Greg & Dana Newkirk Launch New Haunted Objects Podcast Series

November 20, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalPodcasts

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Haunted Objects Podcast
Greg and Dana Newkirk have launched a new 'Haunted Objects Podcast' series that will see the ghost-hunting couple dig into the history, folklore, and anomalous activity behind some of the world's most haunted objects.

The full-time paranormal researchers, who've appeared in several episodes of Discovery+'s 'Kindred Spirits', will drop a new podcast every other Monday, in which they'll explore the mysteries behind UFO wreckage, examine cursed artefacts, scrutinise psychic research, look at the latest Bigfoot evidence, and more. You can watch each episode on their YouTube channel, Planet Weird, or listen now on all major podcast platforms.

In a tongue-in-cheek teaser video that served as an introduction to the series, the couple play on the fact that everyone is expected to have a podcast nowadays and that they were pressured into it. Of course, we're sure this isn't the case and that the documentary makers will do a fine job of podcasting.

The first two episodes of the 'Haunted Objects Podcast' are available to watch now. In the first  Greg and Dana talk about one of America's most famous hauntings of all time, Amityville. They discuss a haunted plank of wood they have in their Museum of the Paranormal, an actual piece of 112 Ocean Avenue.

In episode two, Greg and Dana share the frightening history of The Dark Mirror, a pitch black scrying glass that terrifies all who dare to gaze into it... but why? In this latest episode they also share their deepest fears, revisit the time we used a gigantic haunted mirror to crack a ghostly case in Gettysburg, and discover that scientists are planning to pull Bloody Mary out of a mirror with a vacuum.

Greg and Dana are perhaps best known for their paranormal documentary series, 'Hellier', which consisted of two seasons and saw the husband-and-wife paranormal investigators team up with filmmaker Karl Pfeiffer as they tried to get to the bottom of reports of goblin-like creatures in Kentucky but are lead from one significant piece of information to another through a series of weird synchronicities that are thrusted meaningfully into their world.

The next episode of 'Haunted Objects Podcast' is due to drop on Monday, November 28. You can watch episode three plus the whole series so far on YouTube, or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts and all other all major podcast platforms.

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