'My Ghost Hunting Movie' Official Trailer

May 22, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalDocumentaries

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Check out the trailer for the new paranormal reality film from the founder of Higgypop.com, Steve Higgins. Simply entitled 'My Ghost Hunting Movie' the 58-minute film is available to stream now exclusively on higgypop.com.

Based on one night of solid investigation, the short film features Steve himself, usually not a camera-facing ghost hunter, who gets an exclusive opportunity to spend a night in the Ancient Ram Inn, touted as one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

Being alone in this legendary setting lets Steve conduct an array of unique paranormal experiments in the eerie solitude of the inn, including spending the night in the infamous Bishop's Room. Did Steve make it through the night, and did he manage to communicate with the inn's ghostly inhabitants? The trailer offers a peek into these chilling questions.

The film serves as a candid and authentic portrayal of a ghost hunt, devoid of the usual dramatic flair seen in paranormal reality shows. Shot across 12 hours, it captures Steve's methodical approach towards the experiments, some of which hark back to the early days of psychical research, while others are a little more leftfield.

Starting his eerie journey before sunset, Steve reaches the inn located in Wotton-under-Edge, preparing himself for an unforgettable night. He captures his genuine initial entry into the inn on camera, rather than staging the moment for the camera later.
DJing At The Ancient Ram Inn

As the night unfolds, Steve delves deeper into the mysterious ambience of the inn, conducting nine paranormal experiments. Each experiment varied in its approach, from basic techniques like calling out in the dark and using trigger objects to unconventional methods.

From his first vigil in the Men's Kitchen, Steve stubbornly attempts to make contact with the largely elusive spirits of the inn. Trying more aggressive and unconventional methods along the way, the nocturnal endeavour builds to Steve's final experiment, sleeping in the inn. This is as much a test of his endurance as his ghost hunting abilities.

Steve said, "I've tried to make my first attempt at ghost hunt on camera as different to other shows and films out there as I can. I've packed in as many different methods as I can and really tried to think outside the box about how I could drum up activity at the inn."

'My Ghost Hunting Movie' is an authentic exploration of the paranormal realm from the point of view of a skeptic who's eager to be proven wrong. Steve's unique take on ghost hunting combined with his personal experiences offers viewers an unconventional journey into the spectral world.

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