New Book Offers An Inside Look Into A Skeptic's Solo Investigation Of The Ancient Ram Inn

June 07, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalDocumentariesBooks

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Alone At The Inn - Steve Higgins
Steve Higgins, the founder of the paranormal news website, has recently taken his explorations of the supernatural a step further by releasing 'Alone At The Inn'. This new book provides a companion narrative to his first feature film, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie', detailing a night-long solo investigation of the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire.

Steve's documentary, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie', released in May 2023, centres on a solitary, night-long investigation of the inn, situated in Wotton-under-Edge. Known as one of Britain's most haunted locations, the inn carries an ominous reputation, bolstered by numerous tales of supernatural phenomena.

This location, with a reputation for paranormal activity, proved to be a fascinating case study and has already secured the film the honour of being named an official selection at the 2023 Fortean Film Festival. As a self-proclaimed skeptic, Steve carried an air of rationality into the eerie environment, providing a fresh and, at times, quirky take on paranormal investigations.

Having sole access to the building meant that Steve was not subject to the limitations of investigating with a team or at a public ghost hunting event, allowing him to conduct his own exploration and experiment with unconventional investigation techniques. His one-man approach allowed him to be sure that any potential paranormal happenings weren't the result of other guests or team members elsewhere in the building, making his investigation much more robust and the incidents that occurred more compelling.

This intimate setup also offered the opportunity to employ unorthodox investigation techniques, including an impromptu DJ set in the Witch's Room aimed at stirring up the energies within the inn.

Steve's exploration, while unnerving, was not aimed at validating the existence of the supernatural. Instead, the film is an unbiased portrayal of his investigation into the inn's reputed paranormal phenomena. 'My Ghost Hunting Movie' takes a firm stance against drama and ego, focusing instead on the authenticity of the experience.

Following the same vein, in the accompanying book 'Alone At The Inn', Steve provides readers with a detailed recounting of his night at the Ancient Ram Inn. Not only does the book provide a vigil-by-vigil rundown of the investigation, but it also delves deeper into the unique experiments conducted and the possible activity they resulted in. The book serves as a platform for Steve to share his observations, thoughts about the unexplained occurrences, and the innovative methodologies used during his investigation at one of Britain's most notorious haunted locations.

The book also takes readers behind the scenes of 'My Ghost Hunting Movie'. Steve shares some of the challenges he encountered while filming alone in the inn and sheds light on the aims and hopes he had for his documentary. Steve also discusses the wider field of paranormal investigation in relation to his night at the inn, questioning common methods and explaining the pros and cons of various pieces of ghost hunting equipment.

The book features extended transcripts of the interviews conducted for the film. These include a discussion about the inn's reputation with television ghost hunter Stuart Torevell and Professor Chris French, a psychologist from Goldsmiths University in London who specialises in the psychology of paranormal beliefs.

If you haven't seen 'My Ghost Hunting Movie' yet, find out how you can watch it in full here.

'Alone At The Inn' is a great resource for anyone interested in the reality of ghost hunting, offering an honest account of a solo investigation at a reputedly haunted location and the filmmaking process. The book is available now as a paperback or Kindle ebook from Amazon.

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