Eerie Video Shows Ghostly Horsemen Who Jumped To Their Deaths

April 17, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts

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Berry Pomeroy Castle's Ghosts
An amateur ghost hunter at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon captured what appears to be two spirits riding horseback past the castle at night.

The video was captured by 19-year-old Chloe Armstrong from Plymouth at the Tudor mansion in Totnes at the beginning of April. The incident was caught on camera at 12:35 in the grounds of the castle, which is said to be one of the most haunted castle in Britain.

Some think that the video could show the spirits of the Pomeroy brothers, who rode their horses off the battlements to save themselves from being captured by enemies in the 17th Century. The brothers are said to have ridden their horses up to the top of the castle and together leapt to their deaths in full armour.

The video appears to show what looks like a figure running in the darkened grounds, followed by the ghostly shape of two men on horseback. The figures are briefly lit by the light of a camera flash, giving us a fleeting glimpse of these ghostly apparitions.
It's believed the brothers leapt from the battlements at the back of the courtyard near the great hall, but although this videos was shot at the front of the castle, staff and visitors have said it's not uncommon to hear horses' hooves and galloping around the castle lawn and driveway, often in the early hours of the morning.

The castle is also said to be haunted by two female ghosts. The first of which, known as the White Lady, is thought to be the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy and it's claimed she haunts the dungeons, having been imprisoned there by her sister, Eleanor, who was jealous of her beauty.

The other, the Blue Lady, is said to beckon for help from passers-by, luring them to her tower. If they go to her, it is said they fall to their death. She is thought to have been the daughter of a Norman lord and is said to wander the dungeons mourning the loss of her baby, which she murdered as it was sired by her own father.

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