Haunted House Of God: America's Most Terrifying Monastery

March 02, 2023 10:43 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in March 2023.

What lurks inside this haunted Monastery? When the Holy Cross Abbey closed it's doors in 1998, the monks, nuns, and students all left... Or did they? Over the las 25 years visitors to this former Monastery have seen the ghostly figures of nuns wandering it's halls. When paranormal researcher Dennis Batchelor was brought in to identify the hauntings, he found that this Abbey might be holding more secrets than anyone realized. Phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, shadow figures, doors opening by themselves, and many other paranormal occurrences have made the Holy Cross Abbey one of the most haunted Monasteries in the United States of America. Recently, Dennis believes something dark may be lurking in the basement and in the chapel, as people have left with demonic scratches marking their body and have even sworn to never return to the Abbey. Tonight, we will spend the night here at the Holy Cross complex in Colorado investigating with @Paranoral Encounters to see just how haunted it really is! They will investigate the dormitory building for the students attending this Catholic School, while we will have the entire 100,000 square foot Abbey all to ourselves. What will happen when the lights go out? Grab your popcorn, because this one will be epic.

About Paranormal Quest

The slick and entertaining YouTube series follows Ryan Zacherl, David Gear, Steve Hummel and Jason McKinney on their quest to seek out paranormal activity at reportedly haunted locations across America. Over a decade ago they set out on a quest to capture paranormal activity in the world's most haunted places. What sets them apart is their passion for documentary filmmaking. Their videos allow you to travel with them to some of the most terrifying locations and experience the thrill of ghost hunting.

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