Most Haunted At 30 East Drive, Pontefract, Part Two - Series 18, Episode 2 Review

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30 East Drive, Pontefract

The second part of Most haunted investigation of the paranormal activity that has plagued 30 East Drive, Pontefract. Already them teams investigation has proven to be one of the most active before they've even turned the lights out. If you missed the first half of this investigation, you can read all about it here.

The West Yorkshire house is said to be one of the most violently haunted properties in the country. It all began in 1966 when the Pritchard family moved into the house, which is said to be haunted by the Black Monk of Pontefract who was executed on the site long before the house was built.

The family eventually left the house but the hauntings didn't stop, some say they got worse and Yvette Fielding and her gang might agree. Already the team have experienced marbles being thrown at them in the house, a knife was seemingly moved of its own accord, an experiment with ping pong balls resulted in an unseen force moving the balls across the floor, and the spirit even communicated its name as Carl Anthony.

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The Story Continues...

Yvette Fielding At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

The episode begins where the previous one left off, with a terrified Karl Beattie making his way downstairs in a cold sweet to rejoin the rest of the team. But no sooner had he been reacquainted did the gang split up again. Yvette, took the show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt up to the master bedroom with Stuart Torevell behind the camera.

Stuart reported feeling out of breath on the stairs, something which Karl had reported in the previous episode. Once they were in the bedroom, Stuart was unable to catch his breath and was feeling uneasy. Yvette interrupted Stuart to say that she could feel the floor was vibrating.

Stuart start to call out to the spirit of 30 East Drive, "are you evil? Do you mean us harm? ...I think it does," he added, "because of the crucifix coming off and the knife."

Man Down

Karl, Eamonn & Darren At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

It seems Stuart wasn't the only member of the team who was suffering. Karl was in one of the other bedrooms with Eamonn Van-Harris, camera man Gregg Smith, and sound man Darren Hutchinson. It was Darren who reported feeling drained, dizzy, and tightness in his chest.

And then there was a thud as one of the team collapsed, but to everyone's surprise, it wasn't Darren or Stuart, but Karl.

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Karl Beattie Collapses At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Yvette came running in to the room to check on her husband, just as he snapped out of it and came around. Karl was clearly disorientated. Seconds later he seemed to fall into unconsciousness again. Yvette panicked and shouted that he wasn't breathing.

Gregg asked another member of the team to take hold of his camera as he knew CPR and wanted to check on Karl. After a quick check it became clear that Karl was in fact breathing.

To add to their panic, Stuart tried to switch the lights on, "I just tried to switch the light on in here, it's not working," as Gregg shouted "can someone get me a towel or a tissue." Then returning his focus to his downed team mater said, "Karl, it's Gregg can you hear me."

Eventually Karl came round and the Most Haunted team could continue their investigation.

EVP Experiment

EVP Experiment At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

While the others took a rest, Yvette checked in on Eamonn's EVP experiment with Glen and Gregg. The idea of the experiment was to see if the spirt had a voice and if so, could they capture it in an audio recording known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Eamonn set up his kits in the smallest bedroom, the room formerly occupied by Dianne. He had multiple microphones for capturing ghostly sounds, as which were connected to a real-to-reel tape machine and two laptops. There was also what Eamonn described as a "black light for longitudinal waves."

While they listened back to the audio a marble was thrown on the landing, this also happened in the first part of the investigation at the bottom of the stairs. Yvette started to ask the poltergeist questions with the tape rolling, "was it you who threw the marble?" But upon reviewing the recording there was no reply.

Glen continued, "is there anyone in this room with us right now? If someone is here with us, tell me your name." This time, what sounded like a heartbeat was captured in the recording.

He continued to speak to the spirit, whose name the team had previously uncovered is a séance, "Carl, you were a priest? Not a very good one, you're an embarrassment to the priesthood." After Glen's question, what sounded like a growl could be heard in the recording.

The Master Bedroom

Yvette Fielding At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

The team regrouped in the master bedroom, and this time it was Yvette who wasn't felling too well. She described feeling dizzy, "it's bizarre, like something's just pushing you."

Glen said, "there is absolutely no question things are going on around us in this house, in every single room. You cannot get away from that fact, it's really happening."

Then all of a sudden they heard the sound of running water, Darren ran into the bathroom followed by Gregg with his camera where the found the tap on the sink running.

Turning around they then spotted one of the ping pong balls on the stairs, these balls had been put aside in one of the bedrooms after their experiment with the locked off cameras in the first half of the investigation. But despite this, seconds later they heard a sound which turned out to be another ball rolling off of the table they'd left them on.

The Living Room

Most Haunted At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

The activity in the house escalated once more while Yvette was sat downstairs in the living room with Gregg, Darren, Glen, and Eamonn. They were chatting about their experiences at 30 East Drive so far when they heard a loud bang that sounded like something being thrown at a wall.

After a little investigation they found that the source of the sound was a hair brush which seemed to have been thrown. There was then a loud bang which oddly seemed to coincide with a scream from upstairs and then team ran up to Karl and Stuart to check they were OK.

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Most Haunted Arms Burned At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

It turns out that the source of the scream Stuart who dropped his camera and cried in pain after feeling something on his arm. But it wasn't just Stuart in pain, Karl was also in agony.

When Yvette and the gang joined them, they turned the lights on in the bedroom to find that both of them had identical marks on their arms which looked like rope burns. After calming down, Stuart said, "it's actually hot, it's burning."

In a voice over Yvette said that over time the marks worsened and we were shown photos of some quite gruesome looking burn marks on Karl and Stuart's forearms.
Yvette & Darren At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Karl and Stuart then headed downstairs, leaving Yvette in the master bedroom with Glen, Eamonn, Darren and Gregg. Eamonn was armed with a laptop and was trying to capture EVPs as Yvette called out to the spirits, "you burned Karl and Stuart."

Eamonn played back the audio which sounded like it was saying "they asked for it." The distorted voice then appeared to instruct the team to "shut the door," an instruction which Glen actioned,
"if he's asked us to shut the door, let's shut the door."


Karl Beattie Hit By Photo Frame At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Meanwhile, downstairs Stuart taunted the spirit, "give us your best shot kiddo," but he might soon come to regret that challenge.

Not long after, the duo heard a bang in the living room and upon investigation Stuart found a picture frame on the floor near the fireplace.

As Karl walked across the room to see what Stuart had discovered, he cried out as another picture frame had hit him in the head, "that really hurt!"

Placing the two pictures back on the side, they then heard a sound coming from the dining room across the hallway and ran into that room. When they returned to the living room one of the picture frames had moved, they eventually found it on the floor. But weirdly, a few minutes later they found the same picture frame in the dining room after hearing a bang in there.
Keys Thrown At Stuart Torevell In 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Stuart then screamed and fell to the floor in the living room. Yvette and the others came running downstairs after hearing the commotion. It transpired that Stuart had been hit in the head by a heavy bunch of iron keys. Karl said these usually hang in the kitchen. Stuart, holding his head in pain said, "that came at me at some force."

Yvette then said what the whole team were probably all thinking, "we've come here to investigate this property, and we've done that. I don't think we're going to get any more. What we've got is absolutely amazing. So, I would like to call it, please. It's been a very long day. I for one am never going to forget this place."

She added that "in over 350 investigations for Most Haunted, 30 East Drive takes the crown as being the most violent, most evil and most haunted place we've been to to date. We know many of you will follow us here, but be careful and please be safe."

Unfortunately for Yvette, she's going to have to return to the house, as next week on Halloween night she'll be leading another investigation in the house for this year's Most Haunted Live.

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