Tears Of Fire: Curse Of The Crying Boy Paintings

April 03, 2023 11:05 AM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Planet Weird in April 2023.

During the 1980’s, a series of mysterious fires ripped across England, each with one eerie detail in common: every charred home contained the same painting, all untouched by the flames. In this episode, we investigate the curse of the infamous "Crying Boy" paintings now housed in the Newkirk Museum of the Paranormal. Plus, we phone Kindred Spirits' Amy Bruni for details on a spontaneously combusting doll, Greg admits to beating up children, and Connor takes on yet another alter-ego. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, because this episode gets heated!

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- Newkirk Museum Patreon Article: https://tinyurl.com/bdh4w6kr

- Dr. David Clarke’s Detailed Write-Up: https://tinyurl.com/r85u39cf

- The “Mona Lisa Effect”: https://tinyurl.com/mpdjhcws

- The Hackler Family Farmhouse Fires: https://tinyurl.com/yvzdhw24

- Read Amy Bruni’s Life with the Afterlife: https://amzn.to/3KpS4Wi

- Punt PI episode on Crying Boy Paintings, 2010: https://tinyurl.com/uvm6t2yv

- William Shatner’s Weird or What?: https://youtu.be/K2F3fy7pJ_Y

- Fan Website Dedicated to Giovanni Bragolin: https://tinyurl.com/4pc2xdkh

- Atlas Obscura Article Featuring a Picture of the Artist: https://tinyurl.com/2p7buyey


00:00 - These Paintings are Terrifying, Let’s Get Four

04:45 - Object Intro and History

15:30 - Call Ian, It’s Time to Kick the Painting

20:40 - Highland Cow of the Post WWII Era

36:00 - Superstition Showdown ft. Stu Stition

56:00 - Burning Paintings that Don't Burn

1:02:10 - Cover Up Your Taters

01:10:45 - POV: Greg Flirts with You

01:19:35 - Phantom Fires ft. Amy Bruni

1:34:24 - One Has Paperwork, The Other is Illegal

1:48:00 - The Ol’ Mole Connor Strikes Again

2:16:50 - Murder of Crows

Copyright 2023 Planet Weird

Hosted by Greg and Dana Newkirk

Produced by Connor J Randall

Photography by Karl Pfeiffer

Art by Dustin Williams

Theme by Adam Hayman

"The Disembodied Voice" by Chuck Fresh

“Superstition Showdown” co-designed by Michelle Randall

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Planet Weird is the hub for some of the most groundbreaking projects in the realm of the paranormal. For nearly two decades, Greg and Dana have traversed North America on hundreds of paranormal adventures in search of everything from legendary monsters to mind bending psychic phenomena, covering everything in between. They've come face-to-face with Bigfoot deep in the hills of West Virginia, successfully instigated an alien abduction on North Carolina's mysterious Brown Mountain, and grappled with angry ghosts in a violently-cursed town in rural Pennsylvania, to name just a few adventures.

Planet Weird was created out of a combined 30+ years of these extraordinary investigations and their desire to share those experiences across a variety of formats.

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