Watch Steve Higgins' Documentary Based On His Solo Ghost Hunt At The Ancient Ram Inn

Steve Higgins, the founder of Higgypop and a self-confessed skeptic, is breaking new ground with his solo venture, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie', a unique documentary filmed over one night at the Ancient Ram Inn.

My Ghost Hunting Movie

In the award-winning 'My Ghost Hunting Movie,' skeptic and paranormal investigator Steve Higgins spends a solitary night at the Ancient Ram Inn, a location infamous for supernatural phenomena. Documenting his stay, Steve embarks on an unconventional approach to ghost hunting, conducting tailored experiments to uncover the truth behind the inn's chilling reputation.

The documentary offers a fresh perspective on paranormal investigations, balancing suspense, respect, and authenticity, as it explores one man's daring journey into the heart of the unknown.

'My Ghost Hunting Movie' picked up five gold awards at the 2023 Fortean Film Festival in the categories Best Documentary (Feature), Best Trailer, Best Paranormal Investigation Film, Best Reality/Based On A True Story Film, and Best Ghost Film. Plus Steve picked up a gold in the Best First-Time Filmmaker category.

You can watch Steve's full hour-long documentary below or stream it on Paraflixx Paranormal+.

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