Nocton Hall Hospital - Haunted History

Nocton Hall

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Nocton Hall was originally built as an RAF hospital in 1940, but it was decided that it was too small and alternative facilities where found, despite never being used.

In 1945, Nocton Hall hospital was chosen to be the RAF general hospital for Lincolnshire and several new buildings were erected on the site in 1946, with the hospital officially opening in 1947.

By 1966 the hospital had most of the facilities needed for a normal hospital due to the fact that buildings such as a maternity ward, operating theatres and a neuropsychiatric ward had been built and opened as well as a few others. The site was officially closed in 1994 and has stood empty since 1995.

The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl, believed to be the spirit of a servant who was murdered in the house by her own son. She's been blamed for the disembodied sound of sobbing around the building. She's also been seen standing at the end of staff members' beds in the middle of the night. The building is also said to have a resident Grey Lady.

Nocton Hall Hospital Map


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