity In A Haunted Prison

    May 26, 2023

    On this adventure, we were invited by @AmysCrypt to one of the most haunted prisons in America... Cresson State Prison in Cresson, Pennsylvania. This place has seen tragedy, headache, and pain unlike any other place in the country. When it closed in 2013 it was a state prison, but it was built as a tuberculosis sanatorium that lost thousands of patients. Then for 30 years it was a psychiatric hospital, and finally became a correctional institution in 1987. From 1990 - 1996 it was the home to a notorious inmate... a monster named Joseph Kallinger. This man manipulated his teenage son into helping him take the lives of at least 3 people, and when he was caught, he blamed it on hallucinations that plagued his mind. The voice of god telling him to do harm. These phantom voices controlled his every action and made him do the most terrifying and terrible things. In 1996, after decades of incarceration, Kallinger met his end here at SCI Cresson. Now, it's believed his spirit still roams this prison. This is PART 1 of a two night investigation. In this first part we will focus on the prison history and spirits of inmates that are still said to haunt this place. In PART 2 we will spend the second night exploring the history of the Sanatorium. Cresson Sanatorium and Prison is a different kind of haunting. This place is a hotbed for paranormal activity and many people have been witness to it. Joined by @AmysCrypt and @ParanormalEncounters we will venture inside this haunted prison... only question is, what waits for us inside the halls, cells, and rooms of Cresson? The ghost stories told here may come to life before our very eyes.

  • The Haunted House That Terrifies An Entire Town: Ghosts Of Asher Walton House

    May 18, 2023

    The Asher Walton House is rumored to be so haunted, the most of the residents town of Atlanta, Indiana are terrified to step inside. For decades, people in the park across the street would see a woman in white standing in the window of the vacant house watching them. The new owner of the house tried to use it for a business office, but after multiple paranormal experiences decided to abandon that plan as well. Not only is this haunted house rumored to be a portal for child spirits, but it is also said to be home to poltergeist activity. Doors have been thrown open by an unexplained force, a woman was grabbed by the throat and nearly had her necklace ripped off, footsteps are heard, phantom voices echo the halls, along with SO many other claims of paranormal activity. We investigated this house in September of 2021, and captured some very interesting paranormal evidence. Now, we are returning with new tools and new knowledge to attempt to capture on camera, whatever is haunting the Asher Walton House.

  • America's Most Haunted Hospitals: Shocking Paranormal Activity Documented

    May 13, 2023

    What classifies a dark haunting? Many people across the world believe they have been tormented by something evil that they can't see, being scratched, possessed, or worse. Do demons really exist? Do demons haunt these hospitals or are they simply the lost souls that met a tragic end?

  • America's Most Haunted Prisons: Chilling Paranormal Activity Documented

    May 12, 2023

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  • West Virginia's Most Terrifying Haunting: The Cursed Cabin Of Horrors

    May 12, 2023

    This small cabin in the mountains of West Virginia is without a doubt, the most terrifying haunting we have ever encountered. The owners of the cabin told stories of a curse that terrorized the family for generations. When we arrived to perform the 1st of 2 paranormal investigations we had no idea the level of paranormal activity that was waiting for us. This would become the scariest and most shocking night of paranormal activity of our lives. So groundbreaking we would return for a second investigation 2 years later. What you are about to watch is the strangest night of our lives, the most mind-blowing experience we've had, and the haunted cabin that changed the way we look at the paranormal. This is West Virginia's most terrifying haunting... The Cursed Cabin of Horrors.

  • Shocking Paranormal Activity Captured: This Will Blow Your Mind

    May 12, 2023

    In March 2023, we captured paranormal activity that completely shocked us. So much that 2 months later we are still searching for answers behind what our cameras actually recorded. In this search for answer we uncovered new information that may shed light on more possibilities behind this strange supernatural evidence we caught on camera. Was this a ghost? An extraterrestrial? A loop in time? Or something explainable? You'll have to watch to find out what happened! One this for sure. This paranormal activity has changed the way we think about hauntings. It has challenged our beliefs in what is possible. Most of all, it has recharged our curiosity in the unexplained. The paranormal truly is a mysterious field and this shocking paranormal activity will be with us forever!

  • Haunted Villa Of Fear: Ghosts Of The Anchorage Mansion

    May 04, 2023

    When this mansion was cursed with tragedy for the family who built it, its history and fate would make it a nursing home. This place was never meant to house any patients, let alone 40+ patients who needed end of life care. In those years, this beautiful mansion brought fear to those who were sent here. Its Italianate features became s symbol of what waited inside. Today, the residents of Marietta, Ohio describe it in a much different way... Haunted. The fear is still there, but for a much different reason.The Anchorage Mansion and Nursing Home is said to be filled with spirits. The people who came to love this house have never left, and those who were sent here in their final days are said to still roam these halls. The spirits speak to visitors in many ways. Still to this day shadows are seen, phantom voices are heard, objects are thrown across the room in plain sight, and the ghosts of the Anchorage wait for their chance to speak. In 2011 we first came to The Anchorage, at the beginning of our paranormal quest, and left with some of the most amazing paranormal evidence we've ever captured. This place truly is the haunting that keeps bringing us back. 12 years later we will spend the night inside this haunted mansion to see is the ghostly activity that shocked us over a decade ago still remains.

  • Horror In Cottage 13: Romance Destination Or Terrifying Haunting?

    April 29, 2023

    In Loudonville, Ohio sits a cottage that has been the sight of TERRIFYING paranormal experiences. It has stood since the 1890s and is believed to be haunted by the former owner as well as many others who are buried behind it in a 230 year old cemetery. Now, the castle is fully renovated as luxury cottage for a hotel called Landoll's Mohican Castle. Fully renovated for guests, it's boasted as being the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Equipped with a single bed, kitchenette, living room, jacuzzi tub, and hot tub outside... many people have come here to rekindle the romance in their relationship. But, the cottage is listed twice on the hotel's website. For the romantics, it's called "The MacBeth Cottage"... and for those seeking the unexplained it's called "Haunted Cottage 13". Many guests as well as much of the staff have seen things that they can't explain. Phantom voices are heard, shadows are seen, lights turn on and off, and the appliances inside the cottage are known to turn on by themselves. When we heard about the cottage, we wondered if this was a marketing ploy to get guests who are interested in the supernatural and paranormal to book a night at the cottage. So we decided to stay for ourselves and investigate the claims if hauntings. When we left, we have no doubt the stories that people are telling are true. This place truly is haunted!

  • Terrifying Asylum Of Fear: Documented Proof Of Paranormal

    April 24, 2023

    The Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois has puzzled paranormal investigators for over a decade! This former poor farm, asylum, and nursing home sits alone in an open field. Many investigators have stayed overnight inside this terrifying place, and many have different opinions on WHAT haunts its halls. Some say a demonic presence lives here at Ashmore, while others believe only the former inmates and patients cause extreme levels of paranormal activity. Probably the scariest tale of supernatural activity of Ashmore Estates is that of an 8 foot tall shadow figure that chased an employee through the kitchen as she fled for her life. No one knows who this shadow is and many think it could be the evil presence that has been witnessed here at As more Estates. Tonight, we will spend the night with @AmysCrypt inside this asylum of horrors to find out just how haunted it truly is! By the end of the night, we will have a few frights, a few scratches, and possibly a clear picture of what the most famous spirit looks like. You DON'T want t miss this one!

  • America's Darkest Hauntings: When Demons Attack

    April 11, 2023

    What classifies a dark haunting? Many people across the world believe they have been tormented by something evil that they can't see, being scratched, possessed, or worse. Do demons really exist? After seeing this, you may just believe!

  • Haunted House Of Spirits: Our Night Of Paranormal Activity

    April 07, 2023

    In Oberlin, Ohio sits a house filled with hauntings, spirits, and paranormal activity! A few years ago, renowned psychic medium Michelle Belanger bought this house and opened it as a haunted Airbnb called "The Inspiration House", for both accommodations and paranormal research. Built in 1870, this house has seen so many things. In the last 153 years, many residents have passed away within the home, and some believe they never left. Guests of "The Inspiration House" report an extreme amount of paranormal activity from voices to shadows, footsteps to poltergeist activity, and even dreams that they believed were influenced by the spirits within the house. But could it be "The Inspiration House" is haunted by more than just former residents? Some investigators believe a different entity my also wait within it's walls for guests to show up. Who or what is it? That's what we hope to find out! On this investigation we booked "The Inspiration House" for a full night, to see what haunting phenomena presents itself when we turn on the cameras. Strap in, because this night of paranormal activity blew us away! We asked for the ghosts to show themselves... And they delivered!

  • Origin Of Ouija And The Park Of The Dead

    March 30, 2023

    On this adventure, we travel to 2 of Denver, Colorado's most notorious ghost destinations! To investigate and find out if they are truly HAUNTED. We start at Fairmount Cemetery, to find the grave of a woman named Helen Peters Nosworthy, who is officially recognized as the person who named the Ouija Board. Many people believe the Ouija Board to be a dangerous tool that can open portals for demons and evil spirits to infest your life. The real story behind the board and how it got its name is MUCH different. Everyone has heard of the Ouija Board, so now it's time to meet the woman who named it, and to see if this spiritualist and medium is able to still speak from beyond the grave. Our second destination is the most popular city park in Denver. Many people come to Cheesman Park to walk, run, play with their dogs, let their children enjoy the outdoors... but what is hiding beneath the ground could be the most sinister story we've ever heard. What happens when you turn a massive cemetery into a city park, and leave most of the human remains behind? We'll have to go Cheesman Park and find out. One thing is for sure, people have had terrifying paranormal experiences in what is supposed to be Denver's most quiet and peaceful park. A HUGE "thank you" to @ParanormalEncounters for showing us these hidden gems in Haunted Colorado!

  • America's Most Haunted Asylums: Terrifying Paranormal Activity Documented

    March 22, 2023


  • The Haunted Hospital In Harriman: Proof Of Paranormal Captured

    March 16, 2023

    The Old Harriman Hospital is believed to be the most haunted hospital in Tennessee and possibly all of America! This building is massive with almost 170,000 square feet to cover and explore. For over 70 years, this hospital served the Roane County, Tennessee area as one of its largest hospitals. Hospitals are uniquely haunted! People are born there, morn there, heal there, live there, and die there. The hospital was purchased to save the building in 2022 by Ronnie Dee. He heard of this hospital and its many ghost stories and came to investigate. What they captured and what they saw shocked them. Shadow figures, apparitions, disembodied voices, footsteps, and many other paranormal occurrences led them to believe the old hospital was special. Something about this place just draws you in. Tonight, we will be joining forces with @SpiritStalkers to see what paranormal energy this hospital holds. What we capture, may just be one of the most bizarre and exciting night of paranormal evidence we've ever had! So turn off the lights, grabs some snacks, and prepare for a haunting night of paranormal investigation!

  • Haunted Hotel Of Horrors: Ghosts Of A Terrifying Brothel

    March 10, 2023

    The Wild West was a lawless place, and Florence, Colorado was home to a luxury hotel with a shocking secret. This hotel built in 1897 used the upper floor of hotel rooms as a brothel, and most guests never even knew. This dark secret has left a haunting mark on this building that people still experience to this day. Terrifying shadows, creepy disembodied voices, demonic screams and growls, and even the apparition of a woman in black who is believed to be a harbinger of death are seen and experienced in this haunted hotel of horrors. Now owned by the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, this building has been the home of paranormal activity and strange experiences of lodge members for over a century. As time passes, the dark history keeps racking up. What will happen when we are allowed to spend the night in this Terrifying Brothel and conduct an investigation to see what ghosts, spirits, or demons will talk to us. By the end of the night we are left with shocking paranormal experiences we just can't explain. So turn off the lights, grab some snacks and prepare to journey back to the turn of the 20th century with us as we investigate this true Wild West Haunting.

  • Haunted House Of God: America's Most Terrifying Monastery

    March 02, 2023

    What lurks inside this haunted Monastery? When the Holy Cross Abbey closed it's doors in 1998, the monks, nuns, and students all left... Or did they? Over the las 25 years visitors to this former Monastery have seen the ghostly figures of nuns wandering it's halls. When paranormal researcher Dennis Batchelor was brought in to identify the hauntings, he found that this Abbey might be holding more secrets than anyone realized. Phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, shadow figures, doors opening by themselves, and many other paranormal occurrences have made the Holy Cross Abbey one of the most haunted Monasteries in the United States of America. Recently, Dennis believes something dark may be lurking in the basement and in the chapel, as people have left with demonic scratches marking their body and have even sworn to never return to the Abbey. Tonight, we will spend the night here at the Holy Cross complex in Colorado investigating with @Paranoral Encounters to see just how haunted it really is! They will investigate the dormitory building for the students attending this Catholic School, while we will have the entire 100,000 square foot Abbey all to ourselves. What will happen when the lights go out? Grab your popcorn, because this one will be epic.

  • Paranormal Encounters: "The Terrifying Night We Saw A Ghost"

    March 02, 2023

    Connor and India investigate a terrifying old boy's dormitory at the Holy Cross Abbey. Within minutes of entering the building, the couple have one of their scariest paranormal encounters when they come face to face with a real ghost. As the fear sets in, India struggles to continue with the investigation while Connor is joined by Ryan of Paranormal Quest in an attempt to find out who is haunting Ullathorne Hall.

  • 5 Terrifying Demonic Encounters Caught On Camera

    February 24, 2023

    In our 12 years of paranormal investigation, we've had multiple experiences where we we believe we've been in the presence of an inhuman entity. Demonic encounters are rare, but when we find ourselves being scratched, attacked, or even manipulated by an unseen force we can't help but wonder what could be behind these encounters. Join us as we revisit 5 experiences where we believe we had a demonic encounter. Are demons real? Tell us in the comments below!

  • The Haunted House On The Hill

    February 16, 2023

    A woman called us because she believes her house is truly haunted! She bought this house, not to live in, but because she needed the land. When she started to make changes to the property, weird things started happening around her. Strange mists, apparitions, and specters plagued her when she would come to the house. Upon entering the house, she and her friends felt a presence that forced them to leave the upstairs and flee the house. Along with that, she noticed flies collecting in the windows of that room for no reason what soever? So what haunts this house? Is it the spirits of children, the ghosts of a former owner, something demonic, or something even more sinister? Tonight, we will find out!!

  • Paranormal Quest's Nightmare Behind Bars

    February 10, 2023

    For many, this Jail was a real life NIGHTMARE, as they found themselves on the wrong side of the law. For us, the nightmare will be spending the night ghost hunting behind bars in place used for confinement for 110 years! The ghosts of former inmates, Sheriffs, children, and more are said to wander the halls of this spooky Jail. When scary videos aren't enough, you find yourself inside a living nightmare, a haunted jail, in search of paranormal activity in complete darkness. So turn off the lights, (we'll turn on night vision), and grab some popcorn as our Paranormal Quest takes us inside the Delaware County Jail!

  • The Haunted Castle In The Coalfields

    February 03, 2023

    WE were SHOCKED by the paranormal activity that confronts us inside one of the most historic buildings in West Virginia! When we go inside this Castle in the Coalfields, we find out the haunting activity inside is more extreme than we ever anticipated... Is it the spirits of this massive building giving us a warm welcome? Or did something FOLLOW us here to show us no matter where we go, we can not escape them.

  • Paranormal Quest's Shocking Night In America's Most Haunted Hotel

    January 27, 2023

    The Crescent Hotel is believed by many to be the most haunted hotel in America! Tonight, we will get to investigate this hotel in a way very few other paranormal investigators have gotten to... ALONE. No other guests are inside this hotel, as it is closed for renovations. Thanks to @KalaniGhostHunter we are going to get to turn the lights off, turn on night vision and search for the spirits who are said to still haunt this impressive and historic hotel. Guests have had paranormal encounters with ghosts, spirits, unseen energies, poltergeists, apparitions, shadow figures, and MORE! The secrets hidden inside this building shocked us, and we know they'll shock you!

  • The Ghosts Of J Ward Haunted Asylum For The Criminally Insane

    January 19, 2023

    Is J Ward truly haunted? Do the ghosts of the former inmates and patients still haunt this asylum?

  • The Horrors And Hauntings Of Aradale Lunatic Asylum

    January 05, 2023

    Join us as we delve into the Horrors and Hauntings of Australia's Most Haunted Asylum! The Aradale Lunatic Asylum was opened in the 1860s in Ararat, Victoria. It was Victoria's first asylum and would remain open until the 1990s. The real life horrors that were hidden behind these walls left a stain on this place. That energy is still trapped in these walls along with the ghosts of thousands who died inside Aradale. So the question is... Is Aradale Lunatic Asylum truly haunted? Tonight, we're going to find out!

  • Terror In Tailem: Tthe Haunting Of Tailem Town

    December 30, 2022

    An entire haunted village of 115 buildings is waiting for us in Tailem's Bend, South Australia... This place has so many ghost stories that it claims to be the most haunted place in South Australia. Not only are the buildings said to be haunted by the spirits of past relatives, but many have experienced an angry and aggressive entity that moves throughout the village. Some have even been so terrified in this this place, they swore they'd never return. Even those who work there are said to be afraid of being in the town after dark. As we were told when we arrived, Tailem loves shadows, but when it's dark, there is no escape. This is our documentary of our night searching for ghosts in Tailem Town. This is "TERROR in Tailem"!

  • 2 Places You Didn't Know Are Haunted

    December 23, 2022

    You never know when you could find yourself in a place that has ghost stories! On this haunted adventure in Australia, we take YOU to 2 place you didn't know were haunted. Thousands of people visit them every day for and you'd never expect the dark history and ghost stories hiding just below the surface. Join us, as we attempt to capture paranormal evidence in these 2 surprisingly haunted locations!