The Real Story Of Winter's Gibbet

February 28, 2019 2:39 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Dead Air in February 2019.

On a lonely hillside moor in Northumberland, stands a replica gibbet, that once had the remains of William Winter hanging from it. It's purpose was a warning to passers by, that criminals would face the ultimate penalty. Over the centuries, people have reported seeing William's ghost, stood by a cattle grid, close to where his body was decomposing.

The story has taken a number of twists and turns over the years. We visited Elsdon, and walked in the footsteps of murderer, William Winter.

About Dead Air

Dead Air was formed in 2009 by University friends Rob Davies and Chris Felton, originally as a radio show in Newcastle based FM station, NE1fm. The show originally was based around encouraging callers to talk about their own experiences and opinions on the paranormal, as well as monthly live broadcasts from some of the North East's scariest places.

Chris works alongside Alan Robson, the host of Metro Radio's Nightowls and Sky TV's 'Scariest Places on Earth', and plans to make a full return to the show in 2021. Rob has been a radio presenter with NE1fm on the music scene, but is now 100% committed to creating paranormal content for the channel.

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