Professor Chris French Talks About The Risks Ahead Of Higgypop's Night Alone At The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn

June 05, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalDocumentaries

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Chris French
Steve Higgins, founder of the paranormal news website, recently spent a night completely alone at The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, a building notorious for its haunted reputation.

The nightlong supernatural stakeout is the subject of Steve's paranormal documentary, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie', which features an interview with Professor Chris French, a psychologist from Goldsmiths University in London who specialises in the psychology of paranormal beliefs.

Ahead of his night in the inn, Steve spoke to Chris from his van, which doubled as a mobile investigation hub for his nightlong mission at the infamous paranormal hotspot. The insightful discussion provides a balanced perspective on the psychology of paranormal beliefs and the potential risks of venturing into haunted locations.

For those interested in delving deeper into the conversation between Steve and Professor Chris French, a full video of the interview is available for viewing below.

Steve asked Chris about the likelihood of experiencing paranormal phenomena, given that he will be alone in the dark and in an unfamiliar, reputedly haunted location. Chris noted that Steve' disbelief in ghosts actually makes it less likely that he will encounter any anomalous experiences. However, he acknowledged that the context of the location and the fact that Steve will be alone might increase the chances of experiencing something unusual.

Chris stated, "I'll be honest with you. I think even kind of card-carrying skeptics like myself might be a little bit nervous about doing what you're taking on. I think anybody can get spooked. Even the most hardened skeptic can get spooked in appropriate locations."

He went on to explain that certain factors, such as darkness, shadows, and high ceilings, can make people feel vulnerable and anxious, which is a natural response given our evolutionary history. He suggested that in such situations, people become hyper-alert, picking up on every small sound or change in temperature, which can lead to a feedback loop of increasing panic.

Steve expressed concern about the possibility of losing control and experiencing a panic attack. Chris advised that returning to a familiar environment, such as his van, and practicing deep, slow breathing could help him regain his composure. Additionally, he encouraged Steve to consider logical explanations for any unusual experiences.

When asked about the potential risks of encountering evil entities, Chris offered a rational but chilling perspective: "I think the only risk really is from your own imagination, personally. That would be my view of it, but that's not to say that's not a real risk. It can be a real risk. I find the idea of knowing the kind of tricks that your mind can play on you is at almost as scary as the prospect of real ghosts."

Chris continued, "If you are maybe hallucinating, then it feels real and that's what matters. It's what's real to you at that point in time that's the important thing." Although Chris suspects that Steve will likely have another "disappointing" evening without encountering any spirits, he remains interested to hear the results of this solo investigation.

Was Chris right? Did Steve have a disappointing night? You can find out in Steve's new paranormal film, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie', which you can watch now. The full hour-long documentary is available to view exclusively on, watch now.

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