The Types Of People You Meet On Ghost Hunting Events

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Ghost Hunting Personas
Ghost hunting events have become increasingly popular over the years, drawing in individuals from all walks of life, each with their own reasons for exploring the paranormal.

The types of people you meet at these events are as varied as the spirits they seek, ranging from the deeply curious and those with personal experiences, to skeptics and professionals in the field.

We've put together a list of some of the types of people you'll encounter at paranormal events, with details of how they contribute to the overall atmosphere of a ghost hunt. We've also created some impressions of what these people tend to look like, with a little help from AI.

The Me-Me

The Me-Me - Ghost Hunting Personas

The first type of person you're likely to encounter on a ghost hunting event is what we've affectionately dubbed "The Me-Me." Typically, these individuals are women over the age of 30, who often describe themselves as sensitive or just "a little bit spooky." They possess a unique charm, with a tendency to believe that paranormal activity is inexplicably drawn to them, frequently making them the centre of attention during these events. The Me-Me will often report receiving messages from the spirit world, experiencing a range of phenomena from being touched, feeling unwell, to even witnessing apparitions. Each of these encounters is interpreted as a personal message or sign from beyond, specifically intended for them.

Their experiences, whether it's claiming that it's their grandmother making contact through a Ouija board, feeling an inexplicable touch on their leg, or asking spirits if they remember them from a previous visit, all point towards a deep-seated belief in their unique connection to the spirit world. This conviction not only makes the ghost hunt more intriguing for them but also tends to steer the nightโ€™s focus towards their experiences.

The Drag-Along

The Drag-Along - Ghost Hunting Personas

Meet "The Drag-Along," often a man who finds himself at a ghost hunting event not out of personal interest, but because he's been persuaded, or more accurately, dragged along by his partner, who is a believer in the paranormal. His presence at the event is marked by a palpable sense of cynicism and a somewhat resigned attitude towards the activities of the night. Despite his skepticism, he's not completely closed off to participation, a little coaxing from his partner or the event organisers usually gets him involved in the proceedings, albeit with a healthy dose of skepticism. His journey from reluctance to participation highlights the inclusive nature of ghost hunting events.

The Rising Star

The Rising Star - Ghost Hunting Personas

"The Rising Star" is a figure you're bound to encounter at ghost hunting events, typically a young man in his 20s with dreams of fame and a keen eye on becoming the next big name in paranormal investigation, akin to figures like Zak Bagans. Dressed invariably in dark clothes to match the aesthetic of his ghost hunting inspirations, he's perpetually armed with a night vision video camera, eager to document any spectral occurrences. His approach to ghost hunting is intensely serious, bordering on the overly ambitious, treating each event as though it were a professional investigation led by himself rather than a public outing.

This persona's dedication to capturing paranormal activity is matched only by his ambition to share these experiences with the world, or more specifically, his YouTube audience. By attending public ghost hunting events, he essentially 'hijacks' them, filming the proceedings and presenting them on his channel as if they were his own private investigations. This method allows him to craft a narrative of being at the forefront of paranormal discovery, despite merely participating in events organised by others.

The Screamer

The Screamer - Ghost Hunting Personas

"The Screamer" is a type of attendee you're almost guaranteed to meet on a ghost hunting event, typically a girl in her 20s who's embarking on her first paranormal investigation adventure with a group of friends. Often, these outings are organised as a unique way to celebrate someone's birthday, offering a blend of excitement and trepidation that's hard to find elsewhere. Keen to dive into the experience and genuinely interested in the paranormal, "The Screamer" nevertheless finds herself overwhelmed by the eerie atmosphere and the slightest hint of supernatural activity.

Her reactions are immediate and unmistakable, ranging from sharp screams at unexpected noises to uncomfortable giggles during moments of high tension. This nervous laughter isn't dismissive but rather a coping mechanism for the genuine fear and anticipation she feels, serving as a light-hearted counterbalance to the spooky surroundings. Despite her fears, "The Screamer" is deeply engaged and eager to participate, her enthusiasm undampened by her easily startled nature.

The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast - Ghost Hunting Personas

This person has a genuine interest in the paranormal, often consuming books, TV shows, and movies related to ghost hunting. They attend public events to experience ghost hunting firsthand, driven by curiosity and the hope of experiencing something unexplainable. The Enthusiast is always eager to learn and is open to both scientific and spiritual explanations for the phenomena encountered.

The Demonologist

The Demonologist - Ghost Hunting Personas

"The Demonologist" is a figure you might encounter at a ghost hunting event, often a man in his 30s, distinguished by a dark beard and a preference for dark, gothic attire that sets him apart from the crowd. This persona is crafted from a mixture of admiration and emulation of demonologists seen on TV, aiming to replicate their commanding presence and expertise without necessarily possessing the depth of knowledge or experience.

Equipped with what he considers essential demon hunting gear, such as an ornately designed crucifix, possibly some holy water, and a collection of Latin chants sourced online, his attempts to summon or communicate with demonic entities are earnest, albeit marked by a notable lack of confidence and accuracy in his recitations. This lack of authenticity in his chants, often mumbled or incorrectly pronounced, does little to detract from his enthusiasm but might raise eyebrows among more knowledgeable or skeptical attendees.

The Gadget Guy

The Gadget Guy - Ghost Hunting Personas

"The Gadget Guy" stands out in the ghost hunting scene as someone in his mid-30s, easily identified by his dark goatee and the uniform black attire featuring his ghost hunting team's logo. He represents the technological enthusiast of the group, placing his faith in the power of equipment to prove or disprove paranormal occurrences. This enthusiasm is manifested in the array of devices he brings along, all carefully stored in a professional-looking flight case, signalling his serious approach to ghost hunting.

This belief in technology over personal, subjective experiences leads him to quickly debunk other attendees' claims of spiritual encounters, attributing their experiences to natural phenomena. However, he does not always apply the same critical scrutiny to his own equipment, accepting their readings as concrete evidence of the paranormal without question.

The Social Seeker

The Social Seeker - Ghost Hunting Personas

Attending more for the unique experience and the opportunity to bond with friends or meet new people than for a deep-seated belief in the paranormal, The Social Seeker enjoys the atmosphere and adventure of ghost hunting. They add a light-hearted vibe to the event, often participating in the activities with a mix of skepticism and an open mind.


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