Origin Of Ouija And The Park Of The Dead

March 30, 2023 11:33 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in March 2023.

On this adventure, we travel to 2 of Denver, Colorado's most notorious ghost destinations! To investigate and find out if they are truly HAUNTED. We start at Fairmount Cemetery, to find the grave of a woman named Helen Peters Nosworthy, who is officially recognized as the person who named the Ouija Board. Many people believe the Ouija Board to be a dangerous tool that can open portals for demons and evil spirits to infest your life. The real story behind the board and how it got its name is MUCH different. Everyone has heard of the Ouija Board, so now it's time to meet the woman who named it, and to see if this spiritualist and medium is able to still speak from beyond the grave. Our second destination is the most popular city park in Denver. Many people come to Cheesman Park to walk, run, play with their dogs, let their children enjoy the outdoors... but what is hiding beneath the ground could be the most sinister story we've ever heard. What happens when you turn a massive cemetery into a city park, and leave most of the human remains behind? We'll have to go Cheesman Park and find out. One thing is for sure, people have had terrifying paranormal experiences in what is supposed to be Denver's most quiet and peaceful park. A HUGE "thank you" to @ParanormalEncounters for showing us these hidden gems in Haunted Colorado!

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